"If what I want has a price, I will pay it."

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a character in “Neo-Human”, as played by MilkHoney


Name: Mynah

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Power: Sonic Energy

  • Build: 5'9", medium boned, gymnast musculature, gynaeoid shape
  • Pigmentation: Fitzpatrick type III (von Luschan 14), dark brown hair, blue eyes
  • Cephalic index: dolichocephalic

  • Carl Jung personality profile: EITP (Extrovert Intuitive Thinker Perceiver)
  • Big Five/OCEAN: Open 16% Conscientious 52% Extroversion 70% Agreeableness 0% Neuroticism 9%: highly social, calm, stubborn and critical
  • Notes: An aversion to splicers. Possessive and fixated on childhood class. No maternal connectivity. Food is a motivator. Underlying violent, abusive, perverse and manipulative personality: atypical dissocial personality disorder diagnosis pending.

Hobbies: studies

Room: The color white is a central theme, with minimalist decor. It is functionalist, with a bed and desk as the only furniture. A dead bird in a cage has recently been removed by the carer to be replaced with a plant.

  • Education: Voice training, vocal physiology, music theory, diction, audiology, linguistics, physics, music history, sound technology, early military exploration of "silent sound", chemistry, gymnastics, palates, yoga, trapeze work, rock climbing, independent study
  • Pets: Cicit (chee-cheet) the Rothschild's Myna, deceased
  • Carer: Dr. Samantha Richards
  • Offspring: one boy child, James, age 6, a bird splicer

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Mynah's Story