Amen Rodrigo De Silva

The force's best pilot. The disaffected detective. The man who spots the corruption in everything...

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"Neo-Seoul has no soul..."

ImageName: Amen Rodrigo De Silva
Aliases: The Hunting Hawk (Nickname during his mech fighter days)
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: African-Brazilian
Date of Birth: 1/30/2083
Place of Birth: Neo-Manus

Physical Description: Tall and fairly well built, Amen typical posture is slouched, apathetic and relaxed.. His skin is dark and his hair is braided and at times hidden beneath his cap. His legs from knees downward are metallic and augmented as well as his left shoulder, which has a metallic plated augmentation placed on it.
Augmentations: Jet-linked leg augmentations that replaced his legs and a chunk of his left shoulder allow him to hover briefly through the use of miniaturized turbines in his legs.
Clothing: Generally sports a long jacket, with his Neo-Seoul police badge safely in his pocket and a dress shirt, often not tucked in or a Neo-Punan style shirt open buttoned. Both of these are usually accompanied by athletic shorts and his shoes are a somewhat dated pair of blue and yellow Pepsi Revolutions.
Height: 6"2
Weight: 310
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Black

Current Address: 2113 Hyundai Solstrom
Occupation: Officer, Pilot, Department of Patrol, N.S.P.A.
Pre-N.S.P.A. Biography: Amen grew up in a poor, somewhat small town in Neo-Manaus. His grandparents were farmers, a dying craft while his parents worked with the church and were often away from home. His childhood was filled with tales of the wonders fo the Brazil of old. A proud country that was no more. Times were tough as his town was made up of refugees and veterans from the war, who despite their service, had returned home only to be met with hard times and poverty. It was hard finding work, but as he grew up, Amen did what he could with what he was given. And often times what he was given was strong physicality and a sly mind. It was an eventful childhood, though not always the greatest one...it had it's ups and downs.

And things were looking up, when Amen found an opportunity to provide fro his family in a way that neither his grandparents or his parents had found before. His grandparents farm was a dying business and his parents work at the church provided the family with the bare minimum of what they needed, but it was often not enough. But Amen's opportunity came in the form of a sport that wasn't technically legal. Many combat sports were now frowned upon by many populace's after the dawn of the war. Though oftentimes in poorer communities, savvy promoters found a way to provide such entertainment through illicit, underground means. Mech-Combat was one of those means and through one of their promotions Mighty Mechs Manaus, Amen soon found himself a natural at the craft.

He acclimated quickly to the controls of his machine, he rose to the top of his division at age 21 and continued to stay there for around ten years. He never told his family where his money came from, he thought that it'd be best to leave them out of this for their own safety. There were a lot of people within Mech-Combat that he grew to trust....but there were always more than a few snakes in the grass. One of which was the new up and comer, a veteran of the Neo-Punan military known as Rex. Despite being illegal, underground Mech Fighting always had some unspoken rules. Accidents did happen, but no pilot was ever to intentionally harm another, only their mech. Rex abided by no such rule when he demolished the cockpit of Amen's mech, crushing his legs and tearing off a chunk of his shoulder.

In immense pain, Rex immediately was hospitalized as soon as they pulled him out of his vehicle. Once he was coherent enough to understand what happened to him, he opted to have surgery on his legs, hoping modern medical science could aid in his recovery, though the doctors were oddly insistent in him replacing his broken limbs with augmentations instead. Expensive augmentations. Not really in the mood or position to negotiate, Amen regretfully agreed. When he next saw his family, he explained the situation, resulting in their disappointment over his lack of honesty. To literally add insult to injury, Rex received no punishment for his actions, his popularity overcoming any potential comeuppance.

It seemed that Amen's fame as a mech fighter had come crashing down. A lot of his money had gone into replacing his legs with augmentations and he attempted to give much of the rest with his family, but they refused, saying he'd need it more than they would and that it was dirty money anyway. Not one to dote for long, Amen decided he had to move on. Find new work. He decided to see the rest of the world. His views had been jaded and skewed after his treatment from Mighty Mechs. He was reminded of all the veterans that he grew up around. Those who gave spilled blood and never received any sort of repayment for it. Mighty Mechs had even checked in on him while he was at the hospital or anytime after he left, aside from one call in while he spent time in Neo Nairobi, but that was one call he'd decided to refuse. It had been too long, and if there was one thing he learned in his travels...big companies, "legal" or "illegal" would only call you after all that time like that when they wanted something in return. And at this point, he felt that he had nothing to provide.

He spent his two years traveling, learning about how the world really worked, how people really lived. With every new place he visited, his cynicism only grew. Of course, he made some friends, dated some women, one of who, he had a child with back in Neo-Nairobi, though he sometimes struggles to keep in contact with them, and saw what the world had to offer, but it didn't stop him from seeing the flaws in how everything worked...and how no one seemed to do anything about it. He certainly didn't seem to. Eventually, his travels brought him to Neo-Seoul, a place some of his acquaintances had recommended he visit. He quickly found a job within the last year as a beat cop, his skills as a mech piloted translating well into his ability to pilot the variety of vehicles the Neo-Seoul police had to offer.
Personality profile: Amen is fairly chill, not quite acting too expressive unless something peeks his interests. He has an apathetic, devil-may-care demeanor that rubs many the wrong way given his position as both an immigrant and a cop, but his co-workers on the force can't deny that he gets results. Many times, his adherence to the law is called into question. Amen often touts connections and knows people that most of the other cops would arrest any other day and several suspects from arrests Amen makes have gone missing with no explanation from the man himself. Nothing has been investigated against Amen, but with every minor inquiry, his normally indifferent expression grows a bit more smug.

Unique Skills/Abilities: Amen has extensive training in hand to hand martial arts, particularly capoeira as most Mech Fighters tend to have extensive training in physical martial arts before they even step foot in their vehicles. Due to his past as a mech fighter, Amen is proficient in piloting vehicles and is one of the best on the force whether it be a car, or a VTOL, he makes driving or flying seem easy.

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#, as written by Nulix
Tuzi looked down. "We have not hurt anyone in this city," He said after a moment. "They lie to you. They fill your head. Your N.S.P.A. The Haetae is a safe haven for us, but they did not let us in. Not directly." Tuzi looked up at Amen. "I am not a citizen. But I am not a wolfman, either."

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Character Portrait: Amen Rodrigo De Silva

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"Just so happens I believe you," Amen nodded, somewhat relieved that Tuzi was being honest. "And believe me...in most circumstances I wouldn't even care. But there's something beyond both of us goin' on...and I'm gonna need your help to figure it out..." Amen scratched his nose. "All that said and done...legal or not, I can get you off of the police radar and you can throw up wherever the fuck you want."