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Neo Tokyo Project: 2099

Neo Tokyo Project: 2099

In 2099, Japan is walled off and ruled by the oppressive Leaders Of Sakura. Who will lead a forming rebellion?

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Plot: The story is set in 2099 Japan. In this time, the country is walled off, and ruled by the oppressive group Leaders Of Sakura. People are judged superficially, by loyalty to Leaders of Sakura, and by attractiveness. The Leaders of Sakura have mind control abilities, and can cyborgize mind-controlled characters.

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Character Portrait: Mai Sakurada

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Mai walks into the bar. The bartender says gruffly: "Whadda ya want, kid, I'm try'na make a livin' 'ere! Now get out if ya don't have ID!"

The setting changes from Neo Tokyo to The Bar


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Character Portrait: Mai Sakurada

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The bar has a creepy atmosphere to Mai. but she reluctantly said "I forgot my ID at home, but I can assure you I'm 21." The bartender, being an idiot, said "Okey Miss, but try anythin' funny and consider yourself BANNED!"

The setting changes from The Bar to Neo Tokyo


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Character Portrait: Kizuara Yuki

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Kizuara appears on the TV, saying "Hello everyone. Are you happy? You better be, Have an amazing Sakura day."

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The Bar

The Bar by Moekko.Loli

A typical bar. Rude bartender who dislikes Mai.

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Re: Neo Tokyo Project: 2099

Hey, it's somewhat hard to make a rebellion Pg-13, because it usually ends up being quite... bloody, and dark. ^^

Neo Tokyo Project: 2099

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