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Neothea: Phyrian Galaxy


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a part of Neothea: Phyrian Galaxy, by Lee_Fang_Tze.

Neothea is a large blueish green terrestrial Earth-like mega planet located in the Omicron Star System, orbiting the blue hypergiant star Cheron, and orbited by the silver moon Hesla.

Lee_Fang_Tze holds sovereignty over Neothea, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Places in the Omicron Star System:
- Cheron (sun/star)
- Neothea (planet)
- Hesla (moon)
- Eionus (asteroid belt)

Places on planet Neothea:
- Western Ocean
- Eastern Ocean
- Nolan Sea
- Masea Bridge
- Gozan Islands
- Bukhara (continent)
- Sepheda (continent)
- Mavrosa (continent)

Places on moon Hesla:
- Silver Lake

Omicron Star System is a large solar system located in the Phyrian Galaxy about 200 billion light-years from Earth, far beyond the observable universe and possibly even in a parallel universe. It is protected by Eionus Belt, a ring of asteroids which circles the entire solar system. At the very center of the Omicron Star System is a massive blue hypergiant star called Cheron, which is about 200 times larger than the Earth's yellow sun. There is only one planet in the whole entire solar system, which just so happens to be in the goldilocks zone. This is the terrestrial blueish green oceanic planet Neothea, which is about 10 times larger than Earth in size but looks very similar to a Mega-Earth planet from outer space. Neothea is accompanied by a single silvery white moon called Hesla, which is about 50 times larger than Earth's moon but also looks vaguely similar. Hesla is roughly the same size as Earth, and could almost be considered a smaller binary planet which became landlocked with Neothea over time. The only difference is, Hesla doesn't have an atmosphere of its own and is therefore a virtually uninhabitable and frozen tundra covered in icey tall mountains and numerous craters.

Human factions on Neothea:
- Vatana Empire
- Patrida Republic
- Heimata Liberation

On the other hand, Neothea's atmosphere is vaguely similar to Earth's atmosphere with some minor fluctuations, but the air is breathable and gravity is stable enough to make the planet habitable. Neothea's inner core is the size of Earth and is made of solid iron. Neothea's outer core is made of hot lava composed of liquid iron-nickel which can be pushed to the surface by volcanic activity. Neothea's mantle is made up of a mixture of mostly iron, silicon, magnesium and traces of other elements. Neothea's crust is made of iron, aluminum, sodium, silicon, calcium, magnesium, potassium, oxygen and carbon. The planet is slightly cooler than Earth at around 60°F and its large oxygen rich atmosphere allows for larger flora and fauna species to grow.

Neothea's surface is 70% saltwater, 5% freshwater and 25% landmass. Neothea has 3 continents called Sepheda, Bukhara and Mavrosa which are separated by 2 vast oceans and 1 large sea. The Nolan Sea seperates Sepheda in the north from Mavrosa in the south. Both continents are connected by a small land-bridge called Masea Bridge on the eastern sea coast. The Nolan Sea opens up into the smaller Western Ocean which divides Bukhara from the other 2 continents. The larger Eastern Ocean seperates Bukhara from the other 2 continents on the opposite side so that Bukhara is secluded and stands alone, surrounded by water. In the center of the Eastern Ocean are the Gozan Islands, an archipelago or small island chain.

Neothea's Atmosphere:
- 75% nitrogen
- 23% oxygen
- 0.97% hydrogen
- 0.70% argon
- 0.26% helium
- 0.04% carbon dioxide
- 0.02% methane
- 0.01% krypton

Nolan Sea is located on the equator where surface temperatures can reach up to 90°F, while the arctic polar region at the far north of Sepheda and Bukhara is much colder at around 0°F, and the subarctic polar region at the far south of Bukhara and Mavrosa is freezing at sub-zero temperatures. Neothea's orbit is similar to Earth's orbit with 365 solar days and 12 lunar months. Hesla has a solid iron core the size of Earth's moon. Hesla's surface is composed of mostly ice and solid rock, with a salty white powdery soil made of sodium and basalt deposits. Because it has no atmosphere and very little gravity, Hesla is freezing cold at sub-zero temperatures with an absence of liquid water or oxygen. Hesla's snow-capped mountains dwarf the Himilayas, and the only flat landing zone is the completely frozen Silver Lake on the bright side of the moon. Dust storms are a common occurrence on the moon's surface and are thought to be caused by radioactive solar winds.

Neothea's landmass is composed of several environments including mountainous tundras, tall grasslands and open fields, arid deserts, sandy beaches, temperate forests and tropical jungles, with some areas of swampland. 75% of the landmass is composed of green grasses and tall forests. Humans are the predominant species on the planet, but there are millions of other Earth-like species in the oceans and jungles, including some rare megafauna species and fungi which are considered on Earth to be extinct. Neothean humans come in a wide variety of races and ethnicities which all speak a universal common language. There are many cultures, some more advanced than others. Some practice arts and crafts, while others are more in-tuned with science and technology, warfare or spirituality. There is no universal religion, and the only super-power nation is the high-tech Vatanan Empire in Mavrosa which provides most of Neothea's planetary defense systems and space exploration programs. Other factions include the democratic Patridan Republic in Sepheda devoted to economics and the more spiritually or magically adept Heimatan Liberation in Bukhara devoted to philosophy and religion.
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Neothea is a large blueish green terrestrial Earth-like mega planet located in the Omicron Star System, orbiting the blue hypergiant star Cheron, and orbited by the silver moon Hesla.


Neothea is a part of Neothea: Phyrian Galaxy.

7 Places in Neothea:

Neothea's Spirit arrives, coming from Nolan Sea.
Suddenly, a swirling vortex appears to the out.
Neothea's Spirit has left the area, heading out towards 5406f09590e777a9770bdc44814b959e.
Neothea's Spirit has arrived, coming from Hesla.
Neothea's Spirit descends into Nolan Sea.