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An oddly silent plague doctor obsessed with time and crows.

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a character in “Nephilim Noir”, as played by Bunnehpowerz


He goes by Faust, Faustus, Doc, or Crow. No last name is available.

Doctor, he's been known to accept patients with questionable injuries and origin as long as he's paid with the right amount of coarse.

No one knows what lurks behind the intimidating plague mask however many assume he's human, if only to comfort themselves. Several claim they've spotted a particular spaded tail poking from beneath the dark tattered cloak but there are few brave enough to find out whether those rumors hold true.

Appearance wise, Faust seems to be in his mid-thirties.



220 lbs

Compared to a human, Faust is a tall man. He dons a tattered black cloak that trails behind him as he strides. It covers a good amount of his body and is held closed by a simple leather brooch emblazoned with a crow. He wears a dirty black tailcoat stained with questionable liquids, most likely blood from his latest patient, and dark suit pants. On his feet are worn black loafers. Over his suit, Faust sports a grey overcoat complete with a loosely tied black scarf tied around his neck. Dark leather gloves that appear to be coming apart from the seams cover his hands. The most notable feature of his is the pristine white plague doctor mask that obscures his identity. It's cleanliness chillingly sets it apart from the rest of his dirty attire. Strapped to his face, the white mask sports a long beak that ends in a steel tip. The seams are stitched flawlessly together and it smells of soft, cured leather. Two large glass circles are located where his eyes would be, betraying none of his thoughts. They are tinted red. Atop his head is a battered fedora that does little to calm his curly mess of black hair. In his coat pocket, Faust carries a stunning silver pocket watch marked with the same crow that's on his brooch along with crow feathers and lavender leaves. His attire would otherwise scream fancy were it not for the poor condition they're in.

Not much can be said about Faust, he speaks very little and more often than not answers with quiet chitters and amused grunts. He's always observing and people often find them the object of a deep gaze from him. He's a thoughtful man, often staring off into space but ready to respond at the snap of a finger. Faust is quite mysterious but he's a good doctor and that's pretty much all people need from him.

Faust carries around a worn but sturdy black cane. Resting on the hand grip is a dark crow's head cast out of oxidized iron with red pearls replaced for the eyes. Many accuse him of being a mage and dabbling in necromancy, it would be easier to explain the scent of death that way, however it could just be a simple walking cane for all everyone knows. He obsessively checks his silver pocket watch every hour, no one is sure why.

Faust has been in the community for a long time, whether everyone realizes or not. He's done little to attract attention besides treating wounds and was out of town when the Nightingale incident happened. The girl with the angelic voice piqued the man's interest which provoked him into taking more action. Whether or not he'll be swallowed by the corruption he sought to avoid is up to fate.

So begins...

Faustus's Story

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As if led by the scent of blood and pain, Faustus stepped through the doorway and cast a glance around the bar. His gaze lingered on the pained man taking in the details of the wound but he paid it no heed. That was not why he was here today. The doctor had only just returned from a trip outside the city and had returned only to learn that he missed out on an interesting occurrence. The "Nightingale" they called her, supposedly bringing calm and peace to this foul city through her singing. Faustus had learned that she resided here but given the desolate conditions of the place it was obvious she was long gone. But where? Faustus knew everyone was asking that question. The doctor could almost sense the shadows of her powers, quickly dissipating as it's swallowed by the miserable aura emanating from the surrounding masses. He took out his pocket-watch, flicking it open with a practiced roll of the wrist. The large hand had not struck yet, he still had time.

Not wanting to linger at the doorway, Faustus turned to look at the bleeding man as he struggled not to touch his marred face. His friend seemed to hover at his side picking at the shards in a vain attempt to help. Odd, the doctor thought it was only worsening the damage. With a cluck of his tongue, the dark-clothed man strode over to the injured human and his friend and methodically, mind you it was to not catch the attentions of those goons sitting in that dark corner over there, took a small bundle of herbs out of his coat pocket and dropped them into the lap of the man's friend. He was going to grind the herbs into a salve but apparently Fate dictated that this man needed it, and of coarse the doctor was going to oblige even if it seemed that the man only had his foolishness to blame. He had other reasons for helping though. It would do no good to have the scent of blood permeating through the already stale air especially when he was going to order a drink or too. The doctor was unsure of whether the lavender would mask the smell of blood he was keen to.

Banishing those thoughts, Faustus turned away and walked towards an seat at the bar. He studied the shelved bottles behind the bartender, idly wondering what to drink.

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Jay turned away, quickening his pace as his target lie on the wet ground in an alleyway just east of the club, his throat cut, ear to ear. The man had recently been discovered to be a government whistleblower, and has been snooping around the club for the last two nights. Jay took the man's ID, cash, and watch, and destroyed them. A simple mugging gone wrong, was all the news reports would say.

Jay quickly walked into the club, ignoring the man lying on the floor with a face full of glass. He probably had it coming. Jay found a seat at the end of the bar, looked at Rosa, knocked three times, and held out one finger. She looked at him and nodded, and he made his way in the back. A small envelope lie on the kitchen counter in the back room, simply labelled "J". He opened it, although it had already been opened once, the seal was broken. Odd, the Hawthorne's always seal their envelopes. There was a different colored piece of paper in there also, with an address on it. The usual in there aswell, 250 dollars cash, and an IOU for the remaining 250. He wasn't concerned, the don had never cheated him before, and this was not the first IOU he had received. Although the address concerned him. This was new. It was also across town. 1103 Ledder, 12pm sharp.

A meeting, maybe? He didn't like the idea, and he definitely didn't like the handwriting. it was, unfamiliar to him. Clearly not The Dons' writing. Maybe something to do with this "Nightingale" He'd been hearing so much about. Someone who'd just, drifted into town, and drifted right back out. Soothed the town, even made Jay feel alright. Alright enough to take his mask off and have a drink. He was unsure of what happened to her or where she went, but it was none of his concern.

He made his way out into the bar, and sat quietly at the end of the bar, awaiting an appearance from Bella, or The Don.

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Behind the bar is quite a sight. A tall figure, a very tall figure, the eldest son of the Don, Amaranth Hawthorne. He's always been bent on keeping straight. Being something of a people person he's gone on to take the bartender position while business is strained.

"Apologies to enter under such conditions," he says to Faustus while turning towards him. "Our selection is still quite varied."

Rosa walks over and places glasses in the sink then leans over the counter next to a wilted bouquet of flowers.

"Easy to supply where natural talent provides," she says somewhat cryptically as she pokes the vase springing the flowers back to life.

"Yes," Amaranth responds nodding. "What will you have?"

The creaking sound of heavy footsteps can be heard. Coming down from the upper section is the Don's eldest, Belladonna, far from a daisy and daint she has a presence and glare to her that puts a chill down most men's spines, not too unlike her father on a bad day, and there have been many bad days as of late. She steps into the proximity of Jay.

"Don's tied up up with some odd badge, wish this city would get over that Jane." She says as silently as possible to Jay, clearly referring to the Nightingale incident. "But for now, it is me."

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Belladonna gets a first aid and begins by disinfecting the wound.

"A gash, deep but clean... you were in a hurry... you got noticed." She deduces, a marvel of instincts not too unlike her father. She starts to work at closing the wound using the suture kit, something she's become good at... though doubtful she'd make a good nurse.

"What happ-" She was abruptly cut off as a tone plays over the radio, an important message.

"A new victim in a line of brutal ritualistic murders was discovered just now in an alley way. Cause of death? Cubed. You heard me right, he was cut to pieces. Before I got thrown out by the badges I caught a glimpse of the... er... head of the victim... get this: it was Philippe, the youngest son of our favorite neighborhood tyrant. No shocker he'd be offed. However... this gets weirder... the psycho wrote a message in that poor slob's own blood. 'Monster.' The heck does that mean? Whatever the case, they'll be putting Humpty Dumpty back together for a few days so keep an eye out for some missing... pieces. The hell? Seriously, who wrote this? You laughing? Isn't funny.Don't touch me."

The broadcast cuts off. There's a bit of silence, some of the patrons seem suddenly in no big of a hurry to leave. This chain of murders has always been some criminal, big or small. Rumors have started spreading about some vigilante got tired of living in fear... others a bit more fantastical of a rogue angel purging the streets of the impure.

"Hey... isn't he one of them that killed..." Rosaline begins to blurt out before Amaranth casts a glare.

Amaranth pours up another drink for those at the counter. "No charge..." He says quietly, his voice almost cracking. This looks bad for them, real bad, and the last thing they want is another gang war.