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Lazuli Veniccio

A pirate captain who followed in her father's footsteps and seeks the title of Pirate Lord.

0 · 280 views · located in Dragonia, Ancient City

a character in “Netherworld Styx: The Realm of Beasts”, as played by HeroOfAwesomeness


A group of pirates captained by Lazuli Veniccio. They operate out of her hometown on the island of Valendia. Now recruiting any adventurous souls willing to sail the seas in search of glorious lost treasures!



Name: Lazuli Veniccio

Race: Varnir. (Half-Meinyuan.)
Class: Pirate Captain.
Age: 27.
Skin Color: Dark tan.
Hair Color: Blonde.
Eye Color: Blue.
Height: 6' 3".
Weight: 134 lbs.
Build: Slightly tall and also rather well-endowed for a human, she has a strange marking on her right shoulder that she claims is not a tattoo.

Lazuli is somewhat flirtatious, but also holds an air of confidence and authority. While her crew is kinda small and not very well known right now, she is looking for some new recruits. If ye be wanting to join her crew, ye best follow her orders and her rules, lest ye be walking the plank. She also sometimes grants passage to travelers aboard her ship, for a fee.

Likes: Treasure, alcohol, and women.
Dislikes: Wannabe's (this could change over time), men trying to hit on her, and the current wars.
Hobbies: Visiting local bars at each town she visits, sailing, and treasure hunting.
Gender: Female.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
Sexuality: Homosexual.
Relationship Status: Single.

Weapon: Twin Flintlocks. {Wpn. Type: Guns.}


(Will add abilities later.)

Lazuli was born and raised in Port Valendia. Her father was the former Pirate Lord, and her mother was a Meinyuan woman who had immigrated to Valendia, and became a barmaid. Though she knew both of her parents, her father was eventually killed in battle despite having a long record of having never lost a fight before. His death led her mother to go into a long state of mourning and depression. Lazuli comforted her mother to fight her depression. She then left when she grew older to follow in her father's footsteps and become a pirate herself, eventually forming her own crew. Her father's title of "Skybeard" came from the fact his beard and hair were a light blue color.

World: Netherworld Styx. (aka Pandora III.)
Hometown / Birthplace: Port Valendia.
Parents: Alphonse "Skybeard" Veniccio (father), and Maria Veniccio (mother).
Siblings: Unknown.

Character Theme: "Pirate's Pride". {Legaia 2: Duel Saga OST.}

Battle Theme: "Battle in the Dungeon 2~Impact! Remix". {Final Fantasy XI. Fan-made remix.}

So begins...

Lazuli Veniccio's Story