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Felicity Doyle

Friends lie, people die, life goes on

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a character in “Never Have I Ever”, as played by broken-wings












»Worst enemy«
Anna, a snobby, stuck-up girl she's known since childhood

Standing at 5 foot 10, one word can describe Felicity: Stunning.
The girl has white, smooth skin with long legs and a thin, slender, hourglass figure. Her nose is straight, and her lips full, the eyes the most amazing shade of honey-brown and emerald-green with thick black rings around the iris. Her hair is thick, and falls down mid-back in long curls, her bangs pushed to the side, behind her ear, in a brown-ish, orange color.

You would think Felicity is the rude, snobby rich girl that looks down on everyone just because she gets everything that she asks for, but no, it is nothing like such. No, she is nothing like that. Well, at times, but it's always for a reason, mostly always along the lines of trying to help out a friend, or just because she can't take it anyone, and she bursts. She is gentle and sweet, probably the nicest person you have ever met. She loves to help out, and will always put others before her. Felicity usually helps out in charities for a few hours each weekend, especially working with toddlers, which she adores.

Felicity loves variety and accessories. Usually, she will wear something different almost every day, one day wearing skinny jeans, a t-shirt and converses, while the next wearing a beautiful flower-printed shirt, shorts, and leather boots. One of her favorite things include anything-accessory: Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, scarfs...

Examples: 1 2 3

Felicity was a mistake, one that was never supposed to happen, a thing that only brought pain and anger. An unwanted child, she was left in the town's house for orphans after a few days of birth. She didn't last too long there, like every baby trashed away, and given to the people that where now to raise and love her, something that her own didn't do.

And a lucky, lovely soul she was, because no other than the wealthy Doyle family had taken hold of her small, fragile body.

They raised her with everything she wished for, with the latest dolls, the newest dresses, and whatever her little mind would want. But of course, they allowed no nonsense, no rude behaviors towards anyone for any reason, the best grades, and by that the highest grades in both the school -and county- and competition. They didn't want a kid that they would be disappointed in, neither a boy.

Being raised in such a clean environment along with her adoptive brother, not the type she was destined to, Felicity grew up to be a well, young studious lady.

»Family Tree«
Gemma Doyle » Adoptive Mother, 35, Housewife
Thomas Doyle » Adoptive Father, 39, Business Man
Zachary Doyle » Adoptive Brother, 21, University Scholar

Nadia Worthington » Mother, 34, Unknown. Had her and left her for adoption at seventeen
Name Unknown» Father, 35, Unknown. Never met his daughter

-The ocean
-The sunset
-Cotton candy
-Her life
-Pop and R&B
-Her dog
-The fair
-Neon colors
-Her friends

-Mean people, well, one or two are exceptions
-Dark places
-Snakes and cockroaches
-Dirty places
-Cold weather


-Drawing. After many classes and failures, this girl can be called an amazing artist.
-Dancing. She goes to dancing classes four days a week, and is mostly great at pop and slow songs.
-Surfing and swimming. The girl lives in the water, being one with it.
-Tennis and golf. She especially likes these two and has lots of fun playing them.

-Singing. Felicity has a breath-taking voice, but its one not many know about.
-Playing the violin. Since eight, she has been playing this graceful instrument.
-Flexibility. She never liked gymnastics, but her parents made her practice five years.
-Sports. She has always been involved in athletic things, some forced by her parents, but her four best ones are surfing, swimming, tennis and golf.

»Plans for the future«
Felicity would like to get accepted into one of her top chosen schools and practice Business and Management.
She would like to finish her degree even though she doesn't need the work, but she doesn't want to be a mediocre with no education further than High School. She would like to marry and travel before she has her children.

-Has a white teacup poodle, Noodles, which she loves and adores

So begins...

Felicity Doyle's Story

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The luggages that were stacked at the entrance of the widely open door were a warm welcome to sign of life inside the house. The sound of sliding doors being opened gave in the sight of the beautiful back part of the house, as it let in salty breeze from the beach that laid beyond the thick plants.

With a small smile, the Felicity looked around at the house that was familiar yet not so often visited. When she was younger, this was her getaway, a chance of life far away from the city with only her family. As the years past, the house was pushed back a little more every time, as Hawaii, Colombia, Italy and many other fascinating places came.

Upstairs where six available bedrooms, if she remembered right, for her friends to choose out of. She would take the master, the one that her parents used to sleep in whenever they came, and she had always so badly wanted to claim as her own.

Those High School years were behind and life awaited for her. So, she had decided to make the best of it before the little time she had withered.

Turning around, she took hold of two luggages, the most she could handle at the time, leaving another two behind. Too much in her opinion, but she had taken her time choosing and re-arranging, making sure everything and a little bit more had been packed.

She would get the other two bags later, that was the least of her worries, and started up the stairs, now it was just for the others to get here.

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She had started arraging all the clothes in the large space avaliable in the closet as soon as she had gotten upstairs, knowing the house already. Their maid, Mrs. O, or Nanny as she called her since young when they used to come on summers, was to come around 7 and leave at about 6. Today, Felicity had called and asked her to please drive to the nearest store and buy some groceries.

At the first sound of voices downstairs, the girl hurried to neatly hang the shirt she had a hold on and put it up on the rack, which took a little bit more than she had expected, and stood, quickly making her way across the room, ready to greet her friends.

The first person she saw was Olivia, then Dylan no more than a few seconds later. Felicity smiled, "Hey guys!"

-OCC: I will be adding the room pictures hopefully either later today or tomorrow-

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The girl returned the quick hugs, glad to see that her friends were now arriving. Looking down from the railings, she noticed two more, Cheryl and Allan. She waved at them gently, for the two to come up, preferably leaving their bags down there for the moment of course, before she turned back to Dylan and Olivia. “Well, there are five guest bedrooms, so some of us may have to share, I’m not too sure yet, and I wouldn’t bother sharing the master with someone either, so it’s however everyone feels more comfortable,” She hadn’t planned this, not knowing who would feel better with who, so she had decided it to leave it until everyone arrived, for them all to decide, and hoping that no one would be bothered by this, at least one of the room had two beds, she believed.

Hearing Freya, she called out just loud enough, “Come in!”

Felicity remembered her bags with a small gasp, "Oops," hoping they hadn't bothered anyone on the way in.

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She looked down at Cheryl, who was soon followed outside by Allan at her call.

Jag arrived around the same time the two left to explore the backyard; Hm... only a few remained to come, maybe they where taking longer than usual. She smiled slightly at Dylan, "Well, it's up to you guys, like I said. I mean, we really don't have to decide right now."

Moving around the two with a small "Excuse me", Felicity made her way across the hall, and started down stairs, remembering she had left two more bags outside, still waiting to be hauled back into the house and packed out.

-OCC: I apologize for the lack of bedroom pictures, but it has been nearly impossible to find time when I'm not forced to use the Ipod, sooo I'll post them up as soon as I can :]-

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Hyun Ji Yuu

Yuu knew he had to be late and he didn't like it. He woke up late this morning and then forgot to pack. The packing part wasn't too bad as his best friend Chelsea helped him out. He was a little sad, seeing that Chelsea wasn't going to go with him. "You'll be fine without me, Yuu! Tell Felicity I said hi." She smiled at him as he smiled back. "Okay...oh! Thanks for helping me pack." She nodded and made her way back to her apartment next door. After finishing packing his clothes, he nodded and put his sunglasses on, picking up his trunks (which took three trips and a bit of time for him) and making his way to his fairly new convertible bug. It was black and shone in the sunlight. He smiled before putting his biggest trunk in the back and then putting the rest in the back seat, putting the seat belt around them so they wouldn't fly out. He retracted the cover down and got into his car. He started up the car, smiling as his USB started playing his favorite music from his home country. He backed out of the parking spot and drove out of the parking lot on his way to the house.

Lowering the volume, he pulled up to the house and that there was room for one more car in the driveway. He quickly checked his appearance in his mirror, brushing a few strands out of his face before smiling and deeming himself worthy. He slid his sunglasses on top of his head and got out of his car. He really didn't feel like getting his trunks, it took him so long last time and his arms were still sore. Coming up with an idea, we walked up to the front door, awing at the bright and beautiful appearance of the house. He lightly knocked on the front door before opening it and walking in. "Hullo?" He closed the door and then noticed Felicity right in front of him. "Felicity! Sorry I'm late!" He ran up to her and hugged her a little too tightly. "I woke up late and bhen I forgot to pack and Chelsea helped me pack, which she says hi by the way, and bhen it took even longer to actually get ready and I'm sorry,"he said in a rush, his accent slipping off his tongue in there. He breathed in and out heavily, out of breath as he smiled and pulling the shoulder of his black over shirt up. "Are the others already here?"