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Jag Lyons

Life is too short to be normal

0 · 191 views · located in The House, Miami, Florida

a character in “Never Have I Ever”, as played by jericho193










»Worst enemy«
No one really

Jag isn't very tall but he still stands at 5'11. He weighs 200 pounds but this weight is mainly due to him being extremely focused on football. Also pretty tan but again that's from being outside all day.A strong square jaw and defined cheekbones create the intimidating look that he seems to naturally have. His eyes are a special color, its a striking blue combined with flecks of brown creating a very unique eye color that normally cause some sort of conversation with someone that doesn't know him. His hair is short and black, when he goes out he'll gel it up like in the pictures but if he is just working out he will just let it lay out. Those that touch his hair all agree that it is a very soft feeling hair.

Jag is a man's man yet a girl's guy. He loves football with the passion of a thousand suns yet he will sit down and watch a chick flick. He doesn't care what others think and he never takes crap from anyone, thus causing lots of problems. Normally they are problems that Jag doesn't start. He is also funny and easy to talk to. He has alot of friends who think of him as a counselor of sorts because he is amazing at listening and giving advice. Jag is also a very caring and loyal guy. Don't screw with him or his friends or his family and you're good. He is also religious and cares about the world because he lives in it and will do whatever he can to make life better for those who are less fortunate than him.

Jag normally wears tight shirts and fitted jeans. He likes sunglasses and tends to wear around aviators or Under Armour ones. He always wears a dog tag that says "CTR" and a watch on his right wrist that has the dial facing the bottom of his wrist. Also wears bands that say the name of video games or bands on his left wrist. No more than two at a time. When he is working he wears the opposite and wears loose fitting clothes, same as working out.

Workout/ Lazy clothes

More normal

Born to a mixed race family Jag was raised with money, honor and order. It would seem almost like he was raised like he was in the military but that helped make him what he is today. He has loving parents and one loving brother. His family is not the normal kind but that's why he doesn't like being normal.

»Family Tree«
Ina Lyons » Mother, 35, Housewife
Art Lyons » Father, 42, Private Security Contractor
KC Lyons »Brother, 12, Student

-working out
-alt. rock
-muscle cars
-T Swift

-Snow (To a point)
- Jocks
- Star Trek
-North Korea

-Working out
-Singing in his band

-Football (Duh...)

»Plans for the future«
Jag wants to lock up all the bad guys in the world and would like to become a federal agent. As in CIA or FBI, wants to get a degree in Criminal Justice.

-Has a Nissan Altima with a V6 engine that he calls "Sakura"
-Has a Magpul'd AR15 that is kept in his dad's gun cabinet named "Lilly"



So begins...

Jag Lyons's Story

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Glancing at his GPS on his dashboard Jag couldn't help but feel like he was going the wrong way. But the GPS was, normally, always right so he followed it. He was in a rested position with his right elbow resting on the center console and steering with his right hand. His left hand was busy being outside the window, most would think this is irresponsible but there was no other car on this stretch of road and he was bored. His engine was purring and his music was playing, Jag liked his music loud and it showed as some Mayday Parade started playing.

Baby, I sorely miss the vibrant gleam
That's in your eyes
I'll write a song about it
And maybe if the melody's just right
I hope tonight it will find you
It will remind you

Jag was singing out loud as he was making a right turn to get to the house that Fel had set up for the group of friends. The house was freaking huge and he knew he was at the right place when he saw a very sexy 67 Mustang in the driveway. He pulled into the huge driveway and parked his car next to the Stang. He wolf whistled... at the car. He opened up the door and stepped out, he stretched and cracked his neck as he walked to the back of the vehicle and touched the touchpad to open the trunk. He retrieved his ACU pack and his ACU duffle bag and started moving towards the door. "Hey Freya! Whats up!"

He entered the house and announced," Sorry Im late guys!"