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Never Knew I Had a Heart

Never Knew I Had a Heart


Private between Shatari19 & ~Living-Dead Doll~

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Two women are separately transported into the world of their favorite fantasy world. They are thrown into the world in the midst of the events that they know oh so well. However, they are quick to realize that they cannot change the future. They expect so many things including war, death, fear, sadness. However, they didn't expect to find a light in the darkness. They find their soulmates which just makes it even harder when they have to choose whether to stay or to leave. The perils that await them are terrible. Will they survive?

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The early morning sunlight shown down through the trees of Lothlórien, reaching as hard as they could towards the ground far below. Dúlinnor had been up since before the sun had risen as he had been unable to sleep for more than a few hours. The male Elf moved slowly about his flet, gathering his equipment that would be needed in the coming months while he would be away. Dúlinnor was ready to be back at the Border. Although the city of Caras Galadhon was beautiful it did not compare to being out within the woods, surrounded by nothing save for nature. He looked forward to leaving and joining his fellow Wardens.

At last he finished with his pack and moved to arm himself. His movements were graceful and sure. Once the Elf was finished he gathered his things and left the flet, allowing the door to swing shut behind him. Dúlinnor made his way down the steps, his gaze shifting about the immediate area below him. It was still early enough that there were only a few Elves out and about, mostly others seeing off their loved ones as they, too, were scheduled at the Border. Dúlinnor paid little attention to those around him as he began walking the path that would take him towards the Border.

It took the Elf only a few minutes before he arrived at the large crossing. A thin rope was the only thing that allowed the Elves to cross, otherwise one had to go miles and miles just to find a way around. It was used as a bridge of sorts, preventing any from entering the city save those that dwelled within. Dúlinnor quickly made his way across, his balance perfect as he walked across easily. He had crossed so many times that he didn't even watch his footing anymore. Once across, the Elf continued walking in the same direction as he always did.

The sound of birds reached the Elf's ears, bringing a small smile to his face. It would be a lovely day for riding as the Elves made their way to the encampment. As the man continued, another soon appeared at his side. "Good morning, little brother." The Elf said as he fell into step with the dark haired Elf.

Dúlinnor glanced at the Elf at his side. "Aglaron, good morning. I am... surprised to see you so early. It isn't like you." The younger man said, a small smile on his face. The two continued walking, soon arriving at the barn together. Dúlinnor moved from his brother once they were inside the barn, making his way back through the barn and to the back. There, a tall horse stood and watched as the dark haired Elf approached. "Suldal... too long has it been my friend." Dúlinnor whispered to the horse as he opened the stall door.

The Elf entered the stall and then proceeded to groom the creature. Although there were several Elves employed at the stable and could have easily taken care of the creatures. It was something that Dúlinnor enjoyed to this day. The Elf was quick with his task and had soon readied his horse. Together, Dúlinnor and Aglaron mounted their horses and began the ride towards the camp. The horses moved quickly, Aglaron keeping slightly ahead of the other Elf. "Why does Suldal not fly as he so often does?" Aglaron teased the younger Elf.

Dúlinnor did not answer but simply urged the horse to move faster. The brothers rode together for several hours before they slowed at the encampment. It was a medium sized camp, tents scattered about as well as a few flets up in the trees. It looked every bit the image of a military camp. There was music and some singing from a few of the Wardens that had been there for several months already. The brothers dismounted and a few stable hands approached to care for the horses. Aglaron and Dúlinnor parted ways moments later.

Dúlinnor carried his belongings to the tent that he was assigned to. It was located towards the back of the camp, away from much of the activity of the camp. He entered and then began to put his things away properly. Within moments, the Elf was finished and headed back out of the tent.


The Shire truly held Nicholas' heart. Though he had traveled about it was always a place that he seemed to return to. No matter where he went. He'd been gone for some couple of years. He'd been wandering the lands of Bree, gathering different herbs and stones that he came across. Once he returned to the Shire, Nicholas planned on selling what he'd gathered to the locals. Nicholas had arrived early in the morning and was currently walking alone down one of the many roads. In truth, Nicholas had missed the familiar areas... greatly. He'd only just realized. However, it just wasn't in his heart to remain in one place for too long. He would always grow restless.

Nicholas pushed the thoughts from his mind as he continued. Those that lived within the Shire were already up and going about their mornings as they very likely usually did. When he passed by the inhabitants Nicholas would receive such hard looks. It was something that he was used to and didn't pay any attention to them. The whispers and looks were something that he'd grown up with and something that he wasn't expecting to change any time soon.

The Halfling hummed lightly as he continued walking along the road. It was going to be a lovely day. There were no dark clouds, only a bright sun surrounded by a few stray clouds. It had been some time since he'd seen such a lovely day. Each day that he'd spent on the road as of late had been covered in rains. However, that was in the past and it was beginning to look up. Suddenly, Nicholas realized that a few children had begun to follow behind him. He suspected that they were curious about him, about his presence.

It did not bother him. He knew that within moments they would tire and go off to return to their games. Nicholas soon found himself entering a small building. Once inside he was greeted by an older Hobbit. He smiled at her as he approached the counter. "Good morning." He said softly, his gaze on the elder Hobbit.

The woman smiled. "Mornin', lad. I suspect that you've just gotten back from one of your journeys. Let's see what you've brought this time." Nicholas sat one of his larger bags upon the counter and allowed the woman to begin pulling things out. Neela was always happy to see Nicholas... glad to go through his findings. She almost always purchased all of his findings. Nicholas stood silent, watching the woman as she took her time going through the items.

A random noise from the woman gave away whether she was interested or not. At least an hour passed before the woman finally spoke. "I'll take the lot, love." She said with a warm smile. Nicholas was happy to hear her words. As usual, Neela would allow Nicholas to get whatever supplies he needed to his next trip in return for the goods. The man handed her a list and watched as she went into the back to get what he needed.

Nicholas planned on leaving the Shire in only a day. He planned on resting for a short while at his parents' home. He thanked Neela when she returned. He took the supplies and then left the building. Taking to walking in a slightly different direction, Nicholas began to hum once again. His spirits were rather high, regardless of the whispers. The man moved off of the road, beginning to walk through one of the open fields that would lead him to his family's home.


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Leithrien rose early, as usual, and began packing for her trip. She had finally been sent out to a camp that was to guard the border, something she had been looking forward to for a while. Quickly, she brushed her long blonde hair, pushed it back out of the way, and proceeded to arm herself with her normal scouting gear. She packed extra of everything she would need, just in case she needed it. Even with the extra stuff, her bag was light. Knowing she had to be quick, she would need to keep it light.

Swiftly she left her home. Making her way down the steps, she took in the beauty of Caras Galadhon.Though she had been waiting to be called to the border, her home would be missed. She admired how the canopy shielded the city from the harsh light of the sun, the intricate homes, and buildings wrapped around the towering trees. The calm ambiance of the city itself.

Her feet patted the ground softly, making no sound as she reached the path that would lead her away from her home. Quickly, she stole a fleeting glance before continuing down the path. A small smirk formed on her thin lips. Home was important and sacred, but her duty to the scouts and her queen were far more important. After all, she had been begging for this opportunity. It was finally time.

She had passed a few others on her way to the crossroads, many who already looked as if they missed their family and home. Leitha however, did not miss the emptiness of her home. It had been over a thousand years since she was in living company with another, and though she enjoyed the peacefulness of it, she found it sometimes to be a tad melancholy. Pushing the thoughts past her mind, she decided to focus on the task at hand.

At the stables, she sighed as she chose a horse. It was the one animal she found herself not fond of, but it would lessen the travel time quite a bit. Saddling up, she was off. The journal was several hours, she knew. She admired the way the sun shown down on the forest, illuminating creatures and plants who basked in the sunlight. Though her eyes were not as accustom to the light, she too found herself enjoying the warmth on her skin. The cool breeze was greeted happily. All in all, it was a nice trip. The forest creatures and birds in the sky above were active, giving her plenty of scenery to gaze upon as she passed.

As the camp came into view, she dismounted her horse and passed it to a caretaker for the creator. Quietly, she whispered thanks for its service and keeping her company on the trip. Leitha stood just outside of the camp, trying to take it in. It was her first time on the Border and her first time so far away from her home. Walking into camp, she was instructed to find living quarters and await command. Her tent was in the back, a bit away from the largest cluster of tents. It wasn't the furthest back, luckily. As she made her way to her tent, she saw a man leaving the tent that was the furthest back. The elf was outfitted completely and looked to be ready to be sent out. Most others she had seen were not yet completely ready or were still unpacking their things. 'Maybe I should be fully prepared as well' she thought as she entered her tent to unpack quickly.


Amaranth finished up her breakfast and quickly put up the dishes. It was time to start her day. She quickly grabbed the bag of seeds from her table and opened the small door to the hobbit hole she called home. The walk over to the small field between houses was short, but she enjoyed every minute of it. The soft sand on her feet, the viridescent grass shimmering in the sun, the fields of various crops, and the clear azure sky above. She took in a deep breath of the crisp clean air, a mixture of earth and floral scent.

The other Hobbits were already starting their day as well. Most of them, hunched over to sweep, kneeled to pull weeds, or some watering the plants. It was calm, as always. There was hardly ever any excitement in the Shire unless of course, Gandalf was to show. He always brought excitement and fun, fireworks, and rumors. Hobbits were simple folk and simple folk gossip. The Shire would be buzzing for weeks after Gandalf left. However, it was never known when he would be there.

Amaranth opened and closed the small gate as she entered the Buckland's garden. She gave a warm smile to Ms. Buckland, who was busying herself watering the garden while Mr. Buckland pulled weeds on the other side. "Beautiful mornin!" Amaranth greeted brightly as she moved closer to Mr. Buckland and kneeled on the opposite side. "Think it'll be a good harvest?" She asked as she put holes in the soft plowed earth. He nodded slowly "Looks like it."

It wasn't long before she had planted the seeds and helped with a few other tasks and headed towards the Green Dragon Inn. There, she would check for gossipers about happenings around the Shire and possibly travelers. Amaranth loved travelers and listening to their stories.

As she walked the path, she passed several people without any notice to them, until a small group of children ran past her. 'Gandalf?' she wondered with as much glee in her heart as the children she turned to followed. She swiftly turned, her fiery hair pushed into her face from the slight breeze. Her hand batted at her hair, pushing the curly mess out of her face to try and see who the children could be following. Once she managed to see again, she noticed it was only another Hobbit. She sighed as she watched him enter a shop and wished he were Gandalf. With her hopes a little damper, she decided it was time for work.

After heading back home and washing up a bit, she grabbed her violin and headed for the Green Dragon Inn. Though there probably wouldn't be many people there, she hoped there would be a few older men, who were worse than the women about gossip.

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