Never Let Go

Never Let Go


Three couples, Forbidden Romance, Dark Desires, and secret affairs! TWO MALE ROLES LEFT!!!

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"Meeting you was fate, but falling in love with you was beyond my control."

Stories and Characters

Couple One
HE’s the son of one of the most powerful Mafia leaders in the world and he’s next in line to take his father’s place, he’s engaged to a girl his father has approved for him. He’s as hard as they come, most say he’ll make a better leader then his father, his only down falls, his reckless behavior and his addiction to drugs. She’s the daughter of his father’s biggest rival, their families have been feuding for as long as anyone could remember. She’s a bad ass with a tough girl attitude, her family mostly her younger brother, FC Justin Bieber mean the world to her. She’s practically a mother to him. The two have been inseparable ever since they met at a club a few weeks back, they have been secretly seeing each other, though will their relationship last when they find out who the other really is. They have both lied about their names, age, and lives.

Their Feelings on the Relationship thus far
His Feelings
Her Feelings

NAME||AGE: (23-26)||ROLE: Boy 1||FC Milo Ventimiglia ||RESERVED

NAME||AGE: 20||ROLE: Girl 1||FC Amber Heard ||Taken by ME

Couple Two
He’s a genius, graduated high school at sixteen. He’s a smartass with too much time on his hands, lately he’s been developing a new drug with FC Milo Ventimiglia in his downtown apartment. He makes money by selling drugs to minors and college students. She’s not exactly living the American dream. Her father is abusive and he mother is always high on drugs. She’s never had anyone around to take care of her, yet she’s turned out to be quite a good girl despite her worthless parents. After meeting at a college party and lying about her age they have currently been seeing each other and she’s pretty much living with him. But what happens when her parents start to wonder where she is, will he find out that he's been sleeping with a minor.

Their Feelings on the Relationship thus far
His Feelings
Her Feelings

NAME||AGE: (19-21)||ROLE: Boy 2||FC Guy Flanagan ||OPEN

NAME||AGE: (15-17)||ROLE: Girl 2||FC Selena Gomez ||RESERVED

Couple Three
He’s the son of the infamous drug lord and younger brother to FC Amber Heard, although most the time he acts like her older brother and is very protective of her. He’s a good hearted guy, but most the time he acts out and makes bad decisions simply because he can. He barley shows up to school despite the fact that he’s a straight A student. She’s the sweetheart that’s always hooking up with the wrong guys. No one ever really let’s her speak for herself and her entire lives been on a schedule, she’s never really had any fun. Her parents control everything she does from boys she dates to what colleges she’s going to apply to. All he wants to do is tell her how he really feels and although she’d never admit it, she’s had a crush on the bad boy since kindergarten.

Their Feelings on the Relationship thus far
His Feelings
Her Feelings

NAME||AGE: (16-18)||ROLE: Boy 3 ||FC Justin Bieber||OPEN

NAME||AGE (15-17)||ROLE: Girl 3||FC Ariana Grande ||RESERVED


-FC Milo Ventimiglia & FC Jesse Eisenberg are business partners and best friends

-FC Selena Gomez & FC Ariana Grande are neighbors

-FC Amber Heard & FC Justin Bieber are siblings


1. Please be active!
2. Please Treat other with respect!
3. Post at least every other day please!
4. Must be willing to take two roles if they don’t get taken.
5. This is an Adult RP, With ADULT THEMES!
6. Reservation is first come first serve, 24 hours!
7. Please make your characters sheet’s pretty and fun to read
8. Female FC’s can be changed but I prefer the males stay the same

Character Sheet

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Nicknames (if any)
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Dark Secrets! (At least two!)
Tattoos, Piercings, Scars
Occupation (if Any)
Addictions (If any)
Theme Song

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Character Portrait: Baby

I'm the girl your mom warned you about.


Character Portrait: Baby

I'm the girl your mom warned you about.

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Character Portrait: Baby

I'm the girl your mom warned you about.

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Re: Never Let Go

so I guess this died... oh well

Re: Never Let Go

Can't wait to start.

farfegnugen, oh farfegnugen where art thou? '

Re: Never Let Go

Alright Baby is in, should have Phillip in by tomorrow ad we can start!

Re: Never Let Go

Couldn't get my characters up tonight :( i'll have them up tomorrow for sure!

Re: Never Let Go

Love all the characters should have mine up this evening!

Re: Never Let Go

OH cool! XD working on my 2ed guys last paragraph...

his name is Fernando :) cause I'm watching an ABBA music video :)

.....yea I like ABBA....

Edit: Fernando has been submitted...

Re: Never Let Go

Yes doing it now!

Re: Never Let Go

@mafialove: YEY! also are you going to "accept" the characters?

Re: Never Let Go

I sent my character in last night ! Sorry I took so long. .-.

Re: Never Let Go

Yeah he's perfect!

Re: Never Let Go

@mafialove: Already got one in mind... Idk is you ever herd of Guy Flanagan though,

Re: Never Let Go

@forget~me~not sounds good just let me know who you want to change him to!

Re: Never Let Go

I'll double as the other one, if I can change the face claim.

Re: Never Let Go

I'm trying to fill the roles. I will more then likely take FC Justin Beiber, so we only need one more male role.

Re: Never Let Go

@mafialove: Yes but that could be unfair for others...

I also am open to doubling

Re: Never Let Go

I haven't submitted because I was waiting for my partner to get taken. :/

Re: Never Let Go

@Forget~Me~Not are you interested in possibly making this a 1X1 since no one submitted there characters but you?

Re: Never Let Go

Good point, ok I wont change that then... properly better to keep as many vices in him as possible.

Edit: Submitted!

Re: Never Let Go

writing as a druggy really isn't too hard. Just gotta know your substance and its affects (speaking first hand). But I bet this is easily done with a bit of research and finding something you find workable as well.

Re: Never Let Go

@mafialove: Can he not be addicted to drugs? It's a pretty small thing, I mean I'm fine with the alcoholism! but I've never done drugs in my life, and I can't write a Druggy Character that's more then a bit Character with nothing but one liners.