I'm the girl your mom warned you about.

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a character in “Never Let Go”, as played by mafialove


Dezey "Baby" D'Angelo
“Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere, Me…well I’m headed straight for hell.”


Full Name
Odette Jetta Anastasia D’Angelo

Most know her as Baby, some people are convinced that is her real name. Though she does have a few other nicknames, her younger brother calls her Dezey. Some of her friends call her Dee.


Girl 1

The F Word||Adrenaline Rushes||Ice Cream||Smoking ||Music||Flirting||Kissing||Pain||Big Dogs||Watching the Sun Rise||Clubbing||Dancing

Her Step Brother||Her Step Mother||Being Alone||Lairs||Cats||Not being in control| Admitting she’s weak||Love
Dark Secrets
1. When she was young her and her girlfriends at the time were playing a prank on another girl, the girl ended up dead and Odette was at fault. Her step-brother Marco over heard her talking with her friends and black mailed her into sleeping with him. He still blackmails her into sexual acts.

2. Lately her step-mothers become ill, Odette has been slowly poisoning her.
Tattoos, Piercings, Scars
She has the word FUCK tattooed on the side of her middle finger.
She has her ears, belly button, and nose pierced

Cigarettes, Cussing, Adrenaline


Antonio D’Angelo
Age: 53|| Relationship: Biological Father || Alive

Everyone in the drug world is terrified of him and I don’t blame them. He’s one scary ass mother fucker, ruthless, brave, blood thirsty, and driven by drugs and money. But, he’s my dad and when it comes down to it he goes soft for his family. I’m a daddy’s girl, I get what I want when I want. He’s never said no to me.

FC Viggo Mortensen

Isabelle D’Angelo
Age: 24 (At time of death) || Relationship: Biological Mother || Deceased

I don’t really remember her, I was five when she died, but from what my father says she was one tough woman with a lot of heart. He say’s I look and act just like her. I wish she was still alive.

FC Ali Larter

Giovanni Belrose-D’Angelo
Age: 43|| Relationship: Step-mother || Alive

She’s a gold digger, the only thing holding her marriage together with dad Lacey. All she cares about is materialistic things. I hate her and she knows it, I’d kill her myself if it wasn’t for Lacey. She is a worthless waste of space, that drains the life out of my father.

FC Julianne Moore

Beck Martyr
Age: 25|| Relationship: Half Brother || Alive

Beck, the definition of a big brother, he’s absolutely incredible too bad him and daddy don’t get along, so I rarely ever see him. The only time he comes around is to see me and lip, but even lip can’t stand him. He’s a cop, cops and the Mob, don’t exactly get along, but either way I love him.

FC Chris Hemsworth

Marco Belrose
Age: 22|| Relationship: Step-Brother|| Alive

This piece of shit can fall off a cliff and die for all I care. He’s the worst thing that ever happened to our family and if Lip or my dad knew half the things he’s done to me, he’d be dead faster than he could process what was happening.

FC Paul Wesley

Lacey “Lou Lou” Belrose-D’Angelo
Age: 13|| Relationship: Half Sister|| Alive

Little Lacey Lou Lou, she’s sweet and sassy, the only person in the family who wants nothing to do with the lifestyle we live. She’s a smart girl, sometimes I wonder how she became such a goody two shoes, but none the less I love her to death. She’s the only thing keeping this crazy family together.

FC Bella Thorne

Phillip “Lip” D’Angelo
Age: 18|| Relationship: Biological Brother|| Alive

Where do I start with this boy, he might as well be my twin brother. I wouldn’t have survived twenty years without him. He’s my best friend and is always there for me, I’d kill for him. Most the time he tries to act like the older brother. He’s a smart kid, I wish he’d grown up in a different family, then he might actually have a chance.

FC Justin Beiber

Raised Catholic, but is agnostic
Theme Song

Odette or Baby as she is known to by most is a rough tough girl, she’s a hard ass who you don’t want to piss of. She uncontrollable, unpredictable and everywhere all at once. To most it would look like she is a complete mess and has no idea what she’s doing or where she’s going, but she’s the complete opposite. More often than not she thinks through what she does or what she says. She just likes to be bad, it’s in her blood after all. She is loyal and protective, if she loves you she'd do whatever it takes to keep you close and protect you with her life. She's the type of person that everyone knows, she can walk into a club and the bartender and owner know her by name.

Odette was born into a very Italian family, her father being the son of a Mob leader and her mother the daughter of an Italian director. She grew up a fair childhood, her family rich she never really needed anything. When she was five her mother passed away and her father was devastated. Two years later her father founded himself involved with another women, though the two weren’t exactly in love. Odette was about to be a big sister.

Dezey grew up very close to her younger brother, he was practically her twin. At fourteen Dezey was one of the popular girls who found herself running the school. One night her and her friends decided to play a prank on one of the less popular girls, Dezey accidentally killed her. Her step brother found out and black mailed her into having sex with him. This is when Dezey turned into to a “Bad girl”

She was convinced she was worthless of course if she told, her step brother Marco would tell on her and she was terrified. Now he still black mails her and she is forced to do what he wants. But she’s meet someone knew and she’s hoping he can save her.


So begins...

Baby's Story