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Konstantyn Alphonse de La Fontaine


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a character in “Never Say Normal”, as played by KuruLesperance


Konstantyn Alphonse de La Fontaine


"I don't look like a female now do I?"


"Definitely not a teacher."

A couple of words: absolutely stoic and overall awkward. With a poker face usually on, Kon is probably the most emotionless person you will ever meet. It's quite scary; honestly, especially when he doesn't react to pain. Even his bright, turquoise eyes appear lost, or, blank. Konstantyn is the type that will insist someone to shoot him, if gun pointed. He encourages people to hurt him. How sick is that? Just, what is this "monster", you ask?

"This "monster", so to speak, is an individual in which no one understands. Stereotyped, constantly, because people fail to grasp me. They do not look long enough."

His exact words he'll say every time someone asks. It's happened; it's bound to happen again, right? No smile, no frown, just this lost, poker expression. People don't know him long enough to actually understand him, because actually, he'll defend anyone, whether he knows them or not. As well as being deathly eelymosynary; a giving boy. Sure, he may look like he doesn't give two shits about anyone, but he's worried about what would happen next, what might happen later, he's constantly thinking and thinking: because has has nothing else to occupy him.

Well, to say the least, he's a bit of a clown as well. A humorous, serious clown, using a type of humor he calls sarcasm with a deadpan expression. Mostly, he does this unintentionally, though sometimes the impulsive male can't control it. If something he finds humorous humors him, he has to make a sarcastic comment. No smirk, no smile; maintaining a serious face the whole time, which, may title him as archly insincere. Have I mentioned he is also intelligent?

Yes, he's quite intellectual despite his disorders, or well, problems. Able to hack, program, and all around, he's known to be his family's smartest. Smarter than his parents, even, surprising enough. People may think he's a complete idiot because of his problems; he wants to prove them all wrong. Every, single, one.

As well as being a bit mute all in all. As I stated above, he's highly awkward, or other words, socially awkward. He can't keep a conversation for long without stuttering.

"I'm an oddball, aren't I?"

Why You're Here
"Notice how long my nails are? On my 16th birthday, I felt it was time. I wanted to escape, y'know? Escape this living hell, the pain. My horrible parents, and the hatred that builds. I've become emotionless, the person I am, because of society and people. So, I scratched at my throat and my chest. When all the skin around my throat was practically sliced off, and my nails were almost there to my windpipe, my parents came running in from the grunts and groans I was making. I should have been more quieter. It was my fault. Everything was my fault. I don't blame society; we are a greedy race. I blame myself for letting it get to me. I'm the one at fault. I've broken myself.

It continued. I still tried to scratch my skin off with anything in my reach; keys, toys, nail filers. I would make burns on my skin from erasers. Until my father couldn't take me, and he slapped me across the face and told me to snap out of it. I kind of deserved it, honestly, but I lost it. I went bat shit insane. I screamed. I hit him, then I locked myself in a bathroom for 3 days straight. Awake all day and night, silently crying.

Why you ask I am like this? Why have I turned into what I am? Because everything's my fault."

Kon has severe Asperger's syndrome, taking a fascination into anime and different countries along with music, topped off with depression and panic disorder. Usually, his panic attacks occur in the middle of the night.

"I can't help it."

Wake-Up Call - 5:30
Breakfast - 6:30-7:30
Art(elective) - 7:35-8:20
Psychology - 8:25-9:20
Math - 9:25-10:20
English - 10:25-11:15
Lunch - 11:20-12:15
History - 12:20-1:15
Science - 1:20-2:15
Economics/Government - 2:20-3:15
Group Therapy (Sev) - 4:20-5:15
Dinner - 6:00-7:00
Freetime - 7:05-8:55
Bedtime - 9:00-9:30
Lights Out - 9:30

Kon, Freak, Poker Face

"Feel free to call me whatever, but I appreciate it if you call me Kon."

It all started just before he was born: he was a lovechild, or, in more rude terms, a bastard child. He was a mistake, simple as that, no refusing it. As time progressed, and as he was born, he was bullied throughout school for one reason, and because kids that time though it was weird: he was, or is, bisexual. Boys would laugh and girls would cringe away from him, murmuring to each other. This was found out by the drawings he drew; because he was, well, an individual. Boys holding hands, girls holding hands, girls and boys holding hands, whatever he liked he'd draw. Stage 1 of his problems, though at the time he showed actual emotion. He'd cry for days, though, this began the panic attacks. In the middle of the night, he'd wake up sweating with his heart palpitating, and feeling as if he was going to be sick.

He was pulled out of school, which crushed him. Who would give him the proper education? His parents? As if, they're always at work. Well, he wasn't expecting a hired ex-teacher, fired because the school had too many of them. Cliche or just ironic? That's how his parents were; they'd take no time out of their day to play with him or educate him.

As he was taught, he really payed no attention, instead he kept watching the globe that the teacher brought in. He'd get yelled at for not paying attention most of the time, and occasionally hit on the arm, which hurt. A lot. As Konstantyn grew, he became more and more weirder so to speak: sickly obsessed with anime, dwelling over countries, secluding himself, and listening to electro music and metal nonstop with his bulky headphones.

On his 17th birthday, his parents became worried about him, for once, and thought it was time to send him to Blue Waters.

"I don't really mind being sent here; but, you can't really trust people. I'm afraid I might get stabbed or something.."

+ Music
+ Animals
+ Silence
+ Sarcasm
+ Boys
+ Girls
+ Anime
+ Countries
+ Computers

- Lizards "I love all animals, though lizards, they scare me."
- Himself
- Emotional Pain "I escape with with physical."

You'll usually find him listening to a techno/metal group/band called Celldweller.

So begins...

Konstantyn Alphonse de La Fontaine's Story

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Konstantyn Alphonse de La Fontaine

Silence enveloped the pink-haired male as the principal paced quickly back and fourth on the stage; an emotionless and serious expression plastered onto the younger male's features with the slender, porcelain face. Large, bulky headphones were wrapped nicely around his neck like a coiled anaconda, and ironically enough, Konstantyn did kind of like snakes. Anyways, he barely paid any attention as his eyes kept straying off, looking at the other students in silent curiosity. Obviously, Kon was a mysterious individual; it is hard to tell what he is thinking to the point it becomes intimidating. He may be thinking he wants to kill you, hug you, be nice, scream at you, he's generally unpredictable.

So was this school, but y'know, this is a school for the "insane". It's rather believable for it to be utterly unpredictable.

Getting off topic now, sorry. Problems, y'know? Anyways, there was a rather delicate appearing green-headed boy, followed by a kid with a mask, a girl with short dark hair, a redhead with white stripes in his hair, "Kind of reminds me of a race car," the pink-haired male whispered to himself. Honestly it was kind of neat to see that here, people were actually being themselves for once, though that may be a little hypocritical referring to the French/Polish kid, Konstantyn.

Kon had sharp, teal eyes, to say the least if you wish to describe appearance, which show no emotion whatsoever. His eyes are his most prominent feature, and how, it was kind of ironic there was another kid that looked just like him, except without glasses and his face was more round, and well, adding the fact he looked a bit younger than Kon here. It was actually interesting.

The male's straying and distracted gaze shifted down to his manicured and long nails; they had no else color than a salmon pink. His fingernails could pass as girl nails, but he keeps them long for reasons:

Number one, it's hard to open packages. I mean, you have to use scissors and shit. It's easier to use nails.

Number two, he keeps them for a personal reason. Just look beyond the scarf around his neck, if you really dare.

Well now, Konstantyn only opened his ears to listen to the part about dorms; he needed some relaxation for once, though he took a mental note to stay a bit far away from the other teenagers and children at the dinner table when dinner time hits him. Also, the pink haired kid tends to sit weird at dinner tables because there's a ledge: he sits with his legs pressed against his chest like he's almost curling into a ball, and he lowers his head to let his soft, conditioned pink hair fall in front of his eyes.

Once everything was over, he rose quietly, bangs just barely covering his emotionless eyes. He began to walk, slightly slouched, until a kid came walking up to him; and he was a mess. He stuttered, and all else, and he seemed socially awkward, kind of like how Konstantyn is except more innocent-acting. What a sweet bo-


Okay. The sudden change spooked Konstantyn just a bit, he could admit that, though he didn't flinch or show any emotion: as always, you should expect it, especially from this strange-ass kid. Fuck, you should just put him in the Addams family. Konstantyn "Addams", the poker face wise-ass. Fitting.

Konstantyn inhaled as the male spoke, threatening him and all else, then before he could speak another kid showed up; that kid that looked just like him. Becoming frustrated, he sighed. "If you could let me speak, I'll gladly tell you where your dorm is, and the threats are not needed. By the way, I do speak English obviously, despite being Polish and French, and I'm not as big as an idiot you may believe I am. I am simply quiet." Blinking slowly, he flexed his tensing hands and pointed in the direction of the dorms. "I studied the map before I came. I should know, unless you don't want to trust me, and be an arrogant child. Though, it's believable; in fact, don't trust me. Actually, the threats are wanted, because I really don't care if you wish to beat me up. You know what, do beat me up. Then it's all fun." The male blinked slowly as he extended a slender digit to move his glasses back onto the bridge of his knows, teal eyes staring down at the male and then the other, who supposedly had Dissociative Identity Disorder. Interesting.

Slipping his headphones back on to listen, he ducked his head as he stuffed his hands in his pockets and silently turned away, slouching as well, which was normal, for him at least. "You're welcome." Konstantyn mumbled as he made his way to the door to exit.

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Konstantyn Alphonse de La Fontaine

Teal, sharp emotionless eyes bored into Zyslo's as he questioned about his name and yanked on his shirt. The male turned to face them and he crouched down to get in eye contact, and in response to the dark gleam in "Mylo's", or, "Zyslo's" eyes, there was only emptiness. Pink hair falling adjacent to his eyes, he stayed silent until the male was done speaking. Konstantyn extended his own hand and gently shook it, a bit wary. Opening his mouth to speak, he spoke with his usual soft-spoken, monotone voice.

"My name is Konstantyn Alphonse de La Fontaine. Feel free to call me Kon or Konstantyn." Pausing briefly as his gaze strayed off to the now empty stage, he inhaled to continue. "Mylo, you say? You two have interesting names." As quick as lightening, his gaze sharply dashed in Zsylo's direction, no longer distracted, and now all focus on this green-haired kid. "In honesty, he doesn't seem like a brat to me, and don't you worry. I don't hurt people; well, rather, I barely fight, because for me, it's useless." The pink haired boy shrugged without a care in the world. "What's the point of it, anyways?"

Mental note: this kid is like a tsundere. It's kind of cool.

"Again, I honestly don't care if you beat me up or not. That is your choice and not mine. If it's peace you want, you got it. If you want to hit me, you got it. I'm the type of kid that goes with the flow." Konstantyn explained, voice monotone and painless. The Polish/French boy ran a hand through his pink hair and let out a small sigh, glasses slipping down from the bridge of his nose to nearly the tip. "By the way, your potty mouth is interesting. I'm not being sarcastic or anything; simply stating. Sort of appealing, well to me at least, badass attitude." Might as well compliment them if they're going to be his friend; well, compliment Mylo. He honestly was a bit confused when it came down to Zsylo.

Eyes straying for a fraction of a moment, he saw that barely anyone else was in here. Perhaps he should get to his dorm soon? Eh, who knows. Maybe by the time he gets there it'll already be dinner time. Well, remember to sit at the end of the table, he would remind himself often, considering he liked to be secluded. It was a comfortable feeling, to say the least, but that was just him. He's just generally a weirdass.

Well, he's also a smartass.

(Sorry it's a bit short. I'm so braindead.)