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Desi Rae Hunter

"Live Life...theres no take two"

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a character in “Never Too Late”, as played by Echo_Rose



Live Life...There is No Take Two

Name:Desiree Raegen Hunter
Nickname: Desi, Des, Desi Rae, Rae
Age: 19
Motto: Life Life...There is No Take Two
Theme Song:
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual but leans more towards females
Role/Couple: Girl 4/Couple Three
Did you the one who gave up or the other that got hurt?: The Other


Appearance: Desi is five feet tall and very much on the petite side of things, only weighing 102lbs. She has long black hair that she sometimes has different colored highlights such as blonde, purple, green, blue. She likes to changed up every month or so. Her eyes are a very light grey and her skin is a pale milky white. As for piercings she has snake bites, gauged ears, and her nose pierced. She has yet to get any tattoos but she plans to in the near future. She has a few notible scars, such as the cigarette burns on her wrist and the jagged scar that is abover her right eyebrow. She also has different scars from her treatments and surgeries.
Personality: Desi is very much a girl that just wants to be loved, she is very insecure with herself and always aiming to please others. She has a very big heart for the ones she is close to but you may see that she doesn't truly care for herself that much. She is a tad bit OCD and likes to have things in order, especially with herself. She can sometimes be too hard on herself, if something goes wrong she blames herself. She wants everything to be perfect even though deep down she knows that won't happen. With others she can be a bit shy, a little bit quirky, people often find her a bit weird but she is used to it. She just is being herself, some people may not like it but some do. Those are the people she confides in and are closest to. Also Desi is known to get attatched to people easily and can be somewhat clingy.
Likes: Art, paintingx watch the stars at night, things in order, keeping herself thin, girls, some guys, the color green, kids
Dislikes: Rude people, the color brown, being alone, messes, socks
Fears: Being alone forever, Not being able to keep things perfect, losing Kerli, tight spaces, coming out of remission
Dreams: Finishing art school, marrying Kerli, having kids
History: Desiree was born the only child to her parents Denis and Kayla Hunter, they were very loving parents and gave as much attention they could to their daughter. Everything went according to plan until she was around the age of six. She started getting sick, it just kept getting worse so her parents took her in to see the doctor. They told them her daughter had cancer, a parents worse nightmare. From then on Desi went through many treatments, seeing different doctors. This was when Desi started to have the need for everything to be perfect, she wanted to be perfect. Around the age of eight she went into remission until she was thirteen, the cancer came back and she had to deal with another three years of radiation and chemo. When she was sixteen the cancer went into remission and since then she has been able to keep on tract, her hair has grown out and she was able to act like a teen. She was able to finish high school and move onto the next stage of her life. She was eighteen when she met Kerli and from then on her life has changed.

So begins...

Desi Rae Hunter's Story


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#, as written by HypeR
It started like this. Meet someone you end up considering a friend. Something happens that seems awkward for a moment. Then you kiss and are instantly in love, right? Well, aside of something like that actually being true, something bad always comes out of happiness. In this case, one of them just gives up while the other is eaten alive by whatever goddamn thing happened and ends up becoming sad and depressed. Depressed doesn't sound too bad, does it? Well if that's what you think, you've obviously have never been depressed. When someone's depressed, the only thing they feel is hurt and pain and more than half of the time they don't even know why they're so upset. They feel a tug in the pit of their soul. A tug in the middle of their being. A tug that just edges them on. Making them become sad and miserable. Pushing them to a point that no human being can understand unless they themselves had felt it. This point it called by many names. Some call it the high point in depression, some call it the end, and some call it the point of no return, which is the name I prefer. This is the point where the being that has came to that point decides there's no meaning in their life and that they can't go on. That's when the blade comes out. That's when the noose is tied. When the bottle of pills come out and a gun. The blade will cut, the noose will hang, the bottle will be emptied, and the gun will be shot.The sad thing about all this is the fact that it is caused by love gone bad; and I think that's one of the worse things in the world.

I hate being a girl sometimes. You have periods that come with bitchy attitudes. You need to keep up your figure and wear a hell of a lot of makeup to make yourself feel pretty and feel like other people will think your pretty. You have to wear bars that just get uncomfortable after a while. You can be a whore and get upset when someone calls you a whore. You get treated like guys property with them calling you their girl. And you fall in love fast and hard just because the guy you go out with tells you they love you and gives you a good kiss and feels on you a little. Well, if you ask me, I hate all that shit and wish I could just quit it all. But, damn, I can't do that.

I look around my room and see the small knife I've been using. It's not a pocket knife, just a small knife with a stone handle and a silver blade. It sit's on my dresser in front of my mirror next to my hair brush. I look closely at the dresser and all the things on it from where I sit on my bed. There's my pink striped makeup case containing eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, lip gloss, and various other makeup related utensils at the far left of the dresser. Next to it is two bottles of hair spray and my perfume. Next to that is a small wooden jewelry book that contains a few rings, silver bracelets, and silver necklaces. I stop looking at the stuff on the dresser and my eyes land on my reflection in the mirror. My blonde hair is perfectly done and in place. I wear my little pink girly dress showing off the light skin tone. Around my neck hangs my golden necklaces. I have a faint smile on my face, but I know the pain behind it. I look at the suitcase on my bed and then look down and faintly close my eyes.

Over the pass mouth I guess, Jon and four other dumbasses who messed up their relationships and have a girlfriend or boyfriend that's all depressed and shit now decided to hit up this place all the way in Ireland. Now me and these two others are being forced to pack our bags and go to some dainty little town in Ireland. Ireland for Christ sake! I open my eyes and look right at my left wrist that's on my bed holding me up by my hand as I sit. I'm wearing my golden bracelets on each wrist, but the more balk bracelets are on my left to cover the scars. Those damn scars. I always have to hide them so no body asks any questions.

I stand up from my bed and walk over to the mirror. I stare at myself in the mirror and smile that small fake smile. I let out a sigh and grab everything off my dresser and stuff it in my suit case. After all the stuff is in the suitcase, I stare at it and look for a minute. The knife was still sitting on my dresser. I turn around and tilt my head at it slightly. I walk across my floor slowly and pick it off the dresser. As my hand was reaching for the knife, I caught my eyes again in the mirror. It was like I was telling myself that what I was going to do was wrong and I shouldn't do it. But I shook it off and pick the knife up, walked back over to my bag, and put it in my makeup bag. After that, I closed my suitcase and dragged it out of my room and throw my ever so clean and empty apartment. I wanted to beat the traffic to the airport. "Off to Ireland." I told myself sarcastically and stepped in the elevator, thinking about how the other people there are going to be like.

((OOC: Kinda long, sorry! Anyways, we'll just write the first post as if we're leaving our homes and heading to the airport. We're not going to do a post on the plane ride there, just the post leaving your home and the post arriving there.


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Desi laid on her bed looking up at the ceiling, todays the day she would have to face Kerli once again. Why did she say yes? Well its obvious, she couldn't say no to Kerli, she loved the girl even if Kerli hurt her. Her alarm buzzed reminding her that it was time to get up and ready to go to Ireland. She never thought she would be going to Ireland, or ever go on a plane but heres her chance. Sitting up she looked around her room, she packed the night before but she should go through her list once more to make sure she had everything.

So thats what she did for the next half hour, going over the list she made for the trip and also going through her suitcases not only once but twice.It was a bad habit but one she could not stop, the therapist she used to see said it would become easier to deal with the o.c.d. but the thing is it was never easy. Her mother recently has been showing up daily, worried about her, telling her she wasn't eating enougg. Which was true, ever since Kerli walked out the door Desi has hardly ate, nothing appeased her any longer. Yes she missed Kerli, wishing to be in her arms once again, which she never thought would happen again but then Kerli called and invited her on this trip out of the blue.

Desi knew she would look different to Kerli, smaller, more boney but why would her ex care? Kerli left her, there must have been something wrong with her to have the girl walk out the door. Letting out a tiny sigh she got dressed in a pair of skinny black pants, having to wear a belt and also put on a band tshirt. After her converse were tied on her feet she grabbed her suitcases, got into her car, and headed to the airport where she was to meet up with Kerli and headed off to the green land of Ireland.