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Brian McShane

"How's the weather down there?"

0 · 593 views · located in Neverland

a character in “Neverland's Descent”, as played by comicbooklover




⌈If things were supposed to be easy, there would be no honor in triumphing against them.βŒ‹


Imagine Dragons || Look How Far We've Come
Hurts || Illuminated
Sleeping At Last || I'm Gonna Be
Vega 4 || Life is Beautiful


⌈With the right attitude, even the most mundane of things can be worth as much as gold.βŒ‹

Cyclops, Mickey





Regular Member (Pirate)

⌈Face ClaimβŒ‹
Lavi (D Gray Man)


⌈Taking a risk is, by far, a bolder statement than any statement words could produce.βŒ‹

Image ⌈Hair ColorβŒ‹

⌈Eye ColorβŒ‹

⌈Skin ToneβŒ‹


143 lbs.

⌈Physical DescriptionβŒ‹
Although "pirate" and "handsome" go together like "muffin" and "stool softener", it must be admitted that Brian is not a bad looking fellow in the slightest. His most noticeable feature would be his stunning emerald eyes (er- eye?) that shine like foreign jewels. His tall, muscular physique only adds to his extremely attractive appearance. Despite dripping with good looks, most interested parties are a bit put off by the eye patch he wears constantly over his right eye. Under the leather shield is a freakish feature hardly recognizable as an eye. Over its green pupil rests a milky film, although this is barely seen behind the disfigured scar tissue surrounding it. However, little to no one has seen his damaged and blind eye, as the eye patch hardly ever comes off.

To be frank, Brian has a desirable figure. Standing at a slightly intimidating height matched with ripped body, this is not too surprising. If you are able to catch the pirate without a shirt, you'll find that his skin is not at all flawless, as he has a few scars scrambled across his stomach, back, and chest. His skin is not too tan either, despite his time spent in the sun while sailing. No matter how tan he'd like to be, he can never escape his fate of forever looking like a pasty Irish boy. This is not the only trait his heritage has given him, however,
as he retains a large bit of his accent, although it is garbled with an English one
as well.


⌈Once you become happy, you'll find that you become untouchable to the mental monsters that once hurt you.βŒ‹

⌈Potential InterestβŒ‹
    ✦ Marksmanship || As he has spent a good portion of his later youth in league with Captain Hook, Brian has had to know how to use a weapon. Although he can use a blade, his preferred weapon is a pistol, for his aim is remarkable.

    ✦ Reading People || Living with his unkind grandmother for so long, Brian has mastered the skill of being able to tell exactly what people want from him. He used this to his advantage as a child, acting like the perfect child to fit his guardians mood so that he would not get in trouble. As he has gotten older, the trait has become of no less use to him.

    ✦ Stealth || Brian's ability to be eerily silent yet graceful and acrobatic in his movements makes him the man to go to for pranking.

    ✦ Balance || As mentioned earlier, the ginger is incredibly graceful. It is nearly impossible to knock him over. Either his feet are glued to the floor or gravity simply shuns him.

    ✦ Diplomacy || Although this is no skill you would expect from a pirate, Brian does pride himself in knowing how to effectively deal with others. He is able to communicate and with people exceptionally well for a teenage boy.

    ✦ Hand-to-Hand Combat || Brian can keep himself safe in a fistfight with ease. After the events that cost him his eye, he felt it necessary to be able to do so.

    [font=times new roman]⌈The waves beneath a boat are an odd mixture: intimidating yet enchanting, strong yet gentle. In my humble opinion, they're pretty darn cool.βŒ‹

    Brian is absolutely terrified of storms, although he would never tell anybody that.

      ❖ Deliberately Annoying Others || Brian loves to torment those around him in light, harmless ways, his favorite method being through song. He is a horrible singer, and he knows that. But, when he feels like bothering his shipmates, he squawks out a tune at the top of his lungs. At this point, it’s a hobby.

      ❖ Forgetting His Manners || Unless he is deliberately attempting to be polite, Brian has a bad habit of doing things that would get him scolded by any good mother. They aren't horrid things, just distasteful ones. For example, he often rests his feet upon desks and tables, thinking nothing of it, our loudly cracking his knuckles in the middle of a conversation.

      ❖ Overly Determined || Brian is as stubborn as a mule. He often refuses to admit that he's incorrect until proven otherwise. Whenever he sets his mind to something, he could work himself to death trying to make it happen. Giving up is like failure and failure is not an option.

      ❖ Nervous Coughing || Whenever Brian feels anxious, he feels compelled to clear his throat, giving away his mood quite easily. However, he does not seem to even notice when he is doing this.

      β™₯ Sweets || It's a wonder why Brian is not obese, as he has an infatuation with sugary deserts of all sorts. He could, most likely, down the contents of a candy shop in a matter of minutes.

      β™₯ Ships || Brian finds ships a lot more interesting than any normal pirate would. He is fascinated with their design and can occasionally be caught examining the structure of any given boat he may be on when he is supposed to be working.

      β™₯ Reading || This hobby occupies a lot of the ginger's free time as he becomes engrossed within the enchanting worlds they offer. They often remind him how lucky he is to be living in Neverland and how different it is from the human world.

      β™₯ Small Things || There is something about miniature objects (including short people) that draws in the gentle giant. Coins, seashells, and Legos are not safe when he is around, for he has a major fetish.

      β™₯ Women || Brain certainly does not complain at the sight of a beautiful girl. He deeply respects the gender opposite to him, but this doesn't mean he is above staring just a little bit when a female passes by.

      ✘ Children || Despite his fetish for small things, Brian is irked by children, as their whiney behavior and inability to help themselves bothers him.

      ✘ Knives || He doesn't like to talk about why he despises knives, but it most likely has something to do with the memories it brings up about his mother.

      ✘ Being Startled || Brian dislikes the feeling of fear that comes with being scared. Considering he does not have a full range of vision, he is already unable to see everything around him, making him feel at a disadvantage. He is more susceptible to jump scares, and he hates that.

      βœͺ Confidence || Brian is not the kind of guy to wrap himself up in his own negative, self-conscious views. He has an aura of self-confidence, making it obvious to those around him that he has little doubts in his own abilities in the most humble way possible.

      βœͺ Honesty || As he cannot lie well, he has finally accepted that honesty is the best policy. He might be one of the most honest pirates you could come into contact with, with the exception of sharing his own feelings.

      βœͺ Perseverance || Although it can also be a hindrance, as seen in the habits section, his sheer determination is not always a bad thing. He cannot let things be the way they are if he opposes them and he pushes himself to his own limits to make a change.

      ⌘ Awful Liar || To be bluntly honest, Brian does not have a mask worthy to even be called a poker face. He hates this trait about himself, as it makes him as easy to see through as a window. He would never willingly admit being upset, but he cannot hide his emotions either. He's practically an open book.

      ⌘ Blitheness || Although a cheery attitude is normally considered a good thing, Brian can sometimes be a bit too carefree, giving him the appearance of immature.

      ⌘ Prone to Compromise || When reminded about his childhood struggles, Brian can become very upset, rendering his own past a tool to use against him.

      ⌘ Loyal to a Fault || Once you have earned Brian's loyalty, it's nearly mission impossible to waver that bond. He has an unrelenting trust to those who he follows and, even if their motives are irrational, has faith that it's all a part of some plan.


⌈Life is like a river- the more you try to fight the current, the more it drags you down. It's much easier just to try and float.βŒ‹

Youthful | Confident | Earnest | Witty

Brian is a very extroverted, outgoing person who gets off being around other people. When first meeting him, one might say he is childish, although that is not truly correct as it implies immature. In reality, Brian just has a very young soul. He has a love for life and a passion for what he does, because he finds the life of a pirate truly magical. He does not see why his crew might be viewed as villains, because he is simply doing what he enjoys to do. One could say that Brian is almost carefree, which would be pretty accurate. There isn't much that can dampen his constant good mood, besides uncomfortable recollections of the past.
Brian does not lug around a suitcase of self-doubt, which is more than you can say for most, and this may be one of the reasons he becomes happy so easily. His mood truly makes him an enjoyable person to be around, even if he can be a bit loud and occasionally annoying. His perpetual buoyancy may be one of the reasons that it is so easy to see when he is feeling down. Or, the reasoning for this could be that he is a horrible liar. Brian does not have a deceitful bone in his body, which is not too good a trait for a pirate. He is a very honest individual, although he tries his best not to be too blatantly candid.
However, Brian is not as horrible a pirate as the above text makes him seem. His undying loyalty and obedience makes for a great crew member, not to mention that he is a very skilled marksman and a good asset to have around. He is also a graceful individual, despite his towering height, and fairs well upon the surface of a boat constantly tossed by waves. And, you cannot forget that he is a very entertaining person to be with, as he constantly spouts out witty comments and jokes, most of them so bad that they are laughable.
Overall, this boy knows firsthand how fleeting life can be and uses every opportunity he can to make the most of the time he has. This is why it is not a rarity to find him gawking about how fabulous he believes Neverland is. Although he cherishes every moment of his own, he can be oblivious to how his constant positivity has the opportunity to give life to those around him as well.


⌈I love the smell of the ocean in the morning!βŒ‹


Born to a nurse in Belfast, Ireland, Brian had a happy start to his childhood. His mother was very loving and devoted, gladly giving her free time away to be with him. His father, however, was absent. Brian did not really mind never having known his father, but he pitied his mother as he could tell that she seemed sad when he asked about the missing man. In truth, Brian's father was a wealthy Englishman who's company dabbled in things they shouldn't have and made friendships with British mobsters. Although he never visited, as he didn't wish for the two of them to get mixed up such things, he kept tabs on his family as he truly did care for them. However, his attempts were in vain, as others realized the connection. After a deal went sour, Brian and his mother were mugged when walking home from a late night movie trip. The attackers, wielding knives rather than guns, killed Brian's mom as a message to his father, and leaving a nice, nasty gash across Brian's right eye. The event happened when he was very little, so not a lot of the traumatic memories stuck in his mind, although he has heard the story enough to be fully aware of what happened that night.

Because his father was too afraid to claim him, he anonymously told the officers about his grandmother in England, a cross woman whom he thought was compassionate enough to take him in. He was correct, as she grudgingly accepted the boy. Brian grew to be very talkative, longing for the elderly woman to give him the attention that his mother once had. However, she was too busy for him, not to mention annoyed by his childish antics. She called him a nuisance to his face, although he hardly minded. He maintained the positive personality that he retains to this day, although he did learn how to behave depending upon his grandmother’s mood.

It was during this time that Brian took up the hobby of reading, as he didn't really have anything better to do, often spending his free time by himself anyway. He became enthralled in the other worlds that lied within the books' pages and often daydreamed about escaping his own reality and joining another one. He would have gladly left his grandmother and her home far behind, which is exactly what he eventually ended up doing, finding a better family than what he had ever had before.

So begins...

Brian McShane's Story