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Caelan James Devon

"Every story needs a villain to make sure that the hero doesn't get too big-headed."

0 · 698 views · located in Neverland

a character in “Neverland's Descent”, as played by RogueNinja




⌈"When life gives you lemons, use them to blind people."⌋

⌈âœĻ Themes âœĻ⌋

ImageImageâœĻ Beethoven || Moonlight Sonata (1st Movement) âœĻ

âœĻ Richard Clayderman || Mariage D'amour âœĻ

âœĻ Papa Roach || Kick In The Teeth âœĻ

âœĻ A Static Lullaby || Toxic (Britney Spears cover) âœĻ



⌈Known As⌋
(Meaning "white-haired child")



(Not openly)



⌈Face Claim⌋
(Nagi no Asukara)


ImageImage⌈Hair Colour⌋
A very light shade of grey.

⌈Eye Colour⌋
Icy blue.

⌈Skin Tone⌋
Pale white, almost ghost-like.

5 ft, 8 in.

9 st, 10 lbs.

âœĻ Snakebite piercings (lower lip, bars) âœĻ
âœĻ A tongue bar âœĻ
âœĻ A hoop earring in right ear âœĻ
âœĻ A snowflake tattoo on his lower back âœĻ

⌈Physical Description⌋
Caelan has what can only be described as a very delicate and feminine appearance. His straight, ash-coloured hair cascades down to his thighs; short lengths of hair hang down his forehead and some stretch below his eyes as well as down either side of his face. His pale skin highlights his crystal-blue eyes and, though they are soft and gentle at first glance, they hold a sort of cold, distant quality to them. His facial features are also soft and his jawline is thin, giving him more of a "pretty boy" look as opposed to looking strong and capable. His half-lidded eyes give him a constant look of boredom and nonchalance, though his short eyebrows sometimes make him look as if he is frowning. His eyebrows are a very noticeable red despite the fact that his seemingly natural hair colour is grey. The reason for this is unknown to him, but likes how they stand out against his fainter features; he figures they make him more unique. His body is slender yet not unnaturally so; he has an exceptionally muscular body, though his arms and legs are thin and look easily-breakable. His usual attire consists of an open vest shirt which puts his chest on display for all to see but covers the majority of his stomach, a navy-blue pair of baggy pants and a teal-coloured waist sash to keep it all together. His shoes are black slip-ons and are fairly regular in their appearance, though when lazing around he is most often seen wearing wrapped socks. Neither are water-proof and he often complains that his feet are wet because of this. He is a man of many accessories; these consist of mainly arm cuffs, bracelets, necklaces and rings. They're usually blue or gold, as are his normal clothes.


ImageImage⌈Potential Interest⌋
No one, as of yet.

    âœĻ Coercion || He is able to talk himself out of situations which he deems potentially harmful of consequential; this skill also allows him to be able to persuade or intimidate other people, as well as to mildly influence certain actions or reactions to his own personal benefit. Lying is also considered extremely easy to Caelan, almost natural in fact, which often times works to his advantage; deceit is a powerful weapon at times.

    âœĻ Swordsmanship || Caelan trained in fencing for a few years and has since become well-versed in the art of swordplay. This means he is able to use most small blades and knives as a weapon when the time calls for such actions; larger blades do not work well for him as they almost always throw off his balance or slow his movements considerably. He prefers swift and nimble movements as opposed to slow and brutish attacks.

    âœĻ Musical Composition || As a child, he would find himself comforted by the sounds of the piano. This has lead him towards admiring pianists and gaining a desire to be one himself; he is talented as a pianist as he is able to create his own musical compositions, read complicated sheet music and even learn the compositions of famous pianists such as Beethoven, Chopin and Bach. He prefers to keep quiet about this and will rarely play in front of others.

    âœĻ Artistic Ability || Caelan has always been quite a talented artist though his skills do not stretch far beyond small pencil drawings and sketches, sometimes not even finished. Painting is not a skill of his, due to lack of practice and the fact that he dislikes adding colour to his pictures. He practices a lot and can often be seen out on deck with a pencil and a drawing pad, mainly drawing either the scenery around him or other crew members. It is rumoured that he favours drawing Captain Hook above anything or anyone else, though he will not admit to it. And while this is not a hidden skill, he still does not appreciate people taking too much of an interest in it.


Nothing to add, as of yet.

âœĻ Flicking his hair out of his eyes || Sometimes the hair gets in his eyes and partially blinds him, so he flicks it out of his eyes quite often.
âœĻ Sucking his teeth when he's annoyed || It's just a habit, really, but he never really notices when he does it.
âœĻ Walking off mid-conversation || He gets bored fairly easily, so he tends to just walk off without an explanation (except when he is addressed by Hook).
âœĻ Randomly poking people || He likes to prompt a reaction out of people, and he thinks this is the best way to catch them off guard without hurting them.

âœĻ Being respected for his rank amongst the Pirates || He has done a lot to acquire his rank, so it only makes sense to him that he should be respected for it.
âœĻ Hanging upside-down off the deck || It makes him feel dizzy and giggly, which is most amusing.
âœĻ Classical music; mainly piano || As mentioned earlier, the sound of the piano comforts him when he's troubled and often calms him down.
âœĻ Swimming || He feels sort of free when he's in the water, since there's so much space to just roam around.
âœĻ Being surrounded by people || He hates being alone, in other words. He's comforted when other people are around him.

âœĻ Being deprived of his fun || He likes to joke and have his fun, and hates it when people act so serious around him.
âœĻ Rejection or being denied access to things he wants || If he can't get what he wants, he feels as if he is missing out and he hates it.
âœĻ Being insulted by lower ranks || Ranks are important to Caelan, and he will not tolerate any disrespect being shown by a lower rank than himself.
âœĻ When people disrespect Hook || He holds Hook in high regards and hates it when people don't respect the man's authority.
âœĻ Cowardly behaviour || This is mainly when people back down or run from a fight, or launch a surprise attack instead of requesting a fight.

âœĻ High tolerance for drama || He can handle being caught in the middle of conflict, whether it's a petty argument or an all-out war.
âœĻ Easily contained anger || When situations get out of control or he is insulted, he will react calmly and not lose his temper; he acts accordingly, depending on the situation.
âœĻ High lung capacity || This means that he is able to run for longer without running out of breath and he can stay underwater for a considerable amount of time.

âœĻ Firearms || Caelan cannot handle being near guns or being able to use them; he'll only shy away from battle if his opponent has a firearm on their person.
âœĻ Soft spot for girls || It's not that he can't fight them, but he will be less hesitant to show mercy and he will definitely not be able to take their life.
âœĻ Weak stomach || He has an extremely weak stomach; if he sees puke, he will puke, and if he sees gory wounds, he will also probably puke.


| Quiet | Sarcastic | Calm | Intelligent | Protective | Cold |

Caelan is a fairly quiet boy in the sense that he would much rather sit back and observe rather than actually getting involved in conversations. He prefers to be spoken to as opposed to the other way around so he won't usually talk to others unless they've prompted him for conversation. Some would say that he is distant and avoidant but that's far from the truth; he likes being around people without feeling the need to pry into their conversations or lives. It's true that he would much rather sit in a calm, tranquil environment but he's not one to complain. His has an unbelievably calm temperament and often won't raise his voice or lose his temper until he is forced to do so to assert his dominance as second-in-command. As well as being quiet, Caelan can also be thought of as secretive. He doesn't like to talk about his life or his family, and often won't ask others to share their lives with him either. He might seem quite cold and blunt at first glance, but he's actually very soft-spoken and approachable.

Contrary to popular belief, Caelan is extremely protective over the crew (whom he considers to be his newfound "family"), especially Hook. He cares for them, though he probably doesn't show it as much as he should. Respect is also an important part of his life. He believes that he has done well to deserve his rank and he should be respected for it by his subordinates though he does not demand respect as if it is naturally owed to him; rather, he tries his best to earn it by also showing respect to others. He has no problem showing dominance, however. If someone needs to be put in their place, he will see to it that they are. In a similar way to his own opinion of himself, he believes Hook should be respected by all, no matter what, and will go to any lengths to see that he is. He is quite obedient to higher ranks, but will not take direct orders from a subordinate unless the Captain has given his approval.

Caelan is an extremely loyal person. He is loyal to both his family and mainly to Hook, and with good reason. Hook took him in when it seemed like all hope was lost for him. He owes that man his life and will otherwise spend its entirety serving and protecting him. Trying to persuade him to turn against his Captain would be an impossible task. He doesn't care if he has to consider himself a villain; he has long since convinced himself that he is anyway.

He is also known to be quite an intelligent young man; or, as smart as a boy with no real education can be. He seems to understand a lot about humans - their ways of interacting with each other and how they behave or think in general. This is mainly where his coercion skills come from. He tends to learn things about people by observing them for a while, and he will then use the information he has gathered to his advantage. He makes an excellent scout because he is able to gather information effectively and quickly. If he had a darker mind, he'd probably use his persuasion to harm rather than to help; instead, he tries to calm people down and turn them away from situations he sees as dangerous and unnecessary. If he does not see any potentially dangerous sort of outcome, he'll stay out of it and leave them be. He prefers not to get involved in unnecessary or petty conflict.

Caelan likes to have his fun, as mentioned previously. He's not as dull and boring as most people would believe. He enjoys joking around with his friends and other crew members, but it is very rare that he'll ever show this side around people he either hasn't met before or doesn't get along with too well. While he's not exactly energetic and bubbly, he does crack a joke every now and then and is often seen smiling and laughing in the presence of others. When times get tough, Caelan will try his best to make light of the situation for the other person's benefit or wellbeing, even if he does not believe there is a silver lining. He's not an eternal optimist in the slightest, but he knows that pessimistic views do not sit well with other people and often only make situations worst. Caelan can be very comforting when it suits him.


Caelan lived one of those stereotypical "rough background" sort of lives. He was born to a make-shift couple; an unemployed pair who survived off of benefits paid for by the government. For the first few years of his life, he lived in a small council house in a rough area. He was a noisy and fussy child, and his parents just up and decided that the benefits weren't worth such hassle, so they gave him up. He was sent to live in an orphanage, where he was pretty much raised. He didn't have many friends and decided to live a solitary life in the orphanage. While most children would have been outside in the playground, Caelan was in a comfortable atmosphere up in his bedroom, either playing his piano at a low volume or drawing on the walls to the side of his bed. He preferred to sit and watch the other children play out of his window rather than to join them; they just seemed to active and immature for his liking. He was tutored by one of his carers a few times a week, where he learned to read, write and speak to an adequate level. From the very start of his time there, he was in an entirely different class of his own which separated him from the other children.

When he was around 12 years old, he was adopted into a new family. He was told he would not be allowed to take his drawing pads, his piano or anything else which he held dear to him. The things he was permitted to take were packed for him and sent to the home prior to his arrival. The family were normal, or so it seemed. A mother and a father, both had jobs and dressed in smart clothes. They didn't smile. He thought that was a little strange, but he didn't question them; he was just pleased to have a new family. They had two children. One was a nineteen and the other was around 6, both girls. They were usually quiet and very timid. Yet, he appeared the same at a first glance, so he gave them the benefit of the doubt. He shouldn't have.

His first few weeks at the home were fairly normal, though the family were quiet and didn't bother too much with him. He had clothes, warm food and a roof over his head, but no companionship or love. The abuse started after a while. It started verbally. He'd mess up a chore or slip-up and stutter when talking to them and they would yell. Then they stopped scolding and started verbally attacking both him and their original children. The incidents grew from mild to extremely dangerous in a matter of weeks. He would turn up to his tutoring sessions with cuts and bruises dotted around his body, but nobody ever seemed to notice. He got sick of being abused and tormented, but he never really got angry at his family. Instead, he was quiet and he took it all without question. Just after his 18th birthday, he was old enough to be able to live on his own without having to rely on his family, so he left. He hadn't bothered to get a job first, he just couldn't take being around them anymore, so he accepted the fact that he was homeless and got on with his life.

That's about as much as he can remember from his previous life, anyway.

So begins...

Caelan James Devon's Story