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Eloise Kingsley


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a character in “Neverland's Descent”, as played by Ever




"You know what I think? For every minute you are depressed, you lose sixty seconds of potential happiness. Life's too short to waste through tears."


Of Monsters and Men || Silhouettes
Florence + The Machine || Dog Days are Over
Gabrielle Aplin || Human
Paramore || Brick by Boring Brick
Marina & The Diamonds || Girls
Lana Del Ray || Summertime Sadness


"To be honest; I hate pretending that perfection is my friend, that it rules my life. Because, once you look close enough, you realize we are all flawed…and that's the most amazing gift you could ever ask for. Being imperfect, being unique."

Astrid or Ellie || The names she typically goes by and what everyone knows her as.
Queensly or Elsa || Plays on her last name and her first + middle, she also responds to these.
China, Bambie, Princess, Summer, Sunflower || Terms of endearment her brothers use, as well as her close friends.
Children of the Woods
The Middle Kingsley Sibling
Face Claim
Chitoge Kirisaki || Nisekoi


"When people beg me to get my head out of the clouds, I simply ask them 'Why? Especially since I love the view from up here.' After all, who wants to be on the ground when they have the chance to kiss the sky?"

Hair Color
An unobtainable shade of sun-kissed saffron gold, the hue never seems to dim, even in the dreariest of light. Snaking up from the tips, a very opaque tone of dusty rose is present.

Eye Color
Often pegged as indescribable, the orbs dance with practically every shade of blue in existence; sapphire, crystal, azure, cerulean, navy, etc.

Skin Tone
A luminous porcelain with undertones of rose-laced cream.

5' even

84 lbs

Physical Description
Rumoured and known to be a beauty of ethereal poise, Eloise sports a demeanor akin to the realms of polar opposites; 'seductive' yet 'innocent'. Barely reaching the petite height of 5 foot even, her mass weighing in at a mere 92 pounds, this particular girl, off the bat, is noted by strangers to possess the 2 most sought after attributes by women and men alike; stature and curves. Naturally crafted and molded to possess a physique carved out in a perfect hourglass, her chest of larger nature for her age, Ellie often is the recipient of spitefully-coloured remarks on the nonexistent qualms regarding her boundless options of clothing and the slot she holds in becoming fantasies for other men (and, sometimes, women). With her nipped waist and toned limbs, it's almost next to impossible to describe her gait other than in the most poetic of ways; 'a flower swaying in the breeze' or 'a leisurely feline padding down the walk', perhaps. In any case, one can always count on Elsa to gather attention from crowds…even if she wishes not to.

Shifting focus to yet another selling point, her tresses, Astrid has been, undeniably, blessed with a gift. Generous amounts of cashmere-esque strands, their hue bordering on the unnatural, tumble down in cascades to frame her silhouette in the utmost perfect way. Typically, and almost shamefully, the rambunctious teenager will leave her waterfall down, only an upper portion secured by a red ribbon *usually tied in such a way that the excess points defy gravity in a rabbit like manner*. Interestingly enough, as stated before, this unobtainable tone of sun-kissed saffron gold never seems to dim...even flourishing and glowing in the most dreary of light. Unsure how to explain to her peers of it's natural occurrence, it should also be noted that this little sunflower will often lie about the coloration, one that strikes many in being similar to the occurrence of a sunset.

Without a shadow in anyone's mind, Eloise is a stunning individual.. but, in all honesty, the major factor that separates her from being classified as "model worthy" to "fairytale ready" are her eyes. In her opinion, as well as her friend's and stranger's, the brightly-colored pair are the best and most alluring trait on her. Why? It's all simply due to the breathtaking contrast they provide with the rest of her appearance. Almost constantly, the orbs seem to flux in their varying shades of blue, every complex tone found to be present within the expressively gleaming orbs.


"I hate the word fate. Birth. Encounters. Farewells. Success and Failure. The misfortunes of life. If our lives are already set in stone by fate, then why are we even born?"

ImagePotential Interest
potential here


    Green Thumb || Thanks to her magical origins, Astrid has the gift to make just about any plant grow with exceptional beauty and speed… yes, that means without her singing.

    ImageArtistic || Often, this is the last thing people would peg this bubbly, spaced-off girl as: an artist. But, deep down, Ellie enjoys expressing her feelings and opinions on a blank canvas.. in fact, she has gotten quite versed with tools for creation.

    Outstanding Story-teller || Partially due to her power and partially due to her imagination, this little sunflower can spin verbal stories so entrancing, that even her father, a stoic lawyer who was the archetype of the strict father, would often be on the edge of his seat.

    ImageMusical || Stuck with parents who believe blossoming young ladies should be well-cultured and versed in many talents, Eloise has been classically trained to play both the violin and harp with ease.

    ImageAgile || Being able to perform a series of complicated backflips, handsprings, and impressive high jumps with ease, it's a wonder that Elsa is tied down by gravity.

    Ballet Dancer || Another activity forced onto her by her parents, Elsa possesses the potential to be a rather high-end dancer. Of course, she doesn't pursue that fact, she hates it. However, a secret to herself and her brothers, she'll sometimes tug on her ballet slippers to twirl around their bedroom for a few minutes.

    ImageSelective Eidetic Memory || Perhaps her most useful skill, Elsa possesses a 'selective photographic memory'. In a matter of seconds, imposing text blocks ingrain their way into her mind, languages a natural occurrence to her (Astrid fluently speaks Russian, Japanese, Korean, English, and Italian), the memorization of combinations and passwords the equivalent to counting to 3. Not to mention that, once possessing the knowledge {be it from a textbook, audio, video or by example}, Eloise can effectively put such techniques to fluent usage almost immediately.

ImagePower Abilities
.:.As of current.:.
    Song Manipulation || In her current state, Eloise can do the following through the usage of her voice ||
    • Invoke plants to bloom earlier and more vibrantly.
    • Erase the negative emotions that her audience feels.
    • Bestow a certain area or select person with good fortune and rather decent luck.
    • Depending on the passion put forth behind it's projection, as well as the duration the receiver is hold enraptured by the melody, Eloise can restore health and heal light- mild wounds.

    Cryokinesis || Despite this power being limited in the current moment, Elsa still possesses a rather strong command on the following sub-abilities ||
    • Chill to freezing temperatures the environment around her on command of negative emotion.
    • Send blasts of freezing air {often mixed with snow} at her enemies up to 10 yards away.
    • Encase a 15 foot radius around her in solid ice,
    • Freeze bodies of water upon touch {and, depending on willpower, allow others (besides herself) to walk on the ice}.
    • Encase plants in frost at touching command.

    Power Manipulation || Stemming directly from the having an Heir's blood coursing in her veins, Astrid has the rare option to do the following… however, this is, by far, her weakest power and rarely ever works ||
    • Upon skin-to-skin contact, Eloise may "steal" another's powers {be them Fae, Sea/Moon dwellers, or Mesmers} and turn them into a physical manifestation in the form of a gem. Entailing these conditions, she can preserve other's powers to use later for herself or her comrades (by insertion into their blood stream via being ground up and consumed), or just keep them safe for the person she stole them from...and, naturally, she can decide how much to 'steal' from the person in question (she can either steal the entirety of their ability or just a smidgen).

    • Through physical contact or intense concentration, Elsa can determine the type of power a person can and how honed it is.

    • Though a tiring ability, Eloise, if concentrating and remaining with skin-to-skin contact, can increase another's power reserves by tapping into her own.

.:.In the future.:.
    Song Manipulation || Once more cultivated and advanced, Ellie will be able to do the following ||
    • Lull another into unconscious by increasing the power beyond her voice.
    • Completely heal severe wounds, almost bringing people back from the dead.
    • Bless a large area and crowd with good fortune.

    Cryokinesis || After months of relentless practice, Elsa can now carry out ||
    • Produce snow and ice in small to massive amounts at will.
    • Cover an even larger area in ice, as well as frost.
    • Send blasts of ice at her targets.
    • Craft and form figures from snow and ice at the twirl of a finger.

    Power Manipulation || Once becoming the Leader of Fae, this power will fully awaken and she will be able to fluently do ||
    • Insert the power gems into another person through the absorption of skin.

    • Through an intimate action, such as the holding of hands, Ellie can be granted that power her subject possesses. However, with something as light as hand holding, it will only be granted for a few minutes of use. In order for her to gain the desired power for a longer amount of time, this girl must have physical contact with the victim for at least five minutes. However, in order for her to gain the power for eternity, Astrid must find a way consume a small percentage of her target's blood.

    • After gaining the power for either good or for a short time period, Ellie becomes instantaneously immune to the users of the powers she possesses. Meaning that they will no longer have an effect on her (for example; someone tries to attack her with illusions, the power won't be able to manifest). Though dangerous to her health, Astrid will be able to expand that nullification in a dome-esque orb, protecting several others against attacks.

    • If already possessing the power, be it in her body or in it's physical manifestation, Astrid can "reflect" a person's power back at them. Meaning that if someone attacks her with a power she already has, she can make it rebound to their conjurer and injure the initial attacker.


"I personally believe, at times, that fairytales hold more truth than reality ever will. It isn't because they, the fairy tales, tell us that dragons exist but that those dragons can be beaten."

.:.Eloise absolutely HATES talking about her past… especially when the topic of her deceased best friend, Violet, comes up. In fact, even her brothers know good and well to steer clear of any mention of the girl .:.


    First Thought || Whatever pops into Astrid's mind in that instance, no matter how idiotic or harsh it is, she instantly says it.. and often she ends up regretting in the end. In fact, going hand in hand with this trait, Ellie often finds herself having to be opinionated by everything, aching to have her voice heard 24/7.
    Emotional Masking || As her sibling's know from past experience, if something truly bothers Elsa or the circumstance is serious enough, she'll shut everyone out and lock herself away *figuratively*. Stemming from her mother's treatment during her childhood, this girl was, unfortunately, taught to not express such extreme emotions and, to this day, she follows that rule as if it was her religion. When in this state, other's words and insults rarely ever get to her, a mental barrier of sorts constructed to filter out the negativity from such attacks.
    Reckless || Making those who care about her worry is practically Ellie's job. Often forgetting her own limitations or schedules, she'll often act recklessly or impulsively. In fact, she was known, back in London, to disappear into the city for hours on end or start fights with her peers over the most trivial of things.
    Day-dreaming || The polite term used for zoning out; day-dreaming. Elsa has a tendency to space off..sometimes, just randomly. Of course, it is not on purpose, it's not like she is trying to be rude, however.. let's just say that there are times when something will weigh heavily on her mind and she'll tend to lose herself to her thoughts. As a result, she will typically run into various objects in her thought-induced stupor or trip in mid-air.
    Blushing || The habit she despises the most, Elsa, unfortunately, is one that is quick to blush. At the slightest signs of goading (be it perverted, playful, or just plain silly), if it's regarding her personality or appearance, the red tinge will appear. Of course, it gets even worse when someone happens to show romantic inclinations towards her…but that's a whole different story.
    Lip Biting || When thinking deeply about something or struck with boredom, Astrid will often gnaw on her lower lip. Sometimes, this habit is done so aggressively that she will draw blood.. but, most of the times, she doesn't even realize she is doing this until she tastes the metallic iron.

    Fairytales and Legends {Especially Pirates} ||"Ohohoho.. you wanna hear the one about the infamous Black Beard again?! Alrighty-!!"
    ImageSweets ||"Like I was saying, com- ….. Callum….what are you- IS THAT A LOLLY?! GIVE IT TO ME YOU LITTLE BRAT-!!"
    Painting ||"….Hm…. too much blue, no? What do you think?"
    Cloudy, Snowy, or Rainy Days ||"Ah…. the gray skies…. it's so peaceful and lovely~"
    Fruit ||"Fruit, besides sweets, is the most amazing thing ever <3 Especially cherries or strawberries!"
    Mock-fighting or Roughhousing ||"Mum often tells me to knock it off and go back to practicing my harp or whatever… but… this is so much more fun-!"
    Star Watching ||"I don't know…something about the stars makes me feel so magical, so at peace. Wanna join me? Here, we can sit on my roof!"
    Gambling ||"I…it's not a bad habit-! I s-swear!! It's…it's just fun, ok!?"
    Flowers and Plants ||"Amazing little guys…despite the odds, they still manage to thrive and make it! So cool!"

    Cowards ||"I despise cowards with an intense passion. At least make your life meaningful, even if it means that you end up dying in the end. If that's the case, die or live for something or someone you love, make your last breath count."
    Ernest Hemingway ||"I…I can't even- urgh!! His writing style… it's….it's… infuriating!!! *throws book against the wall* I'm done!!"
    Being a Lady ||"I don't understand why my parents want me to act like those stuck-up, snobby little prisses at my school…. shouldn't they love me for who I am? I mean, sure I fight with my brothers…and I tell stories that would make most of my mum's friends faint from fright…and I do bring home spiders and snakes… Hell- I'm plenty 'lady-like', if you ask me!"
    Cheap Tea ||"W…what is this…??? Dishwater?!"
    Bitter or Spicy Foods ||"Hm….what is this…? It's kinda tasty-ow!! Mah tongueh! Wather-! Wather-!"
    Being Idle ||"C-can we um…. start… erm..moving..? When…is our erm… next…break!?"
    Sunny Days ||"Damn… I forgot to put on sunscreen…"
    Romantic Feelings ||"Urgh-! Will you guys stop asking me out already!? I don't like you that way-! Do I have to hit you again…?! BIG BROTHER- HELP ME!!"
    Other Girls ||"I get it…. I'm not like you guys…. Hey-! I'm sorry if your boyfriend likes me, ok?! I didn't mean for him to-! S…so…. stop glaring at me already!"

    Extraordinarily Agile || As mentioned earlier, Elsa is abnormally agile. So, as one can imagine, she can apply this skill set to many different aspects from gracefully dancing to leaping in the tree tops.
    ImageImaginative || Even if her mother would disagree, being creative is a great asset….especially when put in a tough situation that requires unusual resolutions.
    Pure-hearted || Both a blessing and a curse, Astrid is an honest, innocent and good natured person.. and, of course, to her allies, that is refreshing. Not one to tell lies or manipulate others, not one to leave behind her comrades to suffer, others will find themselves easily trusting her because of this trait..but it's also one that works in advantage for her enemies.
    Knowledgable || Thanks to her photographic memory, tidbits of information and how to apply them is extremely easy for Elsa. Not exactly easy to go up against someone that knows almost every weakness of the human body, is it?
    Insightful || Surprisingly, Eloise, when having a calm head, is extremely insightful and well-learned with understanding enemy motives and how others operate.
    Fearless || A rare trait for humans to possess, Ellie is, seemingly, without fear. Without a shred of hesitation, she will plunge herself into the nightmares of others and into the abyss to save others.

    Easily-Manipulated || Once you break down Elsa's walls, you'll find a rather vulnerable, naive, and innocent girl all too oblivious to the dangers of the world. As such, she easily trusts and gives herself wholly to others without much effort.
    Impatient || Being the ball of energy that she is, Astrid, in all actuality, is quite impatient. In fact, being idle for even 10 minutes is pure torture… no wonder she was constantly in trouble for fidgeting in her assigned seat during class!
    Truthful || For the life of her, Ellie can not tell a lie. Honest and true to her core, being able to fib was something this sister never really picked up on…she leaves that to her brothers.
    Closed-off || Being the only girl amongst her siblings yet being the only "boy" amongst her female peers, Elsa never really had anyone that understood her on a personal level. Well.. she did have one, a while ago… but ever since that special person's death, she has learned to bottle up her emotions and hardships to keep to herself.
    Head in the Clouds || Continuously yelled at for spacing out or day dreaming, it shouldn't be a surprise that this is a weakness of hers. This is especially a problem when someone is trying to give her orders..sometimes she'll just tune them out.
    Stubborn || When it comes down to it, this particular young woman is hardly the sort to give in once she has determined something to be true...even when the cold hard facts are presented to her on a silver platter. Once she has decided something, that is that- it's quite a task to change her mind.
    Sheer Strength || Unlike her brothers, Astrid deserves an f… minus when it comes down to sheer strength. In fact, she can barely lift and carry Callum for more than 10 steps!


"If the world cannot accept me as I am, how can you expect me to accept the world as it is? I will not change merely because someone commands it of me nor because they do not like who I am."

Inquisitive | Free-Spirited | Ambivert | Imaginative
To understand the happy burst of sunshine that is known as Eloise, one has to understand this concept first and thoroughly: her very existence is driven and founded upon one single attribute consisting her endless curiosity and inquisitiveness. Without that piece of the puzzle, the remaining portions of her personality seemingly wouldn't fit together in harmony. Aside from that curious cat within her, the second most notable trait that many observe the second they meet her is this; she possesses a tedious habit of asking far too many questions, some of which she even knows the answer to. And, as such, it is at this point one begins to make parallels between her inner child and her current being, the first pillar of who she is. Ingrained to be a curious explorer by nature, Elsa is constantly all over her environment, in every nook and cranny, seeking out new information about her fact, it's almost rare to see her still (and when she is, it's either due to her body's reaction to the activity or due to the fact she was just reprimanded). Her state of conscious, creative and free, will often exert her frail body to spring to action, to create, and to learn even more...a habit she has had since a she was a child.

When described to others, most would expect this girl to be hyper and random 24/7, partially due to the usage of the nickname "Ellie"... but, in all reality, Eloise can be, surprisingly, quite mellow, laid-back and down-to-earth. Truly, she is a mind-rattling mixture of introversion and extroversion, if you will; not fully hesitating to talk to her peers but not leaping at the chance to, being social yet also portioning the time to be alone. As many often say about a first meeting with Elsa, this girl dispels an air of reserved politeness, a true image of a lady... however, on the other hand, those closest to her will have the exact opposite opinion; that polite charm and elegance is exchanged with an adventure-seeking, imaginative and freedom-craving personality.

Another important pillar that should be noted is this; closed off and very much inclined to escape reality, Astrid, often times, has her head in the clouds. Due to this, this heiress has become exceedingly sensitive towards others, her understanding of their actions and train of thoughts almost too insightful. Eloise will often contemplate and ponder about the lives of herself and others, the choices each person has made and what has gotten them to a single point in their lives...of course, this isn't always necessarily the best thing to do. Unfortunately, because of her analytical side clashing with her childish persona, she has been known to become engulfed in senseless emotions, forgetting all about any shred of reality and her boundaries with others.

Thankfully, Elsa has never been one to hold needless grudges or pinpoint blame on whim. However, like everything within this world, there is an exception; if you prod her excessively, she just might let her silver-tongue surface. Astrid does possess a wicked temper {just ask her brothers}, something of which her victims and those who have fallen pray to her fits will attest to, and will even spew words many would never dream of this sweet-temepred girl saying. As such, in compensation for her dark side, this heiress is known for attempting the best she can to aid others, striving to attain a truly positive life. Some might even go as to claim that she is innocent and pure... but she refuses to believe it. In fact, despite the knowledge she possesses, Eloise is often clueless and unaware about the positive effect she can have on others.


"Even the optimist or idealist has to admit that not every story has a happy ending."

Image"Eh…? You wanna know about my life…? Hmmm… fine… but I'm only telling you this once, ok?!

ImageI was born as the middle child to my parents, Elisabeth and Thomas Kingsley, a year and a half after my big brother, Joshua, and 24 months before my younger brother, Callum. Yeah, as you can tell, I was Imagethe only girl in the whole of our five member family clan. You would think it would have been fun, right? Getting doted on and showered with a 'special kind of love reserved only for little girls? Well.. it was… if Imageyou were into that kind of thing. Being treated like a china doll and all.. I, to both of my parent's dismay, was not that type of girl. No no, instead of playing with dolls and fake tea sets, I was roughhousing with my brothers and collecting various creepy crawlies *snakes, spiders, worms, etc* to show my mum. Heh, I remember this one time when she had her friends over and they were having afternoon tea when I waltzed in, plopping this huge mound of earthworms right in the middle of her linen tablecloth. Yeah…she really didn't like that. I think they hoped I would grow out of that stage, that I would take to baking and sewing like the other little girls my age… but nope. Despite their efforts, by the time I was six, it was quite clear I wasn't going to change on my own terms. Thats when they, my parents, decided it to be best to intervene… of course, they still let me sleep in the same room as my siblings…that would be taking it a step too far if they separated us, after all.

When I was 6 and a half, my messy life of loud laughter and mischief was coming to a close… or so that was what everyone *aka my parents* was vainly wishing for. Apparently, the daughter of a highly favored lawyer and respectable socialite is expected to be a perfect "lady". Who knew, right? Well, anyhow, they ended up enrolling me in stupid classes such as ballet, musical lessons for the violin, piano and harp (I only grew accustomed to the violin and harp though) and etiquette school. Granted, I picked up on everything with ease… just like Joshua did. However, it wasn't until I turned 8 that everyone could see, as plain as day, that I wasn't going to fit in with the other girls. I was just too… different. I mean, if those littler prisses weren't jealous of how I looked, they were jealous that the guys liked me or I got high marks! I'm sorry, I never asked for either of those things! Apparently, though, my mum was worried about me hanging around my brothers constantly, wanting me to build a relationship with something else. So guess what? I got my first cat *and only cat, as far as I'm concerned.. I'm never replacing her*; Mint. Hilarious, right? They gave me a cat because I wasn't making friends with humans. Anyhow, school was horrible, I got in fights, my mum and dad were constantly gone and the only people I had were my brothers.

My life truly change when I was 8, though. I met her during my etiquette lessons at school, she was the new student; Violet Braun. She was different from the other girls I met and was forced to interact with, much more like me. She loved to roughhouse, paint, daydream, explore…not waste her days away with needlepointing and conversing on a polite plane. Plus, she was intrigued by me, by my actions and by my drawings. Soon enough, we became best friends and started skipping school together, spending our days wandering about the streets of Kensington and playing by our own rules. Of course, Joshua wasn't happy with my skipping school but he never told my parents. Like they would care.

See, one thing about Violet, a thing no one else knew, was that her mum was a drunk and her dad was gone. And, seeing as my parents were never really home either, she often lived over at our place. In fact, she became another 'Kingsley' in my eyes, the sister that I always wanted. She was the one person I felt like I could count on, besides my brothers… and yet I never knew the pain she carried. One day, it was a few months after my 14th birthday, Violet only 13 at the time, disappeared. Without a trace or any signs of goodbye or excuses. Of course, I wasn't too worried, she did this once before… I figured that she was attempting to sort things out with her mum. But then they came..the police officers with grim faces. They arrived on our doorstep to inform us that Miss Violet Braun had killed herself, committed suicide by jumping off the town bridge. Her body had washed up in the canal bankings later that night.

I don't know how I did it, how I managed to live another day without her in it. After all, that joy I had known for that short period of time was stripped away from me the minute we found out about her death. Even now, I ask myself; how could I not have seen it? Known how she truly felt? Maybe I could have stopped her. I had taken her for granted, our happiness, the thought that we could always be together. Ironic, isn't it? 'Happy endings' and whatnot. Anyways, after Violet's death, I became detached, I learned to mask my emotions even further than what my mother had forced on me. I didn't want to get close to anyone else, limiting my friendship only to my two siblings. Even after Pan's appearance at our windowsill and his promise of endless adventure, that hole my best friend, my other half, left wasn't filled..but being here in Neverland is a whole lot better than being back in London, back where everything reminds me of her."

"Why live life by the expectations of society? It's far too boring that way."

So begins...

Eloise Kingsley's Story