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⌈"Be careful please."βŒ‹


Birdy|| Skinny Love
Sam Smith||Stay With Me
Lana Del Ray|| Blue Jeans
John Newman || Love Me Again


⌈ "Strange isn't it? How the boot has no quarrel with the ant, but feels a need to end the life."βŒ‹


None. She dismisses nicknames as being childish and immature.|

Sixteen years of age.


Lost Child


⌈ Sakura|| SakuraβŒ‹


[font=cambria]⌈"Is this going to be dangerous? I didn't prep for danger."βŒ‹


⌈Hair ColorβŒ‹
Reddish-Brown with a hint of blonde

⌈Eye ColorβŒ‹
Light Emerald Green

⌈Skin ToneβŒ‹
Fair complexion with a yellow undertone



⌈Physical DescriptionβŒ‹
Nothing comes close to the way Fawn’s green eyes sparkly in the sunlight. Fawn posses the most enchanted of all greens for and eye color- emerald green eyes accompanied by long thick eyelashes who stand in no comparison to the way her thin light colored eyebrows arch on her forehead. To the way her forehead creases when she’s thinking that produce the most delicate of wrinkles. She posses the most child like face imaginable, and she hates it.
She’s a mirroring image of her sister except her hair cut down to neck length and her silk like hair which has the most unusual coloring to it. Sometimes described as an awkward red. Not really sure if it wants to be bright red, dark red or a red with a hint of blonde. No matter the case nothing is peculiar as her baby soft rosy pink lips. Usually for a girl who seems to talk on rare occasions, her mouth is rather small, accompanied by rosy pink gums and the straightest and smallest snow white teeth. She has one set of piercings on her ears. She has a rather slim figure weighing in at 102 pounds she's no heavyweight. Though she carries herself like she's some treat. She's rarely ever dirty, or messy and her hair is never seemly unkept or tangled. Speaking of unkept -something that's never unkept is her closet. She's a very picky person when it comes to what she likes to wear. Most of the things she likes to wear are very feminine. She wears long dresses, short dresses. Skirts with flowers that suit her petite self. Her style is usually compared t o those of a small child- though she doesn't really agree.


⌈"The sun loved to moon so much, that he killed himself every night to let her breathe a little better."βŒ‹


⌈Potential InterestβŒ‹

    ✦ Footloose || She's and extremely talented dancer from Modern to Jazz she can tackle it all. She's also extremely good at actually picking up dances when she sees them, although she's not one to perform to a large group of people.
    ✦ Tongue-Tied || She has ab unnatural ability to learn a language, incredibly fast. She currently speaks 14 languages fluently.
    ✦ Circus-Child || She excels in acrobatics and anything that involves her basically has to do with performing arts. This is a skill rarely seen though she's very shy.
    ✦ Miniature architect || She is a very skilled builder.
    ✦ Mirror || I don't know if this is a real skill or not but she is very good at mimicking people.

⌈Power Abilities

    βœ”Enhanced Memory || She can practically remember anything she hears or sees but actually memories of moments seem to lapse around. She can't remember specific actions. This comes in handy when making a fire.
    βœ” Cartographer || Sounds like a rather pathetic skill but she is very skillful when it comes to actually making maps especially of places she's been to once
    βœ” Escape Artist || She's known for constructing the most extravagant traps that sometime even she can't get out of.


⌈ "Yawn. I've seen crazier."βŒ‹

She's highly allergic to Apricot.

    ❖ Lip Biter || When she's nervous or in an awkward situation she bites her lower lip. Though she's unaware this is a habit,it's something she does on a daily basis.
    ❖ Toe-Tapper || When impatient or irritated she's is known for tapping her feet in persistent and agitated beat.
    ❖ Eye Roller || She rolls her eyes on a daily basis. If she goes one day with out rolling her eyes, someone should call the doctor. She rolls her eyes over the stupidest things. Examples include jokes she didn't understand and things she finds insulting or rather rude.
    ❖ Faces || Needless to say, the faces she makes up for the lack of talking she does. She doesn't open up to people easily, but you can definitely tell what she thinks of you by her facial expression.



    β™₯ Reading || She likes indulging herself in a good comedic book or scaring herself in a horror filled novel.
    β™₯ Hot Showers || Something about the water just calms her whenever she's stressed
    β™₯ Nature || She likes nature in general, spends most of her time outside. Wheter it be indulging herself into a rather good book or just watching the stars above her head.
    β™₯Romantic gestures || She's a hopeless romantic, anything relatively romantic would just melt her heart.
    β™₯ Animals|| She loves animals, though she's not particularly fond of fish. She thinks they are rather dull creatures.
    β™₯ Hot Beverages || She loves hot chocolate and tea and drinks them on a daily basis.
    β™₯ Dancing || She loves to dance, she loves the way the music just takes control and her body just flows with the wind.
    β™₯ Books || She's very fond of reading.
    β™₯ Drawing || She loves to draw and she doodles

    ✘ Arguing || She hates when people around her argue or when someones arguing with her. Often times in situations where people are arguing she would crawl to a corner like a child and put her hands over here ears.
    ✘ Harsh Criticism || Unlike most people, she would rather be told a lie to her face rather than be told an ugly truth.
    ✘ Dirty || She hates being dirty. It makes her furious when she is dirty.
    ✘ Spicy Foods She absolutely hates anything too spicy.
    ✘ Loud People She hates when people get too loud for her tastes she can't stand it.
    ✘ Arrogance She point blank can't stand it.
    ✘ Being Disrespected. She hates this especially if people make rude comments about her sister.
    ✘ Insects Disgusting creatures is what they are.
    ✘Failing It absolutely drives her mad if she fails in something.



    βœͺ Hand to hand combat || Though she rather not admit it and she doesn't really look like it. She can put up a real good fight if tampered.
    βœͺ Tracking || She's an amazing tracker, due to her map making skills.
    βœͺ Task Completed || It's most likley borderline impossible for her to actually stop something she's doing and leave it incomplete
    βœͺ Trustworthy || She's incredibly loyal to Peter Pan and others whom she may befriend. So trusting her is very easy.

    ⌘ Lying || She practically can't lie. Every time she tries the words just comes out wrong and she looks insane.
    ⌘ Running || She is slower than a turtle when she runs, which is pretty embarrassing. This is why if she must she has one option-fight.
    ⌘ Gullible || She's incredible gullible due to the fact that she trust easy.
    ⌘Emotional || She's sensitive and she bruises easily.


⌈" Life can be so unpredictable at times."βŒ‹[/font]

Reliable | Naive |Calculating | Sentimental

I’m not sure if words can explain the complexity of Fawn. No doubt that Fawn is a sweet innocent girl, but when provoked she’s very calculating and manipulative. No sure when these particular traits arose, but she can be quiet dangerous. These particular traits are barely even ever seen. Everyone seemly sees her as a naΓ―ve innocent young lady with a lot of life in her eyes, no doubt she’s exactly that. Fawn is a bit naΓ―ve. As much as she would like to claim her maturity and independence, she’s still a young girl who has never been hurt in such a way that would twist her heart cold. Her mind is a puzzle piece, the young planner is a very trusting person yet she’s always on edge. She doesn’t want to be hurt, so she takes the precaution of her backup personality to hurt them before they get a chance to hurt her. Her rage is another story. Yes she’s sensitive and yes she’s trusting and yes she can be manipulative but something most people don’t know is that she’s a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. She’s not full of forgiveness like she seems. I think what makes her most dangerous is that you don’t see this behavior coming. t’s like as spark and then suddenly she’s someone else. Especially if made in front of, names hurt her especially name-calling from people who she cares much about. She’s over protective of her sister and will do anything to protect her.
To be continued.


⌈"Do you ever lay awake at night staring at the ceiling while you think of every moment you wish you could change"βŒ‹


So begins...

Fawn's Story