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Peter Pan

"Seeing isn't believing~"

0 · 529 views · located in Neverland

a character in “Neverland's Fall”, as played by Leej10100




I never was, am always to be. No one ever sees me, nor ever will. And yet I am the confidence of all. To live and breathe on this terrestrial ball.


Sound Horizon || a r k
Gumi || Melancholy of Verdigris
Kagamine Rin || The Lost One's Weeping
[url=link]Artist || Song[/url]


With no wings, I fly. With no eyes, I see. With no arms, I climb. More frightening than any beast, stronger than any foe. I am cunning, ruthless and tall; in the end, I rule all.

Pete || This is just a shortening of his "name" Peter. He doesn't mind it, but at the same time finds it annoying to answer. The only people who call him this, are the Lost Children, whenever they wish to tease him.

Songbird || Peter acquired this name from the birds of Neverland. Because of his hypnotizing voice he attracts many of animals, most commonly birds, as he is seen with at least one type of bird around him. Tending to sing along with whatever tone he can hear, just like a bird.

Wandering Traveler || This is a general name Peter has established in the land of Neverland. He has a terrible habit of being unable to keep still, so he is always traveling throughout Neverland, never staying in a place longer than a few days, unless its where his original home resides.

Riddler || Peter has always loved speaking in riddles, must of his answers to questions consisting of them. He finds them entertaining and mind puzzling, perfect tools for him to us on others. Therefore many call him Riddler due to the fact he always gives people riddles to answer. Just so you know, if one is able to answer his riddle correctly he will always let them ask a free question.




Peter Pan

Face Claim
Karoku Arumerita || Karneval


Completely round is fairly rare. Bright and shiny when I'm there. When I'm not, they call me new. But I'm old. Older than you.

Hair Color
Cerulean Blue

Eye Color
Sky Blue

Skin Tone
Porcelain White



Physical Description
His Hair, cerulean blue hue that appears to have captured the brilliance of the oceans under the bright sun can be seen in an artistically messy masterpiece. It has a perpetually disarray alignment with uneven strands that contributes to such a vision. Locks that are kept short which frames his face. His bangs are usually swept aside or are not long enough to serve as a hindrance to his eyes. He also has two forelocks crisscrossing at the bridge of his small, yet aquiline nose. It is soft to touch and shines like a precious stone with little maintenance. He is often seen with loose bandages wrapped around his forehead; right above his eyebrows.

Matching such blue, it would be his eyes that had imprisoned the clear blue skies with ease. They are almond in shape which have been often noted to have a certain feline quality to them. Delivering inherently such an allure which is further emphasized by a pair of long and thick fan blue eyelashes. As eyes are said to be the window to the soul, it reflects his emotions without much delay; varying in degrees of shades of blue in tandem with the intensity of his feelings. Although usually, it carries a rather soft and melancholic appearance when gazed upon; prompting people to wonder if he is covering up his true feelings. His eyes displays perfectly blended hues of deep mauve, green and blue, garnering him to have the peacock eyes.

As if to balance such a height advantage, he has been given a svelte physique that had been noted to be rather feminine and described to be sexy even. It is more emphasize as he has long limbs to begin with. This gives him a more delicate and softer look than those men who have an average muscular build. So, it would not be odd for other people to mistake him as a girl more than as a man which he finds no offense in. Matching such built, he possesses porcelain white skin reminiscent that of dolls. Though, it has a glow which gives it warmth and life as of being bordering a halo-like appearance. Blessed to have looks which is the perfect blend of femininity and masculinity, though he seems to be very unaware of this.

His preferred clothing consists of a white button-up shirt, usually with the top few buttons undone, exposing his collar bones, and the loose bandages around his chest and left arm. Combined with dark dress pants, usually wrinkled and slightly loose-fitting. He normally has no other accessories and dislikes wearing shoes and socks and avoids so when he can. He prefers simplicity and comfort, but if an occasion calls for it, he will choose an outfit accordingly.


I'm a part of Heaven, though I touch the Earth. Some say I'm valuable, others say I have no worth.

Potential Interest
potential here


    Emotionally Intuitive || Peter is no stranger to the constant mood swings and emotional fluxes of those around him nor is he daft enough to ignore them. As such, this particular young man has become quite well rehearsed in reading other's underlying feelings.

    Enhanced Physical & Mental Skills || Peter is both mental and physical stronger than others, as he has trained himself to be this way. Causing his agility and brain capacity to work ten times faster and ten times harder than others. This skill can be applied to everyday life or emergencies where is requires him to be extra sensitive. Either way when it comes down to it, Peter is extremely confident when it comes to these skills.

    Superb Swordsmanship || As a Leader, there has been many of times where he has been attacked, rather by Pirates or other creatures. So due to this he had become attached to fighting with his sword, and it has now became his second line of defense, next to hand to hand combat. It use to be first, but due to Rosemary's death, he just doesn't have the heart to draw it.

    Excellent Hand to Hand Combatant || This is Peter's number one line of defense. If he can't do anything he can fight with his hands. He usual spars with someone whenever he gets the chance as he enjoys close range combat. He is so good at it, that he can fight a person who is holding a sword and still win. Though over all he tries to avoid any form of violence and usually stays out of conflicts so he doesn't have to resort to fighting with his hands.

    Weaponry || Peter Pan is able to use multiple weapons. His Favorites being his Hands, Bow and Arrow, Daggers, and his Swords.

    Painting || Having an ornate infatuation with natural things, Peter expresses his creative attributes through brush and canvas.

    Telling Riddles || Probably one of Peter's favorite past times. He usually speaks in riddles whenever he plays around with someone.

    Study || Peter enjoys emerging himself in books and record. He reads every book available to him from fables to history, and has a particular interest in herbology and human superstition.

    Outstanding Agility & Flexibility - Peter is blessed with remarkable agility and flexibility, probably from countless fights. He is able to jump from great heights, and slip through tight spaces.

    Animal-like Speed & Stealth - Peter Pan has animal-like speed and stealth. Quick and light on his feet at the same time, he is able to effortlessly catch up with someone on the one(even without flying), without even breaking a sweat. Many would compare him to a deer or bird.

    Enhanced Senses - Peter's senses are enhanced to a whole another level. Allowing him to hear, see, taste, smell, and feel far better than any other person could.

Power Abilities
    Shadow Manipulation
    ✔ Weapon Creation || By using the shadows of other objects or people, Peter is able to create various weapons for his disposal. He can cause them to take form and hold a solid shape, while still presenting their beautiful black coloring. This power comes in handy, but it does has its limits. Peter can only take the shadow of someone or something he can touch, so if you are out of reach your shadow is useless to him.
    ✔ Teleportation || Either using his own shadow or others he is able to teleport from one place to another by "walking" through shadows. No matter how far the destination is or how short, as long as he has a shadow close by him he can go anywhere.
    ✔ Wings || Peter uses his shadow manipulation ability to create a pair of pitch black colored wings on his back. It has been noted that his wings are extremely durable, being able to shield\lift falling boulders or sharp glass shards.They are unbelievably fast to the point it is on rival with his teleportation abilities. Also his wings are unexpectedly light, as once a person touched them and noticed that they held no weight to them and were as light as a feather.

    ✔ Cloaking || By using his telepathy powers he is able to cloak his presence from someones senses, by taping into their minds and causing them to pay no attention to him. He can do this with other places, things, and people too. But since it takes up to much energy he rarely uses this ability unless absolutely necessary.
    ✔ Mind Talking || Peter is able to talk to others through his mind.
    ✔ Mental Projection || This ability allows Peter to reply his memories as if they were real. It is kind of like illusions, but the difference is that the vision one is seeing is a true event and you are unable to interfere with the course of the memory. He can project his memory in a small area or a large area.

    Energy Manipulation
    ✔ Energy Draining || Peter can drain a person's or animal's energy causing them to become extremely sluggish and soon to weak to even stay awake, usually falling asleep if power is used enough. He must have some kind of contact with the user.
    ✔ Energy Transferal || If desired Peter can transfer his own energy into another person, causing them to heal or gain strength. There has only been one time Peter has ever had to use this ability.
    ✔ Energy Increase || It is close to Energy Transferal, but instead of giving, he is increasing a person's energy level. This to requires touch, and has only been used once.

    Elemental Manipulation
    ✔ Water Manipulation || Peter is able to control water, but to do this he must be surrounded by it, and the control can only last for a period of time.
    ✔ Earth Manipulation || Peter is able to control sand, stone, rock, lava, dirt, glass, metal, and other minerals.
    ✔ Air Manipulation || Peter can control the wind, though this ability is more difficult than the other three; also more energy consuming so he tends not to use it very often.
    ✔ Fire Manipulation || He is able to manipulate and shape fire.

    Self explanatory


I come to witness the night; without being called. I am a sailor's guide and a poet's tears. I am lost to sight each day; without the hand of a thief.



    Smiling || This is both a conscious and unconscious habit as Peter has done this so many times it has become natural. Rather his smile is genuine or fake it doesn't matter he will always smile at others. People usually get annoyed and irritated because he is always smiling. There has only been four people in his life that have seen him without a smile.

    Teasing || Peter has a bad habit of teasing others, which he finds enjoyable. Once he finds that you are embarrassed about something or if he sees you blushing he will take that little thing and escalate it. It has gotten to the point that he sometimes teases others without realizing.

    Staring || Peter has a bad habit of staring off into space when others speak to him. He doesn't do this on purpose nor does he mean to be rude, but his mind is still clouded with thoughts, he can't concentrate to well.

    Music || Anything instrumental or vocal. Whenever he has the time, he will sing or play an instrument.
    Animals/Nature || They are pure, free, and wild. The aren't tainted by humans, or the people of Neverland. They are truly beautiful.
    Books/Reading || Peter spends most of his time reading.
    Sweets || They help him concentrate on important conversations.
    Rain || So clean and crisp. It makes the air fresh, and washes away the impurities of the day.
    His Crew || His family. The people he loves more than anything...well...if he could love.

    Pirates || Their isn't much to say. He doesn't believe he is better than him, but he still feels nothing but hate towards them.
    His Past || This is a sore subject, which he wishes to escape.
    Himself || He believes he is the worst person to have ever lived. The reason behind this is unknown.

    Being Unpredictable || This is his greatest strength, as he is the best at it. This comes second nature to Peter, to the point he is able to just flash a smile and people will get annoyed at him. No one knows what he is thinking, even when he tries to explain.

    Power Control || He may not have the best control over his emotions, but when it comes to his powers he is well trained.

    Mental & Physical Strength || Once again this has become second nature to Peter, as he uses these skills before anything else.

    His Emotions || So Peter isn't the most controlled person ever. He has a temper just like everyone else and tends to put his emotions before his thoughts during certain situations.
    Too Secretive || This is what causes people to think he is a liar. He keeps to many secrets, and tells little to no truths at all. Unless it is said in a riddle.
    Air-Head || eHe tends to have his head in the clouds, not being able to concentrate at times.


I cannot be seen but only heard, and will not speak until spoken to.

Stubborn | Secretive | Complex | Charismatic

Peter is the type who tends to stay out of people's way, forming quasi-friendships, but nothing more significant. He exhibits down-to-earth principles which endears him to those around him. In that regard, he is amicable and easily befriend others although, for him it is nothing too deep or too profound. He also portrays himself as a kind, generous, and very polite young man with a tendency to be very self-sacrificing, often willing to let his body and emotions take devastating blows for the sake of others which irate his friends to no end. There is also his unassuming and borderline naive traits. Over time, his personality has seen a shift; several times, his "dark side", frequently shocking and scaring those around him. Others view this as his true self. However for him, this is just another extension of his psyche which he uses to cope up in given conditions. He has no reason to hide it. Just so appears, it is not needed most of the times. This is one of the bases why he is said to be quite a complex person despite how he is first perceived to be. He has also begun using less polite speech in this persona.

As he is distant and seen reliable, Peter above all is independent and straightforward. He is not easily swayed by the charms of others, enjoys peace and doesn't mind working a lot. Adding to that, he is a suave and composed man of grace which grants him a mysterious and refined sense of beauty to anyone that would meet him. This makes him a very charismatic person in which people tend to gather around him. He is also a calm individual especially in strenuous situations and reserved when personal matters would come to light as he respects privacy. Being a dutiful person and innately good-natured, he ensures that he never breaks the rules and dislikes any actions that can be considered selfish. Not willing to disclose himself to others easily, it is because despite him appearing to be open and approachable. Little is truly known about him even with those who are said to be close to him. He rarely talks about himself and is very secretive with his intentions.

Despite his rather easy-going and care-free appearance, he is actually very stubborn. The latter part is proven when asked of his opinion or holding on to a certain principle. Strong-willed, he carries herself with an aura of pride and strength which is respected. He also laughs a lot and is kind to everyone and the same goes even against people who are his enemies, though he will take action against them. At the same time, he remains positive in situations others deem hopeless. He cheers up others when they're down, and sees the bright side of things. Yet even if he tends to appear happy and cheerful, he is actually hiding the fact that he is doubtful and also scared. Inclining, he keeps everything within him than to share his personal problems to others. This could be either his unwillingness to bother people with his troubles or he does not trust anyone with it.

Still, it is clearly stated at one point, his strength exists for the sake of the people around him. Pride, dignity, and such do not matter to him when it comes to his important things. He is willing to give everything away if it would mean the happiness to that person. He will gladly put his life on the line in order to protect things he had deemed important with his own two hands. At one point, he had stated that he would soil his hands in blood if needed to do so. However, this is quite contradicting as he also is the type to hold on to something even if he has to crush it or to destroy that object or person completely just to be his. He will have no hesitations in doing terrifying and heinous deeds to cater this obsession. It is why he describes himself often to be someone filled with contradictions and a person who is always in-between. Although, he knows very well that at some point he would need to chose one side in the end.


I can't be seen, can't be felt, can't be heard. I lies behind the stars and beneath the hills. I end lives and kill laughter.


This engulfing thing is strange indeed. The greater it grows, the less you see.

So begins...

Peter Pan's Story


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#, as written by Ever


Kensington, London. A quaint little district nestled in the western fragment of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, it’s notorious for being the best shopping alley across the expanse of England. With it’s plethora of boutiques, bakeries, antiques and entertainments, it isn’t a wonder why civilians of all social spheres flock to the cobblestone walks, each length teamed with artfully crafted oaks. Though, despite the boulevard providing endless thrills for this eclectic medley, only a select few have the first rate heaven of residing within the Victorian flats looming in the backdrop...even a smaller percent of that elite class being a full fledged family. And yet, this is precisely where our story takes wing.

As twilight descends on the abandoned focal square, the winds holding an iced spite from the North, it is here that the true face of Kensington springs to life. Those aforementioned high class patrons are bustling about in their homes, each one ruffled with anticipation for whichever soiree is being fabricated that night… however, one family in particular is scampering about a tad bit more than it’s neighbours. The Kingsley household, with it’s 5 members, call home to the second largest suite within this sectioned off heaven; Number 14 on Bloomsbury Avenue...and, while impressive, it has a pricetag to match it’s prestige. However, with a highly regarded lawyer and socialite, the father and mother respectively, money has never been an issue for this purebred name. Though, if one was judging their class by the standards of their children, one would have to scoff at the notion of them even glancing at Bloomsbury. Even now, as Mr. & Mrs. Kingsley are preparing for an evening laced with champagne, dancing and laughter, the rambunctious attitude has yet to cease. While the mother hounds the two youngest, the Prince and Princess of the family, to quell their racing argument, the father has busied himself with doling out strict instructions to the eldest, the tertiary guardian of Apartment #14… yet, the head’s parting words will soon be all for naught. Unbeknownst to Mr. and Mrs. Kingsley, their beloved children are being carefully watched by a figure that has only existed within the sister’s goodnight stories; Peter Pan.


Meanwhile, upon the Mainland, the typical summer climate has been chilled to wintry blanket, white snow encasing the earth and ice protecting the sea. Sensing it’s nonofficial king’s absence, the magic within this otherworldly realm has receded from its inhabitant’s everyday lives, most now struggling to carry out even the most undemanding actions (such as flying or changing forms). Though that isn’t the most pressing concern at the moment.. no no, it’s far from that. The ship of the infamous pirate captain, James Hook, has been spotted not too far off the coast line, currently held in place by the frozen water’s greedy embrace. However, it’s only natural that they would attempt to make a movement to seize the Mainland at this point..what better time to do such then when the all powerful Pan is away?

Thankfully, the King, like always, is two steps ahead from the pirates; before leaving to retrieve the Heirs, the Lost Children were given explicit instructions. While under the Second-in-Command’s constructed administration, this group of orphans are to stalk and track the movement of the crew, attempting their best to keep the scoundrels off the land...and, if need be, fight tooth and nail to protect the beaches. However, the pirates have a similar interest regarding the Lost Children; capture and interrogate them to reveal Pan’s whereabouts, his plans. After all, with luck, maybe the King has disappeared for good?


As the Lost Children and Pirates begin to generate foul play with one another, the tribes have begun to do the same. Tensions are starting to arise between the three races, the lack of their Heirs sprinkling even more stress unto their councils more so than before. In fact, accusations are now being casually dispensed, each clan eager to pin the blame on another...some even targeting their King, Peter Pan, for his neglect to provide protection.


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The day had been a long grueling one indeed, as his parents had sent orders across the whole family household, ordering left and right for clothes to be washed immediately, jewelry to be brought to the main suite room, and fresh bouquets to be bought to the Queen of the Kingsley house. His mother had a keen eye on everything that happened- it was not surprising that the children and the servants all called Mrs. Kingsley “Her Royal Highness”. It was of utmost importance that the Queen presented herself and her husband in the best of lights possible, lacing flowers into her hair and making sure that he was dressed in nothing but the finest of silk. Their shoes were made by the best shoemaker to be found across the whole world, and their fur-lined coats were made of wolves fur as imported from Canada. This opulence did not escape the boundaries of the Kingsley children, though. Out of all the royal families, it was obvious that the three children were the most pampered, even compared to the royal family that now resided in Birmingham Palace. Though, however, the distribution amongst the three children did vary. For Eloise, the Kingsley’s bought dresses, skirts, books on womanly etiquette and beautiful embroidery tools in an attempt to calm the boyish young girl down. Rather improbable. Joshua had thought, chuckling lightly, when the embroidery case had been found broken and alone in a solitary corner of the large mansion.

For Callum, the Kingsley parents bathed with presents and candy, bestowing whatever the boy asked for. When Joshua was younger, he did envy his younger brother- but Joshua grew up and in turn also started to pamper his brother, handing him whatever of interest passed through his hands. Never was Callum’s needs passed by without an answer, and the Kingsley’s placed a large emphasis on the young boy’s happiness. It was a ominous thing indeed within the Kingsley household if Callum’s laughter was not heard throughout the hallways along with the following shouts and pealing laughter of Eloise’s beautiful voice. The two were, what Joshua believed, the young little cherubs of the Kingsley family- happy and free, not burdened by the potential future of the Kingsley family that controlled many facets of life and business in England and to the New World and Asia, controlling the lives and incomes of many a family throughout the different continents. They were free of the burden that Mr. Kingsley had placed on Joshua the moment he had been born, wailing in pain as cold air bathed over him and his mother’s voice had determinedly named him ‘Joshua Vernon Kingsley’.

As such, Joshua received near nothing of ‘fun-value’, or so most would say. He barely received any candies; rather, he received large novels and books on foreign lands and barbarians, and then later on economics and politics. He never was handed over personal servants; rather, Joshua personally selected his own house-tutors, learning the many languages of the world and the interesting, separate customs that each country had developed over the past few years. When Callum and Eloise had been easing through their English and French classes, Joshua was already fluent in Mandarin, English, French, the Germanic languages, Latin, Russian, Hebrew, Spanish, and most importantly, Italian. But the two younger siblings had definitely rubbed off on Joshua; he had been right beside his mother on both occasions as the Kingsley family had welcomed their two new young additions- and right then, Joshua knew that it was his life mission to protect the two from any harm. I am the oldest! He had said to his father once, when the head of the Kingsley family had asked if Joshua felt stressed by his future expectations. His father had only laughed, stating that Her Highness had given birth to a Guardian Angel more so than a future successful entrepreneur.

And so life continued within the Kingsley family household, each person settling comfortably- or not so much- into their respective placements of complacency or fierce competition; and this night was no less different from before.

Time: Present Day, 21:00 p.m.
Location: No.14, Bloomsbury Avenue

Joshua stood beside a row of maids each holding an opened box. Within each, upon expensive red satin cushions lay ties of many different colors, each obviously made from extremely expensive fabric from all corners of the world. “Joshua, your mother and I will be back at midnight,” Mr. Kingsley said as he allowed two butlers to fix on his pants and make sure that his dress shirt was impeccable and perfect. “I expect Callum and Princess off in bed before 10 o’clock, understand?” Joshua nodded, though he had already heard these orders many times before already. “Jessica will help you with those two, as always. Tell them to not stress her out too much- she is already 80-years-old.” The eldest Kingsley member turned and checked his suited attire in an elaborated rimmed mirror. “Good. I will call for you two later, Smithson, Lynchester.” Mr. Kingsley tugged at his suit once, firmly, before turning around and walking towards a maid that stood on Joshua’s other side, not with the women with the necktie choices. She held out a pair of white gloves almost reverently as the Master of the household slowly placed one on after the other, his face stern. “For you, I expect lights out at midnight, no tomfoolery-,” His father took his cane that another servant held out for him, “-from you, especially. You know your mother and I hold high expectations for you, son.”

Mr. Kingsley patted him on the back and then motioned for Joshua to follow him. The two walked in silence until they reached the grand entrances of the mansion, all the maids and butlers of the Kingsley family already lined up in two rows, their heads bowed. Callum and Eloise were beside their mother as Mr. Kingsley and Joshua walked up to them. “We will be on our way, then. Be a good girl, Princess, and you, too, Callum.” Mr. Kingsley placed light kisses on their foreheads. Mrs. Kingsley laughed and did the same as well, placing neat, little pecks on the three children’s’ foreheads. “Be good.” She said, her eyes lingering especially on Eloise before she meticulously placed her hand on her husband’s arm and without another word, the two whisked off. “Have a nice time, mother, father.” Joshua called back to their receding figures, as a resounding “Have a nice time, master and mistress.” boomed throughout the halls of the Kingsley mansion.

Finally, the large doors closed behind the Kingsley parents and the maids, servants and butlers started to disperse to finish up their last jobs of the day. Joshua turned towards his two younger siblings, a small smile on his face. “Well, since we have our time to ourselves…what do you two want to do now?” He asked, preparing himself for whatever antic his younger siblings were going to throw at his face. The halls of no.14, Bloomsbury Avenue was now within the jurisdiction of the two younger Kingsley children- but obviously, there were ears and eyes that kept them in check. What Joshua would never guess was that there was another separate pair, hovering in the air, waiting for the most opportune moment to strike at the stained calmness that constantly permeated throughout the Kingsley mansion.


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"Damn it!" Said the captain of all pirates, James Hook. He kicked furiously at the ice encasing his ship and twitched with annoyance. Snow, winter, cold; they were things that most pirates found devastating, ugly, and disgusting. Hook displayed the most negative emotions when he felt even the softest blow of a chilling wind, "Why'd if have to snow all of a sudden? It's in the middle of summer!" He grumbled and began to climb back onto deck after nearly slipping clumsily on the ice. He cursed to himself as he regained the correct footing back on deck and straightened his coat before lounging back on the rail.

Hook always enjoyed summer. Summer. Summer was heat, cicadas, long days and short nights. Or in other words; Long days to cruise the ocean and feel the cool breeze with his crew while he spent the rest of his time on land, fooling with women and drinking his troubles away. What troubles, you may ask? That would be Peter Pan.

Hook cringed at the thought of his name.

Pan, the very man that Hook was after because of his cruel meaning for removing one of Hook's arm. But he has both arms, you may say. No, he doesn't. It may be an illusion, it may be a trick, it may be some kind of magic of his, he won't tell. But the fact is, Hook lost one of his arms, and he wanted his revenge. It was always on his mind and he wanted it badly. He'd sacrifice his own life to get Pan's and would even go as far as sacrificing his crew-

Wait... Would he really?

Hook looked at his crew; Soleil, Scout, Roan, and Lucifer. They were a small bunch, but then again, they were all he needed, and after abandoning, or rather, being killed out of the Lost Children from a long while ago, they were his next and new family. Would he risk them, too, to get at Pan?

Hook sighed and let his head hang. He was far beyond frustration, "I need a cigarette..." He muttered tiredly and then called a little louder, hoping, childishly, that someone on the deck would hear him and bring his needs. He coughed for attention, "I think it'd be really nice if I could have a cigarette at the moment." He said a little louder.

A snowflake landed on his nose and he sneezed, then grumbled, 'Damn its cold...' He thought and looked up at the grey sky that produced the very thing that he so much hated. He went back into his deep thought, one that made him wear an emotionless face that was unreadable, even by his crew, who knew him so well. Whenever Hook went into that phase, no one could tell what he was planning or thinking. That was the way it worked and always was. Then, he thought, 'Right... Pan wants them, the heirs. Maybe... Maybe I'll find them before him and blackmail? That sounds nice, although there's a lot of risk in that too... And it'll be trouble trying to find them... Mmm...'

Even outside his thinking, the side that everyone else saw, Hook was making odd faces as he thought. He might have always been seen as the villain, but he, too, used to be something called human.


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Ram paused in her footsteps for a moment. She ran her fingers gently along the line of tracks belonging to a man, 'Large, heavy, slow, headed towards the shore...' She looked up to where the obscured footsteps sunk into the piling snow that lead straight ahead. A normal person's eye sight wouldn't see as well as hers. Perhaps her name should have been Eagle, because she could track and hunt anything if needed. Ram's bow began to fall off her shoulder and she readjusted it while she stood up tall and then rubbed the back of her neck, puffing out a cloud of frustration into the frozen air, "Hook... He wouldn't be alone. This would be someone belonging to his crew, probably. But it's a man's foot prints. Or perhaps its a drunken man's? Its headed towards the shore though, that could lead to something..." She murmured to herself out loud and began to follow the footsteps, only hoping that her little brother was following behind her.

That's who they were tracking, wasn't it? Hook. The name made Ram grimace with disgust. They knew him. They actually knew that monster, and were attached to him in such a friendly family way that it was only until he betrayed them that they realized what a mistake they made by putting their trust in that man. Ram frowned, recalling those beautiful memories that now faded to horrifying nightmares of the past.

But while she thought about these things, she realized that the expression she was making was not one she'd want others to see, so she wiped it clear off her face and huffed out another cloud and continued walking, now smiling while she saw the little specks of white fall from the sky, "Isn't it summer? Wasn't it summer? Since when did the seasons pass so soon?" She asked herself and holding her palm out as a light flake fell onto it, then melted slowly into a small drop of water.

Ram loved winter. She loved the snow. It was her favorite season of all, and the coldness embraced her more like a blanket than a chilling sense. It was wonderful, and she loved it.

But she had to focus.

Pan wasn't with them; the only leader that Ram actually looked to. Flint was second in command, however, she could never see him the same position as she would with Pan. To her, Flint was just another one of the Lost Children, but not someone with command in power. Although, she did somewhat see him as an elder. Maybe that was why she was going on the mission that he tasked her and the others to do. Or maybe it was because she just wanted to find the man who betrayed them all.

She didn't quite know, and right now, she didn't have time to think about what she knew and didn't, so she focused her eyes back onto the trail. There was a quick sound of blowing wind past her ear and she immediately grabbed an arrow, putting it between her fingers and laying into the bow's placement and shot it without hesitation to where this noise was coming from.

A bush wavered at the hit of her arrow and a crow flew out into the open sky within a blink of an eye. Ram sighed and brought her hand to her forehead, stressed, and muttered, "Why is it that I always tend to shoot any noise in such an empty area..." She called to her brother, Trees, for him to follow her as she continued to follow the tracks.


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#, as written by Quelle

There's one little individual among all the hectic around the 'queen' of Kingsley's manor who is different than the others, doesn't seem to share their stress but instead, thoroughly enjoyed all the hurry with a radiant delight. The fourteen years old boy had his eyes on one certain box, wherein a certain cloth dwells he desired for long. Batik, a traditional fabric from Indonesia, he even heard all were hand-made. He researched and found several of motives, all of them he really liked. How can he resist to that temptation? Right answer: He can't. He refused to resist. In fact, five minutes from now, it'll belong him and him only, he was sure of it. And once he was determinate doing something, he would never give up until he reached the goal.

It seemed that he was lucky. Even without doing anything, the fabric was rejected by the queen, knowing well that it wouldn't be appropriate wear apropos the party which she'd be coming to. Therefore it wandered, from hand to hand, from maid to maid through the big and beautiful halls without any pause. Callum merely followed, pretending he was strolling around (a very lousy attempt to pretend because he was too excited, but not like anyone notice anyway) until eventually the fabric made its stop at the storage among all the other clothes. For Callum: This was obviously heaven.

He then went inside, tiptoed and reached for the treasure with his both hands... and there it was. A brown background with several of repeating motives placed on it, flowers, feathers, whatsoever for Callum's heart content. A beautiful cloth he soon secretly put inside his pockets, which were suspiciously stuffed...

It did not take long until he received the presents. Of course, he was happy. He thanked both of his parents in an appropriate manner, but that seemed to be it. No one would've suspected him to be ungrateful; his act full of glee and happiness was too deceiving to be untrue. However, sadly, that was the case. No, it was not because he wanted more. Callum was not greedy in such things. Rather, it disappointed him that they didn't know what he really desired. True, he could just tell them what he wished for, that wasn't a problem at all. But what were they for parents who didn't even know what their children desired? Even the maids know better! Callum quietly sighed. Perhaps in that aspect, he could count as a tad bit greedy and selfish.

"Don't eat everything at once!" Was the advice they gave him, and he just grinned. Knowing well one individual who wouldn't be saving if it's about sweets... He took several (okay, the most) boxes full of candies and put it on his sister's bed. No, heck, not due to kindness! On the contrary! He wanted to enjoy her little outburst; or with other words, he wanted to pick on her two years older sister for his own pleasure. Nothing weird to do, agreed? And Callum suspected she needed that little "entertainment", because again, her presents were all things she disliked. Clothes, she disliked. You can bet that Callum made a fun out of it, to tease her about that. "Well well now, you must agree that my clothes are way better right, my Barbie doll?" He said then while he laughed and ran away from her, as always, until the queen came to lecture them on their childish and inappropriate behaviour.

“We will be on our way, then. Be a good girl, Princess, and you, too, Callum.”

"I'll be a good boy, of course, have I ever disappointed you, ma, pa?" It was a rhetorical question, wasn't to be answered. "And I will watch over my dear sister to do the same, so do not worry!" He smiled to reassure, but failed miserably through how naughty it looked like. Callum enjoyed their touch, winked and went back inside. “Well, since we have our time to ourselves…what do you two want to do now?” Callum stared up to his brother (one can feel the evident difference of height) and laughed. "Brother, was that question directed to me?" There was a hint of a naughty hidden agenda swinging within his voice. "Let's party in our chambers 'til midnight!" He said with a smirk and soon dragged both of his older siblings upstairs.