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"Don't call me a sheep, understand?"

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a character in “Neverland's Fall”, as played by Sorararun




⌈Wonder what happens when you jump 30 feet off a hill into an ocean? I'd certainly like to. Maybe I'll try that tomorrow.βŒ‹


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⌈Might as well treasure the things you have now because nothing lasts forever.βŒ‹

Some call her Sheep for a certain reason, and to annoy her

Appears to be 16


Unknown, presumably human

Third Member of the Lost Children

⌈Face ClaimβŒ‹
Belgium | Hetalia (First picture is unknown)


⌈Mm... never really thought of the future. Its not a bad thing, but I believe there is no such thing as a future here.βŒ‹

⌈Hair ColorβŒ‹
Brown | Blonde

⌈Eye ColorβŒ‹

⌈Skin ToneβŒ‹


100 lbs

⌈Physical DescriptionβŒ‹
Ram's body is actually more mature than one belonging to a regular 16 year old. Although, she isn't really 16, her body and mind are still that of one's. Well, actually, her body is more matured than a normal teen. She, between her and her brother, was the one to grow faster, thus growing to be 5'5, and having slightly more curves than any other teen. However, since she technically doesn't grow in Neverland, her build and body doesn't change in the slightest way. Because she's a girl, she always considered weak when, in some cases, she can be pretty strong. Luckily for her, that doesn't show too obviously on her arms.

Ram has short brownish blonde hair that is just above her shoulders and sometimes curls slightly on its own. To go with that, her eyes are a bright and radiant green, just like her brother's, which go nicely with her fair colored skin. She often wears a tight brown shirt with pants, shorts, or overalls with a pair of boots. While she sometimes may add in a ribbon or tie here and there, she absolutely refused to wear anything feminine.


⌈Our world used to be a world of blacks and whites, ups and downs, goods and bads, but everything here just seems to different. Hmm? Is that a bad thing? I'm not really sure myself, actually.βŒ‹

⌈Potential InterestβŒ‹
None, while she doesn't say it, Ram thinks that her Brother will come over all else, including a romantic relationship with someone else. Before forgetting about everything upon coming to Neverland, its thought that she used to have slight feelings for Fang.

    ✦ Tracking || This goes for any type of creature or person. She's usually better with tracking on land than on water though.
    ✦ Hunting || Its a sport she does, and she's good at it.
    ✦ Running || Running, sprinting, any quick moving activity is one that Ram is good at. I mean, if someone ran around 24/7, wouldn't they be good at it too?

⌈Power AbilitiesβŒ‹
    βœ” Sight || Ram's eyesight is incredible, explaining why she can shoot a deer from so far away.
    βœ” Accuracy || She can miss sometimes, but most of those attempts to hit something with her bow and arrow as usually right on target.
    βœ” Sensing Lying || Some people say Ram's physic, although she isn't, because she is very good at telling when someone is lying or telling the truth.


⌈Wow. I just realized; if we all returned to our world, wouldn't we be really old? Like grandmas and grandpas? Or... er... would we be dead? H-Ha... J-Just kidding...βŒ‹

-Before Neverland, Ram's real name was Allison Yenra, and as often called Al. Now days though, she doesn't remember her real name at all and only goes by Ram.

    ❖ Sleeping in the Trees || Ram often likes to climb high trees where she can't be disturbed and just sit there until she eventually falls asleep.
    ❖ Spacing Out During Conversations || Ram is always doing something, so she doesn't get much sleep. When people talk to her, she'll sometimes doze off.
    ❖ Not Listening || Adding onto what was said before, Ram isn't very good at listening, usually running off and doing her own thing.
    ❖ Teasing Others || Usually being her brother or the Lost Children, Ram enjoys teasing people here and there as she sometimes finds it fun to be somewhat mischievous.

    β™₯ Her Brother || She's known him for too long to not love him which explains her protective nature over him.
    β™₯ Pan || He's the person who took her and her brother in. What more would need to be said?
    β™₯ Lost Children || They're practically her family now, besides her brother.
    β™₯ New Things || If its new, it interesting. If its interesting, Ram's right on top of it. If its dangerous, that just makes things all the better for her.
    β™₯ Rain/Storms || Ram likes rain because of the noises it makes when it hits the ground, and thunder excited her, unlike some who fear it.

    ✘ Heat || Summer, the sun, heat... Ram doesn't cope well with it.
    ✘ Hook || If Pan's against him, so if she.
    ✘ Boring People || Ram doesn't like people who can't take a joke or understand sarcasm since that's basically who she is.
    ✘ Being Useless/Defenseless || The thought of being helpless and useless make Ram feel humiliated and like a burden, a feeling she hates.

    βœͺ Running || Ram is extremely good at running, building up the skill since she runs everyday.
    βœͺ Tracking || Animal tracks, human tracks, you name it. Ram is amazing at finding the source, if they were running, and where they came from or where going to.
    βœͺ Using a Bow and Arrow || Ram uses a knife too, but for back up purposes. She can shoot a deer down from over 50 feet away with her good sight and steady hand.

    ⌘ Her Loved Ones || Pan, the Lost Children, her brother; if they were taken from her she wouldn't know what to do.
    ⌘ Dare-Devil Personality || Ram has a knack for getting into dangerous situations because of her daredevil personality, although she usually manages to get out fine.
    ⌘ Fear || Ram, in dangerous situations, will push her fear aside so she doesn't have to worry about so many things at once in a fight, but once it comes back to her, she becomes flimsy, weak, and suddenly scared, thus giving her the annoying nickname 'Sheep.'


⌈Can't you take a joke? I'm certain you can, can't you? If not, we're going to have trouble spots in getting along...βŒ‹

Teasing | Daredevil | Playful | Maternal

Ram, still having her 16-year-old mind and body, is quite teasing and playful as she used to be in her own world outside of Neverland. She likes to make fun of people from time to time, especially those of the Lost Children, but everyone knows its only meant as a joke, though some may not take it as lightly as they should. Ram's always someone up for fun and enjoyment, always wanting to be doing something to keep her from boredom. Because of this, Ram is also portrayed as a daredevil. If its dangerous and looks interesting, Ram's up for it. She loves being held on the very edge of danger and loves the feeling of adrenaline rush. Its what keeps her on her feet and pumped with energy all day long and every day. Being immortal has its downs and ups, and one of its downs is that she can never die from old age. She never grows physically (or mentally, for that matter), so she has to find new things to do every day in the mean time.

All in all though, despite her silliness and immaturity, Ram is very much like a mother and carries hundreds of maternal traits. She's overly protective of all the Lost Children plus Pan, and always watches out for them like the mother they all haven't seen in years. She makes sure they don't get in trouble by doing anything stupid, even though she contradicts herself as she always does stupid things, and takes care of them all as the only female in that group. She believes it to be her responsibility, no matter what happens, to watch over every single one of them.


⌈You can't really expect much from the world, so I always keep my expectations low, that way when something average happens, even I can be excited and happy.βŒ‹

Ram was born in the Green household with her brother, Trees. Ram, however, before coming to Neverland, had an original name being Allison, most who called her Al for short. She and her brother were born as twins, and Al was born just after him, being the younger half. The two got along well, as children, of course, but upon growing up, they faced those normal brother-sister difficulties while living underneath the same roof and sharing bathrooms and going to the same school, breathing the same air- normal sibling matters of that sort.

Ram was a big trouble maker back then, from when she was born until she was at least 13 years of age. She constantly wanted to have fun, and acted like a spoiled child, even though she wasn't. She wanted to do many things that their family couldn't' afford or give to her, like taking art classes or trying to learn a foreign language and travel. She was definitely incredibly ambitious for a child at her age to the point where it became crazy. Her parents began to hear things along the lines of 'I want to be a lawyer when I get older!' She'd always go around stating what she wanted to do in the future, both at school and at home, and it was practically everything. Every day she came up with something else she wanted to do and be, but that was never possible. It was the same routine with her everyday; sleep, eat, go to school, more ambition, more ambition, homework, eat, then sleep. Nothing really changed, and life was quite boring to her. There was nothing fun, no one interesting, and nothing to do. She realized this when she turned 14, and gave up on being ambitious and sort of went into a state of silence upon her realization of this.

However, that changed when she turned 15 with her brother. There were two transfer students who came to her school. The two were very close, and were indeed, very interesting. Just what Al had been searching for ever since her year of pure boredom. With this, she began to drag her brother along with her as the two would follow these two transfer students around. Mysterious? Is that the right word? Perhaps, since those two didn't show up for school often, which easily caught Ram's interest in them. One day while walking back home, she passed one of them on that day, the one who went by the name of Eliot Vegas. As usual, she was going to start following him until she saw an injury. That's when she discovered that this person wasn't a normal human. The wound closed nearly instantly just as she had turned to look, and, of course, a pause of awkwardness hung. However, Al didn't scream, or cower, or run. In fact, she was intrigued by this, incredibly intrigued. Who could have such an abnormal ability? Was that even possible? Well, apparently, from that point on, Al definitely wouldn't leave him alone. Somehow, from that, a friendship developed, not only between those two, but between all four of them; Al, Eliot, Trees, and Soleil.

Too bad most of those memories were forgotten when Al wandered into Neverland by the hand of Peter Pan and was renamed as Ram; another title for Aries- independent, generous, optimistic, enthusiastic, courageous.

Still, there are things missing, and while Ram may not be able to remember them now, all the memories may one day flood back to her.

⌈History can be pretty hard on us. It's taken its tole on me too, and I can no longer remember what used to be.βŒ‹

So begins...

Ram's Story


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#, as written by Ever


Kensington, London. A quaint little district nestled in the western fragment of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, it’s notorious for being the best shopping alley across the expanse of England. With it’s plethora of boutiques, bakeries, antiques and entertainments, it isn’t a wonder why civilians of all social spheres flock to the cobblestone walks, each length teamed with artfully crafted oaks. Though, despite the boulevard providing endless thrills for this eclectic medley, only a select few have the first rate heaven of residing within the Victorian flats looming in the backdrop...even a smaller percent of that elite class being a full fledged family. And yet, this is precisely where our story takes wing.

As twilight descends on the abandoned focal square, the winds holding an iced spite from the North, it is here that the true face of Kensington springs to life. Those aforementioned high class patrons are bustling about in their homes, each one ruffled with anticipation for whichever soiree is being fabricated that night… however, one family in particular is scampering about a tad bit more than it’s neighbours. The Kingsley household, with it’s 5 members, call home to the second largest suite within this sectioned off heaven; Number 14 on Bloomsbury Avenue...and, while impressive, it has a pricetag to match it’s prestige. However, with a highly regarded lawyer and socialite, the father and mother respectively, money has never been an issue for this purebred name. Though, if one was judging their class by the standards of their children, one would have to scoff at the notion of them even glancing at Bloomsbury. Even now, as Mr. & Mrs. Kingsley are preparing for an evening laced with champagne, dancing and laughter, the rambunctious attitude has yet to cease. While the mother hounds the two youngest, the Prince and Princess of the family, to quell their racing argument, the father has busied himself with doling out strict instructions to the eldest, the tertiary guardian of Apartment #14… yet, the head’s parting words will soon be all for naught. Unbeknownst to Mr. and Mrs. Kingsley, their beloved children are being carefully watched by a figure that has only existed within the sister’s goodnight stories; Peter Pan.


Meanwhile, upon the Mainland, the typical summer climate has been chilled to wintry blanket, white snow encasing the earth and ice protecting the sea. Sensing it’s nonofficial king’s absence, the magic within this otherworldly realm has receded from its inhabitant’s everyday lives, most now struggling to carry out even the most undemanding actions (such as flying or changing forms). Though that isn’t the most pressing concern at the moment.. no no, it’s far from that. The ship of the infamous pirate captain, James Hook, has been spotted not too far off the coast line, currently held in place by the frozen water’s greedy embrace. However, it’s only natural that they would attempt to make a movement to seize the Mainland at this point..what better time to do such then when the all powerful Pan is away?

Thankfully, the King, like always, is two steps ahead from the pirates; before leaving to retrieve the Heirs, the Lost Children were given explicit instructions. While under the Second-in-Command’s constructed administration, this group of orphans are to stalk and track the movement of the crew, attempting their best to keep the scoundrels off the land...and, if need be, fight tooth and nail to protect the beaches. However, the pirates have a similar interest regarding the Lost Children; capture and interrogate them to reveal Pan’s whereabouts, his plans. After all, with luck, maybe the King has disappeared for good?


As the Lost Children and Pirates begin to generate foul play with one another, the tribes have begun to do the same. Tensions are starting to arise between the three races, the lack of their Heirs sprinkling even more stress unto their councils more so than before. In fact, accusations are now being casually dispensed, each clan eager to pin the blame on another...some even targeting their King, Peter Pan, for his neglect to provide protection.


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The branches of the trees bow with the heavy load they are carrying, bending towards the floor. If only they could shake themselves like a dog covered in water does; they would be free. Everything glistens, as if a fairy has sprinkled her dust over the entirety of Neverland. Colours are brighter against the pure white blanket that spreads as far as the eye can see. There is a momentary hint of blue sky, and even this bit of light was enough to release a flash of diamonds across the wide landscape, so oddly disfigured by its snowy adventure. The clouds thicken once more and cover the sky, creating a mirror-like white blanket similar to the snow covered ground; the horizons blur together, except for the deep ocean that remains a shimmering grey reflecting the white sky. No matter what time of day it was, the clouds hid the light, preventing definite shadows. Since Pan's absence, the days of sunshine have been rare; when he returned, it would be less than a day for the magic to fuel Neverland once more. Still, the airs smells pure and fresh. Everything seems quieter, almost muffled. There is a sense of serenity in the atmosphere, adding to the eeriness and quietness.

Heavy white boots leave fresh, crisp footprints in the snow, as if he is the only person to have ever been here. Snowflakes fall gently from the sky, but are whipped up by the occasional gust of wind. At a distance behind Flint, the wind gradually covered his tracks with snow, leaving the terrain as smooth as it was before. The icy air whistled around his ears, causing his skin to tingle and sting. Thanfully, his fingers and toes are not numb. He was snug inside his many layers of clothes; his usual outfit was layered over with snow-appropriate gear. Every piece of this winter clothing is white or a light shade of blue, making it easy to blend in with the blizzard. To be honest, he likes this new sort of wintry weather, for it only started to happen when Pan leaves Neverland; it is not because of the snow, but because of the peace the lack of magic brought. Everything here lives and thrives on magic, but he does not. Still, he missed the clear night sky and moonlight that came with it. Yes, he really does want to return to the warm nights under the moon. Hurry up, Pan.

He treks up the steep hill to end up at the top of the bare cliff overshadowing the forest below. It was the prime spot for star gazing, meditation, or to throw oneself to oblivion, but his purpose is to survey the land. He slides his goggles onto his forehead to get a clearer view of the scene. The whistling wind catches his ears and he tugs on the ends of his hat, pulling them closer to his skin. Narrowing his eyes in the chill breeze, Flint focuses and takes in what he sees between the snowy white outs; the forest extends out for another couple kilometers, then shifts into a sandy, now snow-covered, beach and then the ocean stretches out to the blended horizon line. It was a picture he has seen many times over and he knew it all so well. However, the only things that change were those not of nature: ships and small boats that dot the ocean of ice. He glares at the ships he knows to belong to various pirates. In this cold, unforgiving climate, they are bound to try to approach the land some time. How long has it been, Hook? How long has it been since you... What? Left us? No... Abandoned. The memories frustrate and anger him. After all the years of not seeing anything of Hook, Flint is left to brew in his hatred. He brushes aside his emotions and reaches a couple fingers inside his collar; he pulls up a scarf over his face, slides on his goggles again, and turns around to make his way back down the snowy cliff.

Sliding down the snow is the easy part; a slight jump, and he can dig his feet into a pile of snow as it slides an carries him down the hill. Grabbing hold of branches and rocks to guide his way, he makes it back to the bottom in a fraction of the time it took to climb to the top of the cliff. He makes his way into the forest he had just surveyed, heading to the rendezvous location where he would regroup with the Lost Children. Each of them had their assignments from the night before. Target: Western coast. Once I have surveyed the from the cliff, I will be approaching from the East. Fang will be approaching from the North. His skills and reflexes, not to mention his reliability (in his own way), make him the ideal person to be in the forefront of the group. The forest is thinner in his area but this way he can keep a good view of the shoreline and monitor activity close up. Ram will be leading the way from the South, followed by Trees; their objective is to survey within the forest. Ram's tracking and sight makes her the perfect one to be in the forest because, despite the crowded atmosphere, she can see much that others cannot. Trees is to accompany her because he does best traversing a forested area. Hopefully Ram will get him to shut up that loud-mouthed boy when she needs to. Truly, Flint did not want to have to deal with this sort of mission right now, but he, too, had his responsibilities.

Flint finishes his mental checklist and approaches a particularly taller tree. Glancing up, he takes a couple steps back and then sprint up the side of it, gripping onto the lowest branch. He lifts himself up through the tree and climbs to the top, situating himself to a point where he is able to see over the tops of the trees to the ocean. Snow falls from a few branches and covers his mess in the snow. His clothing still allows him to blend in with the whitened canopy of the tree. While he is able to remain concealed, he can see the ground directly below the base of the tree. Now that he is off the cliff, he has a more direct and level view of the ships. He stares, or rather, glares, at the one assumed to belong to Hook and his crew, for they have yet to confront his particular band of pirates. Knowing he would be the first to arrive at this point, Flint waits, perfectly still and silent.


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Ram paused in her footsteps for a moment. She ran her fingers gently along the line of tracks belonging to a man, 'Large, heavy, slow, headed towards the shore...' She looked up to where the obscured footsteps sunk into the piling snow that lead straight ahead. A normal person's eye sight wouldn't see as well as hers. Perhaps her name should have been Eagle, because she could track and hunt anything if needed. Ram's bow began to fall off her shoulder and she readjusted it while she stood up tall and then rubbed the back of her neck, puffing out a cloud of frustration into the frozen air, "Hook... He wouldn't be alone. This would be someone belonging to his crew, probably. But it's a man's foot prints. Or perhaps its a drunken man's? Its headed towards the shore though, that could lead to something..." She murmured to herself out loud and began to follow the footsteps, only hoping that her little brother was following behind her.

That's who they were tracking, wasn't it? Hook. The name made Ram grimace with disgust. They knew him. They actually knew that monster, and were attached to him in such a friendly family way that it was only until he betrayed them that they realized what a mistake they made by putting their trust in that man. Ram frowned, recalling those beautiful memories that now faded to horrifying nightmares of the past.

But while she thought about these things, she realized that the expression she was making was not one she'd want others to see, so she wiped it clear off her face and huffed out another cloud and continued walking, now smiling while she saw the little specks of white fall from the sky, "Isn't it summer? Wasn't it summer? Since when did the seasons pass so soon?" She asked herself and holding her palm out as a light flake fell onto it, then melted slowly into a small drop of water.

Ram loved winter. She loved the snow. It was her favorite season of all, and the coldness embraced her more like a blanket than a chilling sense. It was wonderful, and she loved it.

But she had to focus.

Pan wasn't with them; the only leader that Ram actually looked to. Flint was second in command, however, she could never see him the same position as she would with Pan. To her, Flint was just another one of the Lost Children, but not someone with command in power. Although, she did somewhat see him as an elder. Maybe that was why she was going on the mission that he tasked her and the others to do. Or maybe it was because she just wanted to find the man who betrayed them all.

She didn't quite know, and right now, she didn't have time to think about what she knew and didn't, so she focused her eyes back onto the trail. There was a quick sound of blowing wind past her ear and she immediately grabbed an arrow, putting it between her fingers and laying into the bow's placement and shot it without hesitation to where this noise was coming from.

A bush wavered at the hit of her arrow and a crow flew out into the open sky within a blink of an eye. Ram sighed and brought her hand to her forehead, stressed, and muttered, "Why is it that I always tend to shoot any noise in such an empty area..." She called to her brother, Trees, for him to follow her as she continued to follow the tracks.