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Once a heart breaks it cannot be repaired, but when a limb breaks it can. ((WEEKEND ROLEPLAY)) ((FULL))

642 readers have visited Nevers... since MrAlfredFJones created it.


Once a heart breaks it cannot be repaired, but when a limb breaks it can.

I was once told 'Never Regret, something that once made you smile.'
I live by; 'Someday you'll cry for me, Like i cried for you. Someday you'll miss me, like i missed you. Someday you'll need me, like i needed you. Someday you'll love me, but i wont love you.
This is about 4 girls who all love the same boy, but what are they willing to do for him to just love them because he is probably the coldest human being alive.

This roleplay will only be posted on during Friday, Saturday and early Sunday ((Because of my living status))

Characters needed

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[b]Personality[/b]5-6 sentence
[b]Why?[/b] why do they like my character ((the guy))
[b]Brief History[/b] 5-6 sentence
[b]Quote[/b] a inspiring quote they like.
[b]Appearance[/b] [img]An image should go here[/img]
[b]Other[/b] anything else.

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Kazuhiko pulled his headphones over his ears in an attempt to ignore the two teachers chasing him back to class. Being a 19 year old in High school was suckish, mostly for him. He'd been held back last year for stupidly pissing the principle off, the principle said that no matter his attendance and grades she was still holding him back.

He listened to loud Japanese Rock music, even though he didn't understand it he knew it was meaningful.

Chiisana tsubasa wo
Hirogete miageru
Kono sora wa kakasu kiru kedo
Tobanai iiwake wo
Harabete itsu muite
Amuku nante
Bokura ni wa iya wa nai

Since listening to it so much, and knowing the English translation, he hard this instead;

Spreading our tiny wings,
we look up at this sky
that’s way too high
But we’ll never walk
with our heads down
or make excuses for not flying

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Kaori woke to find a new message waiting on her phone. Maybe it was him. She smiled, rubbing her eyes so she could read it.

No such luck, it was her network offering her something she didn't even want for more money than she wanted to spend on a phone she hardly ever used. How was it they managed to trick you into that year after year?! She threw her phone back down on the bed and rolled over for another 5 minutes of warmth and relaxation before her day had to start.

Today, Kaori would do the same as most days. Plan to do lots and end up doing nothing but texting Kazuhiko, her boyfriend. Lucky for him, but unfortunate for her, he had many girlfriends. She wasn't sure why, because she was under the impression he favoured her. She fired off the first message of the day 'Good morning babe, how are you this morning? I miss you x x x'

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Elisanth groaned as the alarm clock screeched loudly. She was lying, face down, on her bed, still fully clothed. The gig had been rough last night. She turned her head to face the alarm clock. She picked it up, examined it for a few minutes complacently, before throwing it hard against the wall, silencing it nicely. She got up, grumbling, and walked through into her brother Mikey's room. "Get up, you little runt." As that did nothing, shepicked up the foam baseball bat her had in a corner, and hit him with it, right in the crotch. He sat bolt upright, his eyes bulging and his mouth gaping open like a trout's. "I said get up." she said simply. "Now I'll be back in ten minutes. If you aren't dressed, then I'll use a real bat. Capiche?" He nodded dumbly, and she walked out. When she tried to walk into Gerard's room, however, the door was locked. "Gerard!" she yelled, "Open this goddamn door!" and banged on it with her fist. "I've got a guest!" he yelled back. oh. Of course. She grinned evilly, then said, ever so sweetly, "Okay, then. but make sure you apply your special cream. We wouldn't want that nasty pus-filled rash to come back, now would we?" And then she stepped back from the door. "Three, two, one," she murmured, and, the second she hit one, the door banged open, and Gerard's scarlet face glared at her. "What the hell?!" he hissed at her. "Get up and dressed, you have school!" she said chirpily, and walked down the halll, whistling, into the kitchen.
While the waffle maker heated up, she checked her phone for texts. She had loads, mostly from people congratulating her on the gig last night. There was, however, no messages from Him. She shrugged, then tapped out a message. 'Hey. Were u at the gig last nite? Didn't see you. Eli.' With a beep, it was sent. She put it on the worktop surface, and tured to face the wafle machine. Her arm accidentally leaned on it, and got burned. She clutched her arm, and swore loudly. Grabbing a cloth from the sink, she pressed it hard against the redness. Good thing it was her left arm, though. She picked up the jug of waffle mix, poured it into the grooves, then shut the machine.

She was just putting the waffles onto plates when Gerard and Mikey walked in. She grinned at them both as they sat down, and passed them a plate each. mikey gestured to her now bandaged arm, and said loudly through a mouthfull of waffle. "whass up wif oor awham?" "Burnt it" she replied smoothly. "Hurry up, we're running late." "Hey, by the way, I won't be back until late, Frank want's me to come over." Gerard said. Elisanth couldn't help but laugh. 2Trust you to deliberately make friends with a guy named Frank!" she chuckled. After they had finished, they grabbed their stuff and left.

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Character Portrait: Anisia Wright
Character Portrait: Kaori Muraoka


Character Portrait: Kaori Muraoka
Kaori Muraoka

They clearly must be stupid, can't they see he loves me!

Character Portrait: Anisia Wright
Anisia Wright

Only for him


Character Portrait: Anisia Wright
Anisia Wright

Only for him

Character Portrait: Kaori Muraoka
Kaori Muraoka

They clearly must be stupid, can't they see he loves me!

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Anisia Wright
Anisia Wright

Only for him

Character Portrait: Kaori Muraoka
Kaori Muraoka

They clearly must be stupid, can't they see he loves me!

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