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Ivan Sydney

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a character in “New Adventures in a Digital World”, as played by TemplarWarden



Ivan Sydney

Nickname: Sid, Ivan
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: British
Orientation: Straight
Personality: Sid may appear dark and brooding, but in reality he simply isn't socially inclined. He is quiet and keeps to himself most of the time. It's not that he doesn't like talking to or being around people. He is often good conversation and even better at listening, yet he would hardly initiate a conversation unless he is doing it for someone else. So, in addition to being quiet and introverted he is also incredibly caring. However he has always been on the fringes of ordinary as well. He is a little wild and individualistic as well, on his own though.
Skin Tone: Light
Height: 6'0"
Build: Reasonably tall and broad but not necessarily buff.

Physical Description: Ivan's appearance is always a little disheveled and wild. His reasonably long brown hair is wavy and often acquires a number of stray strands. He common wears dark, loose clothing and commonly a jacket over top. With the jacket he goes through phases, currently he likes wearing his navy blue sleeveless one. He has also adapted to a habit of wearing his sunglasses or goggles over his light brown eyes in most situations. Or have them perched on his head even when he has absolutely no need for them. The piercing in his right ear changes from week to week. Sometimes subtle, sometimes not.
Occupation: N/A
Hobbies: Driving. Hunting. Reading.
Skills: Driving. Archery. Climbing.
  • Motorcycles
  • Cats
  • Purple
  • Black
  • Jackets
  • Rock music
  • Being alone
  • Sudden surprises
  • Making assumptions of any kind
  • Disappointing people
  • Ignorant and arrogant people
  • Anger
Items they often carry: Red-tinted sunglasses. Mobile. Keys. Headphones. Wallet. Hairbands. Swiss Army Knife. Flip Knife
Greatest Personality Trait: Incredibly caring and kind
Biggest Personality Flaw: Quiet and avoids getting to know people
Goals in Life/Dreams: Run his own business
Fears: Horror stories/movies/games and hurting others

History: Born in London to a reasonably well off family, Ivan was an only child and very much pandered to. Although getting this attention was both a blessing and a curse. His parents made sure that he was taught etiquette and forced to grow up quickly in their social circles. As a young teenager he got very bored with being stuck inside and forced to socialize with old boring people much of the time. When his father had to move to the United States of America for work Ivan opted in to move and live with his father, away from the boring lifestyle. His mother wasn't ready for the change of scenery and so remained in the UK. He was also lucky to have arrived at the start of high school years. Although he had some difficulties with the schooling system he didn't suffer from falling down a grade. For his life there he had a lot of freedom, and retained this freedom until he started university. However he never quite settled on a course to chose. His father still funds most of his life as he is currently between universities.

Other: Digimon - Chibomon - DemiVeemon - Veemon

So begins...

Ivan Sydney's Story


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Something was wrong here. Notably the sense of openness, also the breeze brushing across his skin. He shivered in shock and sat up suddenly. He let out a sharp hiss and his hand shot to his head as he hunched forward. The sudden dizziness turned to painful rush of blood to the brain. If he had tried to stand up at this point he probably would've keeled over and returned to the ground rather violently. Slowly the white flashes behind his eyes receded and Ivan shook his head out. Finally he managed to grasp the weirdness that welcomed him. The feel of the the breeze brushed across his cheeks, filling his nostrils with the scent of the wild. It made sense, he looked around and there was not a single sign of the camp that he had so recently been attending. Instead there was lush grass beneath him, colourful flowers decorating it. Trees and bushes gave the area volume. No doubt about it, he had never seen this place before. He couldn't recognize the trees, or the flowers even though he hardly knew anything about them in the first place.

He tried to fathom what had happened, how he got here. He hadn't been drunk or high, he didn't touch the stuff. He'd had plenty of memory lapses before but not large ones. Nothing that would cover him actually travelling to this random spot and falling asleep. He reached up and checked. He felt the glasses still perched upon his head and he was still soundly clothed in his jacket. He finally manage to round out what he remembered: attempting to spend time with his new camp group. It hadn't particularly been a great experience for him. The sudden snow storm ruined everything. A blizzard he could only assume, that tended to be the explanation of sudden snow storms. Of course there wasn't a cloud in the sky before hand and he very vividly remember the lights. He had assumed that they were merely the sky, however odd that could be. Of course that was the until he felt the pull. Almost like being dragged into the lights. He had always been skeptical about the existence of a lot of things. Not disbelieving, merely skeptical. In this case the thought of an actual alien abduction was foremost on his mind.

He moved to stand up and only then, as he looked down to where he was going to brace himself he noticed the small creature next to him. It was about the size of a sports ball and a light teal colour. A small 'tail' extended from the top of its head. Ivan paused, he hadn't seen or heard of something like this. It was clearly a creature of some sort. The tail twitch and the ball inflated and deflated slightly as the breath wheezed from it. It was very clearly sleeping, whatever it was. Ivan looked around curiously. It was only him and this thing. Obviously it was reasonably tame since it was sleeping so close to him. He didn't have any idea of what he should do now. He settled for tenderly reaching towards the ball and gently rubbing his hand across the top of it. It stirred slightly, it's black orbs flicked open. Ivan smiled as the small animal seemed like a cat when woken. He liked cats.

"Hey! You're awake finally."

Immediately Ivan's hand froze as he looked down at the blu-ish creature. He was completely shocked, he had assumed that whatever it was, it was an animal. He now had to dispose of that assumption, that fact it spoke suggested otherwise. All he said was:
It seemed that the strange creature looked at him somewhere between annoyance, curiosity and happiness.

"Ivan. Why did you stop? I liked that."

"Uh. I'm sorry, you know me but I don't think we've been introduced." Slightly flustered the young man just attempted to deal with it as normally as he could. He did resume his petting and the creature's tail shivered.

"Oh. I'm Chibomon. I'm a digimon. You're a human. I'm you're friend."

"Uh huh..." Ivan responded, just nodding. He could feel a slightly rumbling in the creature as it pressed further into his hand. Chibomon seemed a lot light a child or a animal then he would think.

"Okay Ivan. Time to go find your friends. Can you carry me?" At first Sydney wasn't quite sure what the little digiminon was talking around. Then he remembered the other three that had been with him when the blizzard cropped up. He hoped that they were also dragged through the light to here. The sudden snow storm seemed dangerous to anyone caught out in it so long. You could say those three seemed to be the closest he had to friends right now. Perhaps he could add Chibomon to that group. He gently picked up the friendly creature and stood.

"That way." The little digimon said, the single blue appendage indicating whatever seemed to be a random direction. Without much disagreement Ivan wandered back in the direction. There wasn't much else to do other than listen to the blue ball. Syndey's hand casually checked his trouser pockets, confirming that he still had all his belongings.

The setting changes from Digital World to Native Forest


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As the four campers followed the direction of their digimon, they all came to the same spot, where the digimon had planned for the meeting. Each digimon smiled and welcomed their friends and admired their new partners. The spot was a small clearing, but still very similar to the rest of the forest that the campers had been walking through.

Ryoko walked through the odd forest following Nyaromon. She was amazed at how fast the small ball could hop as she had expected to have to carry the small creature. She also admired the forest scenery as she followed the small cat-like digimon. It reminded her of something out of a video game or sci-fi movie with its bright and vibrant colors and with how everything seemed so alive. It truly was amazing to her, which helped comfort her that the dream would be a nice one.

"Here we are!" Nyaromon chirped as they entered a small clearing. It wasn't long before Ryoko could hear rustling around them and people talking, which let her know the others were close.
She watched as everyone emerged from different directions and her new monster friend bounced off to greet its friends. She wondered how long they had known each other and if it would be odd for them since their human companions didn't know each other very well. Though she wanted to keep her badass persona, even here, she decided to let it go for a little bit and try to be friendly towards the others. She forced a smile, which probably looked rather awkward to the others, then she waved. She had never been very social and she wasn't even sure how to be at this point, but at least it was some sort of effort.

"I see everyone else has a..." she paused before saying the word monster as she had learned they were digimon. She continued with this word instead. "-digimon also." For a moment, she tried to think of something else to say, however she decided to let someone else be the social bug and hopefully they would be better at it than she was.

The setting changes from Native Forest to Digital World


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"It's here, see?" Punimon said, happily. Songrose looked around as she entered the clearing, still holding the Punimon. She gave everyone a big smile as she looked around again. This wasn't exactly how it was supposed to happen, but it looked like she was going to make some new friends, anyway. Well, aside from Punimon; he had made it clear already that they were going to be good friends, so she wasn't too worried about that.

"Yes; it does look like we all have a digimon. And they're so cute, too," she added, squeezing her own Punimon lightly in a hug. She paused and looked around again, brightly. There were four of them...and they were all the same people she was supposed to be getting to know, anyway. So, even if they weren't at the camp, the end result couldn't be too different. They just had these digimon to be friends with, too. That should make things much better; it certainly meant there was more to take care of, though. She tilted her head to one side curiously.

"I guess...since we're all stuck here, we should try to get along." She paused, glancing around. While she kept a bright and happy appearance, she was very confused. She glanced at the trees, and then back to Punimon before looking to the others that had been transported there.

"Umm...does anyone have an idea of...why we're here? I mean...why that portal was even there in the first place?" She hadn't asked Punimon because she wasn't sure she should; what if he didn't know? And, if this was a dream, because she still wasn't entirely convinced it was all real, he might still tell her something she didn't expect. Besides, maybe someone else had a better idea than she could ever come up with.


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"No one's here." Ivan stated matter-of-factly. Looking around the clearing. It looked very much like the brightly coloured rest of the forest. He couldn't really tell any difference and probably would've been completely lost if it wasn't for Chibomon pointing him. Of course he couldn't be sure if the digimon was actually directing him or pointing him in random directions. It had yammered on, asking him questions about who he was. Ivan gave the basic answers and didn't really ask any questions. Chibomon was being just a little too friendly for someone he just met.

"Just wait Ivan, they'll show up." Chibomon said with unerring optimism. Then stopped bouncing and shifting excitedly in the human's arms.


"Oh what?" Ivan frowned as he looked down at the cyan ball in his arm, Chibomon looked up, blinking his beady eyes attempting to look innocent. Ivan just sighed and waited for the answer.

"Well, I think we're in the wrong place." Ivan sighed with a little annoyance, he hardly let people get to him, but Chibomon instantly got beneath his skin. The usually reserved Ivan wasn't so reserved around the digimon, he didn't know if it was a good thing or not. Specially since the creature claimed they would be friends.

"Would you bounce if I dropped you?" The young man said out of annoyance. The digimon didn't quite catch the threat in what he said and admitted that indeed he would bounce. At which Ivan promptly dropped him. Chibomon did bounce a little and rolled over on to it's 'stomach' again, or what ever was the equivalent with the spherical creature.

"Why did you do that?"

"Look, you gave me wrong directions so I'm not carrying you. Just go ahead if you want. Can you?"

Chibomon looked a little disappointed at that but quite proudly proclaimed that he could and promptly bounced off into the undergrowth. Ivan followed, slipping his hand into his pockets. And pushing his way through the low and colourful bushes. He was glad that it wasn't someplace wetter, or he'd have to worry about leeches. Then again did they even have leeches where ever he was? Or was there something worse. He shrugged that thought off. He'd hoped not but he'd cross that bridge when he came to it.

Up ahead he heard Chibomon's squeal of joy and entered the other area. He saw the two girls from his camping trip and another pair of the ball things. Obviously they were recovered and brought here by one each. Ivan simply lend on a tree at the edge and watched the other's before he got involved. He looked from person, Songrose seemed genuinely cheerful while Ryoko seemed to be faking it. To be honest he couldn't assume about either of them either way.

"Considering these little guys dragged us here I'm certain they know something or have some reason." Ivan added as he drew something out of his pocket. A strange sort of locket of sorts. He hadn't seen it before, yet another mystery. That one would have to wait and he stuffed back into his pocket.