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New Adventures in a Digital World

Native Forest


a part of New Adventures in a Digital World, by ~Living-Dead Doll~.

Also known as Amida Forest. This is the place where the humans first awake and are joined by their digital partners.

~Living-Dead Doll~ holds sovereignty over Native Forest, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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A highly vegetated forest with lush green trees, bright flowers, and other plant life. In some small clearings, or if one was to climb a tree, Mt. Infinity is slightly visible. It is home to wild Agumon, Palmon, Kunemon, and Ninjamon. Scattered throughout the forests are food items such as Digital Mushrooms and Blue Apples, as well as enemies including Dokunemon, ModokiBetamon, and Vegiemon.
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Native Forest

Also known as Amida Forest. This is the place where the humans first awake and are joined by their digital partners.


Native Forest is a part of Digital World.


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Character Portrait: Ryoko Ai Watanabe
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Slowly, the camp started to fill as people began to arrive on the first day. Many gathered before the councillor who gazed at his list and broke the crowd into smaller groups. One by one, the four were called out to be sent to camp 8, where they were to gather and get to know one another.

Before the four would get the chance, there was a freak snow storm, a complete change from the sunny weather that had been constant throughout the day. Bright lights stretched across the sky, similar to the northern lights. From the sky, lights beamed down to the four, right before they were suddenly sucked into a large portal in the sky....

This is where their adventure begins....


"What an odd dream... I hope thats not how camp turns out! The group I was thrown in seemed like someone I would fight with or antisocial. I know I'm not a social bug myself but shit...."

Slowly, Ryoko forced her eyes open. To her surprise she did not see the cream ceiling she was accustomed to waking up to. Instead, her eyes stared at a bright blue sky with fluffy white clouds. "What the-" She gasped rather loudly before noticing she was laying in grass. It was soft against her skin and was rather pleasant, except for the fact she knew she should not be laying in it. Quickly, she sat up and scanned her surroundings. She was surrounded by large trees, lush plants that looked well taken care of, and odd flowers she had never seen before. 'How the Hell did I end up in a forest?' she wondered while slowly getting to her feet. She felt slightly dizzy, so the simple task took longer than normal as she tried to make sure she didn't move too fast in fear she might fall down if she did.
Beside where she had been laying was her messenger bag, which she snatched up as quickly as possibly. It as heavy like normal. After scanning the inside of it rather quickly, she was relieved to see nothing was missing and her computer was still in there. 'Maybe this is some kind of weird camp prank or something...' she told herself while looking around some more. However, the more she gazed around, the more uneasy she became. Nothing in her surroundings seemed familiar. Everything seemed too green and the air smelled like a flower shop! There were no signs of litter anywhere, which you could find anywhere you went normally. Even the horrible odor that lingered when cars gathered in one place was missing, which was a smell that had filled the air at the camp when she and everyone else was arriving.

"Your awake!" A cheerful voice screeched from behind her, making Ryoko nearly jump out of her skin. She twirled around with both first up in the air, ready to fight. However, she was nothing but the trees and plants that had been there before. "Down here!" The voice added in a small giggle. Ryoko slowly let her eyes travel down to the ground like they do in the horror movies before something jumps out at them. Before her eyes even reached the ground, they caught sight of a small green thing with large eyes bouncing up and down. "Woa!!" She gasped while stumbling backwards. It was unlike anything she had ever seen before, other than possibly on tv!

The creature was about the size of a basketball and almost the same shape, as it only had a body, tail, and a pair of ears that looked similar to a cats. Green-ish fur covered its body and large amber colored eyes stared at her. Its mouth was gaping open like a child who just received all the presents it wanted for Christmas, however sharp fangs could be seen inside its mouth. There was also a long tail attached to the back of its body, with purple stripes at the end. It spoke perfect English, which was another thing that astonished her. “What are you?” She asked almost bewildered by the creature. Her curiosity moved her to a squatting position so she could look at the creature closer. Without thought, she softly set her bag on the ground next to her.
“I'm Nyaromon!!” It replied in a chipper voice, still bouncing. “You look like something out of a video game...” Ryoko mumbled while watching it. “I'm not a something, I'm a digimon and I'm your friend!” Nyaromon corrected with a smile, now sitting still. “I have been waiting for you for a long time Ryoko.”

Her eyes widened in shock as she gazed at the Nyaromon. “How do you know my name?” She asked, now a bit worried. Nyaromon rolled its eyes before giggling. “I know a lot about you Ryoko! I have been waiting my whole life for you!” For a moment, Ryoko wasn't sure what to say, that is, until her smart-ass side kicked in. “Shit, I guess I really do spend too much time online. And I know they say anyone can see what you put on the Internet, but this is a bit much...” With a sigh, she stood back up, holding the strap to her messenger bag in her hand. The gears started turning in her mind and she gave a small chuckled. “I've done this before..” She started shaking her head at the fact she hadn't thought of it sooner. “Its just a dream inside of a dream. All I have to do is wait till I wake up. Then everything will be normal again.” Though the thought was reassuring and quite possible, Nyaromon shook its body (since it had no defined head). “Its not a dream Ryoko, this is all real!” Nyaromon protested, a little upset that Ryoko didn't believe her.

After pulling the strap up to her shoulder, Ryoko noticed a small hexagon shaped device attacked to the end of the strap, which hadn't been there before. She pulled it off gently before examining it. “Whats this?” She wondered out loud. The screen in the center of the device made her think of a virtual pet game her mother had once bought her. “That’s a digivice!” Nyaromon informed her, again bouncing with joy. “Digi-....” Ryoko repeated before realizing that digi usually meant digital. “Yup, that confirms it, I have been spending wayyyy too much time in front of the computer!!” She told herself while shaking her head. The small digimon gave a confused and somewhat hurt look. “Ryoko, its not a dream... We have been waiting for you guys for a long time!!”
Ryoko nearly glared at the small creature. “You guys?” Nyaromon nodded, as much as the small thing could. “What do you mean, you guys?” Ryoko asked again in a low tone. “What others?” For a moment, the small digimon was puzzled as if it didn't understand why she would ask such a question. “Songrose, Ivan, and the other guy...” Nyaromon replied slowly.
Ryoko face-palmed lightly before sighing. Even if it was a dream, she didn't feel like being stuck somewhere with any of them. Of course, she didn't know any of them personally, but from her first impression when meeting them, she wasn't thrilled.

“Come on! Come on! We have to make sure the others are up!” Nyaromon called after hopping a little bit away from where Ryoko stood. After putting the 'digivice' in her pocket, Ryoko gave another small sigh. “Come on Ryoko!!” The creature urged again, still hopping off in the direction it thought everyone else would be in. After hanging her head for a moment, Ryoko followed the odd creature.


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Character Portrait: Songrose Liadon Character Portrait: Ivan Sydney Character Portrait: Ryoko Ai Watanabe Character Portrait: Ichisake Kajitani
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As the four campers followed the direction of their digimon, they all came to the same spot, where the digimon had planned for the meeting. Each digimon smiled and welcomed their friends and admired their new partners. The spot was a small clearing, but still very similar to the rest of the forest that the campers had been walking through.

Ryoko walked through the odd forest following Nyaromon. She was amazed at how fast the small ball could hop as she had expected to have to carry the small creature. She also admired the forest scenery as she followed the small cat-like digimon. It reminded her of something out of a video game or sci-fi movie with its bright and vibrant colors and with how everything seemed so alive. It truly was amazing to her, which helped comfort her that the dream would be a nice one.

"Here we are!" Nyaromon chirped as they entered a small clearing. It wasn't long before Ryoko could hear rustling around them and people talking, which let her know the others were close.
She watched as everyone emerged from different directions and her new monster friend bounced off to greet its friends. She wondered how long they had known each other and if it would be odd for them since their human companions didn't know each other very well. Though she wanted to keep her badass persona, even here, she decided to let it go for a little bit and try to be friendly towards the others. She forced a smile, which probably looked rather awkward to the others, then she waved. She had never been very social and she wasn't even sure how to be at this point, but at least it was some sort of effort.

"I see everyone else has a..." she paused before saying the word monster as she had learned they were digimon. She continued with this word instead. "-digimon also." For a moment, she tried to think of something else to say, however she decided to let someone else be the social bug and hopefully they would be better at it than she was.