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New Age


Set in the future, humanity is dying under the rule of a tyrannical Government. The Guilds fight to destroy the government and restore peace.

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A century ago, in the year of 3792, the sun started dimming, in attempts to control the now depleting human race, the United Nations formed the worlds first central Government. Under the rule of a single president, who's identity is still unknown to the people of earth, life turned into a horrible thing. When the Government made a decision to move all the citizens of the world into 5 separate cities, everyone and everything that could be controlled was under his control. Any islands like Hawaii or Australia/New Zealand are underwater along with almost 3/5 of what used to be land. Each of the cities were named after the surviving continents and were placed in the continent, Eurasia being the biggest, then North America, Africa, South America and Arctic City which is located where Greenland used to be. Any wreckage from Old Age cities have deteriorated or they're covered by the vast waters that smothered our lands. All citizens are closely monitored by cameras, soldiers and tracking devices that are implanted into the neck of a citizen at birth to ensure no one leaves the domes. The cities are in-cased in domes to ensure that the powerful hurricanes, storms, tornados and flash floods don't destroy the remains of humanity. Weather conditions outside of the domes are unpredictable and vary from freezing cold to flesh melting hot. Due to the strange weather, an ice bridge has formed that connects the cities.

Forming of the Guilds

Over time the president turned into a tyrant, anyone who opposed him was killed. Food was and still is often scarce, many people die from either hunger or illness everyday. Many people are unhappy with the way cities are being run, especially a young man by the name of Tanner Williams. He had finally reached the point where revolt was the only option, fleeing the city of Eurasia with his close friend Lucias Slater. They fled to the woods and kept running until they reached a halfway point between Africa and Eurasia, setting up a base there they started recruiting a group of people, who called themselves 'The Guild'. A few years had gone by and the Guild was becoming bigger and bigger, Tanner had finally decided that it was time to fight the Government. When time for battle came, the rebel groups joined together with the Guild to form an army. As the upcoming battle approached, Lucias Slater and a handful of guild members fled to save their own asses. While fleeing Lucias and Tanner brawled and Lucias got away with nothing more than a large gash over his eye. The Government won the battle and killed or captured and tortured rebels and Guild members. From there, Lucias Slater created the Immitis Guild. Since there were now two guilds, the original Guild was named the Solaqrion Guild. Both Guilds kept growing steadily in numbers until both gained enough recognition that the Government decided they needed to be taken care of. This started another war, Solaqrion and Immitis joined together to fight against the Government. In the midst of battle, Tanner was wounded and he commanded his second in command to find the young girl of legend, Solarius the Reaper and make her leader of Solaqrion. He died moments later and his second in command set out to find the girl. At the end of the battle the Government won and let the guilds slip out of existence to the people in the city. The leaderless guild members of Solaqrion hunted down and killed Lucias Slater to avenge their fallen leader, leaving the second in command to take over the position as leader of Immitis. The two guilds have been at war ever since. Sick of fighting with other Guild members a new guild of people who wanted to remain neutral was formed, this created the third Guild, Concordis.

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