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a character in “New Age”, as played by Solarius(soul)


Position: Leader of Solaqrion.

Name: Solarius (Nickname: Soul)

Age: Appears to be 17, but has actually lived a long time. Since she is part angel, demon and human, she is immortal, in a way. She can still be killed, but it is very difficult to do so. If she is not mortally injured, she could live forever. But being who she is (leader of Solaqrion, and 2/4 human) that is not the case . If she were to receive such life threatening injuries, in a short amount of time, she could very well die, like any other living being.

Gender: Female

Description: Green eyes, Lots of scars including one on her face, 5'8, lean muscled

History: (Born in 1231, somewhere on the shore of Europe)Solarius' life, has been a long life and has faded from her memory. She never really had a family, lover or friend. And when she did, they all died. The world had no idea of her existence. But she knew of the world's existence all too well. She traveled to many places multiple times, fixing problems, killing tyrants and cruel leaders, saving lives, fighting battles and learning. Soul was never sad, and had a loud, obnoxious,stubborn personality, but understood things well, and was very wise. She never sat down, she was always fighting for one cause or another. Humans, Demons and Angels knew her name, some of which called her "Saviour" or "The Reaper" because of all the righteous things she did. But Solarius did other things that weren't so great, like kill, steal and lie. She was a wanted criminal in many countries, for many decades, until they assumed that she had died. Solarius was not all good and not all bad, she was...in the middle you can say, like any normal human being. But despite all the bad or good things she's done, never once has she doubted herself, in all her years of life, and has never regretted her decisions. Solarius only moved forwards, with a smug grin on her face. Despite her long history of hardships, she was always content with life, accepting the death of friends and never failing to keep moving forwards.Tanner Williams has heard the legends of "Solarius the Reaper" and believed with every fiber of his being, that she was the right person to continue his legacy, his will. She swore an oath to him, promising that she will break the government, and make a new life for the people of the dying Earth. Besides, she was planning to do that anyways. *Sly grin*

Family Status: Mother: Deceased Father: Alive Location: Unknown Siblings: None

Species: 1/4 demon 1/4 angel and 2/4 human (Father was half demon, half angel. Mother was human). The mixing of all these species has caused a very powerful being to be born. Her heritage gives her the ability to throw hellfire, possess bodies and any living thing, create a shield using her soul, throw souls out of bodies and fly. Her demon form is similar to her human form, aside from her usually green eyes turning all black, her body being covered in black markings and her hands turning big and black with long claws. Her canines will grow out to look like a Saber-tooth cat's fangs. Her wings turn into black bat wings. Her angel form is a white version minus the horns and fangs. Her wings turn into gold angel wings and a black halo floats above her head.

Ability: Can summon hellfire, Possess living things, Push souls out of bodies, Create a shield using her soul, and has the ability to Transform and Fly. She heals quickly due to her heritage.

Natural Abilities: She has superhuman strength (But is not as strong as Aidon), and has amazing martial arts skills. She can wield swords and daggers but prefers her bare hands. She is insanely agile and fast, being one of the fastest and strongest in the guild. She usually carries two Katana blades on her back and rarely uses them.

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Solarius's Story