Megan Lopez-Pierce

I tried packing breakfast for my sister but I got hands all sticky puttin the pancakes int he baggies

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a character in “New Directions reunited”, as played by sonnyrules156


Name- Megan Lopez- pierce

Age- 16

Gender- female

Role- daughter of santana and brittany

History- Optional\)


PErsonalilty- Megan is incredibly dim-witted but incredibly kind. She gets along with just about everyone, her best friend is her sister Lindsay

So begins...

Megan Lopez-Pierce's Story


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"Hey, wake up." Her dad's voice broke the trance of sleep Ally was floating in. "You don't want to be late," he assured her. "Late?" She scoffed back. "I'm always late. No matter what time I wake up I'm always late 'cause we live so damn far away." Her dad shook his head and pulled the covers off of her. "It's not my fault. Be grateful you have a roof over your head," he stated, his voice rising somewhat. Ally shook her head and smirked. "Oh, I am." She rose from her bed and pushed her dad out of her room so she could start getting ready for school. She threw on her usual attire: black skinny jeans, combat boots, a black long sleeved shirt, and her leather jacket. It was safe to say she liked the color black. She ran a brush through her hair and went out to eat breakfast. She grabbed an apple while she talked to her dad. "Did Aiden get dropped off?" Her dad nodded, "I drove him, like always." Ally continued eating her apple in a hurry, her morning routine. "Alright, any problems?" He laughed. "Are you serious? That kid is like an angel. Of course not!" Ally smiled and finished her apple. She kissed her dad on the cheek and grabbed her backpack. "See ya."

Before she knew it she was at her favorite place in the world: McKinley. Oh, how she hated this school. The people were pathetic, not even worth her time. They were just a bunch of cry babies or stuck up weirdos. Or worst of all, rich, prissy whiners. She opened the door and when others caught sight of her, the halls cleared. She smirked and walked to her locker, not even glancing at anyone. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the two twins, Lindsay and Megan. Ally never really spoke to either of them, but if she had it was just Lindsay coming to the rescue for Megan. Ally rolled her eyes at the thought. The twins' lockers were only a few away from hers. She suppressed the thought opened her locker.