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Mishka Mae Ratherm

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a character in “New Exodia: A City Divided”, as played by Fallen



Full Name: Mishka Mae Ratherm
Nickname|Friendly: Mish
Nickname|Public: N/A

Title: The Magnificent
Clan: N/A
Race: Hybrid | Celestial Mage

Father | Jonathan Sil Ratherm | Unknown
Mother | Kassidy Ester Ratherm | Deceased

Age: Sixteen
Date of Birth: August 7th
Astrological Sign: Leo

Hair: Platinum blonde
Eyes: Golden brown
Skin color: Pale / fair
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 115


What kind of person am I...hmmm...hmmmm. I guess my personality seems to contradict itself. Any celestial would believe I am not of their kind. I have to admit I am one of those people that are very in your face, you know those people who pretend not to know what personal space is, the people that like to jump inside other people's bubbles. I am also very blunt, I don't see the point in sugar coating things for idiotic people who can't face reality, I mean seriously. People tell me sometimes my words drip sarcasm, I suppose that is me amusing myself. I am not shy, not even remotely, I will walk around in my underwear on the street in front of complete strangers, I don't care. I truly could not give a fuck what anyone thinks about me, you are the one wasting your own energy with all that hatred and dislike towards me. I'm not shy sure, but I am not completely outgoing, I don't randomly just talk to people - unless I want to of course. But there are times I become completely anti social and don't want to and just cannot talk to anyone. I often end up on my own hiding out somewhere or locked up in my room for this time. There is something annoying about me. I remember everything, everything that has ever happened in my life, that I have ever seen, that's been said to me. I remember everything my teachers say, every word from every book, every textbook picture. This made me excel in school, get advanced placement classes, have scholarships thrown at me and get many awards - I don't let it get to my head though, I am thankful. I guess I am also very intuitive, I seem to always know when something is going to go wrong, when someone is in trouble, or if there is a place I might need to be. For those people who can stand to be around me, I am that person they come to for advice, usually because have feelings how things will turn out and haven't been wrong. I have to say, both those things together can be overwhelming. I am a patient person, I do curse at people a lot and bring a lot a sarcasm with me, but I am patient with people. I guess I am just naturally, a feisty little spitfire. I am stubborn, so so stubborn and I hear it all the time. But it's because I know I'm right. Why oh why don't people understand. But yeah, can't change my mind since you're wrong. I am very adventurous and love to learn new things and see new things. I guess I am very bold, brave, and daring because I'll do anything, and I'll do it first. Ah but if your annoying little self has to be first, it's fine. You whiney little fucker. Well I am told I like to tease and poke and prod at people and it's true. I guess I can really touchy feely as well. It's just fun to see people's reactions. I am more of an independent person, I have a very had time relying on other people. Ah, and even though may be an intelligent walking book, I try not to act like so, because my big words might confuse you.

Clothing: Appearance as appears in picture (without the weird cage).

Weapons: In reality, celestial's shouldn't carry things such as weapons, but the world is changing. I have hidden away, a double sided wand and a crystal sword.

Wand: [ Magic amplifying and sustaining head l Sharp bottom l Affiliated with the celestial kind ]
Crystal Sword: [ Mysterious sword bought at the black market, is clear in color, with a faint glow. ]


- Universal Key: Yes, the key to many buildings, it's not like I go around robbing people's houses or anything though - don't ask how I got this.
- Music player: I always carry around some kind of music player with me, mp3, ipod, anything.
- Smartphone: A phone?
- Credit cards and cash: Some people might not believe the amount of money I carry on me - some people can go fuck themselves.


Celestial Magic

Celestial Summons - You see, Celestial summoning is the ability to call divine spirits or creatures located in another realm to fight for you. Unlike necromancy, these spirits are very much alive in their own realm and have agreed to a binding contract with their summoners to fight for them for eternity.
Arch Angel Micheal: Micheal is my protector in all my summons, he is an extremely strong defensive ally, as well as master in holy and light magics. I have had him the longest in all my summons.
Aurora: Aurora is my elemental summon, she's a manipulator of the elements, and a beauty at that.
Fyre: Fyre is a pain, he's hot headed and stubborn, he's my physical summon. Fyre contains knowledge of many fighting styles and techniques.
- Ninjutsu
- Hapkido
- Jujutsu
- Kendo
Canny: My little canary, she's a tiny little thing but is good company, she is good at delivering messages and also has the ability to read 'my' mind and allows me to read hers.
Rachel: My beautiful siren, her power is to manipulate and seduce.

- Light Magic: We celestial's have the natural affinity for light, and thus we all have our own way of using it. Familiar to me, is light bending. This allows me to create light shields, illusions, and light weapons.
- All seeing: This is the ability to see through all lies. Regardless of the person, and what kind of lie it is, I will know if you are telling the truth or not.
- Future sight: Well, this isn't too impressive, this allows me to see random brief glimpses of the future - only useful if you are good enough to put together the puzzle of your current situation and what you are being shown.

Mage Abilities:

Dream Walking: Yes, I am able to literally walk through people's dreams. This means I can manipulate them and communicate with people while they are dreaming. But there are more than just dreams, I am also affiliated with nightmares.

- Dream manipulation: This is the ability to manipulate things going on in people's dreams - it's fun 'grin'.
- Dream communication: This is when you do not manipulate the dream but enter it solely to speak to someone, this comes in handy when the person is far from you, I do not have to be anywhere near them and I can leave important messages.
- Nightmare manipulation: I'm not big on nightmare walking, but I have developed the idea to bring nightmares to life.

Physical Knowledge

Mixed Martial Arts l Intermediate l You don't think I would have Fyre and be completely helpless do you? While this is not a style he uses for himself an ability he has is to pick up any style upon sight, he chose to be my mentor for this.
Basic self defense l Intermediate l Well yeah I mean, they teach you this in some schools.



So begins...

Mishka Mae Ratherm's Story