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Sir Urvan Ironside

Burly CEO of Ragnarok Inc.

0 · 170 views · located in Nifl

a character in “New Exodia: A City Divided”, as played by Eskay


One might cast aside Sir Urvan as a pipsqueak due to his miniscule 4'4 height- until they realize that this dwarf bears a body of solid muscle! As a dwarf, his center of gravity is low, though he compensates for it by walking with rigidly proper posture. Though his scarlet red hair and impressive beard have remained virtually untouched by his ascension into his early 50's, his right eye has taken a toll on him, forcing him to wear a monocle on said eye at all times. Whether Sir Urvan is out on the town or putting in overtime at Ragnarok Inc. (the largest arms dealer in Nifl,) he is almost always dressed for success in his three piece suit (tailored to his dwarven stature,) and his evergreen cape. His gangboss days in Muspell have left him scarred both emotionally and physically, with still-healing scars and bruises still healing all around his body.


A rough and tough exterior mask an overall gentleness that truly represents Sir Urvan. Some might argue that this comes from his troubled gangster life in Muspell, though he would tell you that he's always had tough skin. As the CEO of Ragnarok Inc, he is firm and meticulous, yet treats his employees equitably and with the utmost care. His home life is rather different- though he would love to dote on his 6-year old Lola, his strained relationship with his wife usually leads to arguing that leaves him in a state of heavy remorse. His years of living in a kill-or-be-killed environment have left him with an understandably harder persona, though he has a particular soft spot for gentle people. He deals harshly with wolves and mildly with lambs, so to speak.


In his gangboss days in Muspell, Sir Urvan would be feared for his battleax Big Lola and his warhammer Lola Jr. (his then-four year old Lola had the esteemed honor of naming said instruments of destruction.) These days, he since has taken advantage of his CEO status in Ragnarok and invested in a few firearms. He rarely goes anywhere without his revolver holstered, and keeps a few rifles and shotguns handy around the office and at his Manor. Lola and Lola Jr. are still displayed in his Manor, though, to serve as a reminder of where he came from (and unbeknownst to him, where he will be going...)

Brute Force: Be it his sheer muscle mass or his stubborn determination, Sir Urvan is a paragon of brute strength. Though he is far from bruteish in its execution, Urvan is renowned all over Exodia for his astonishing dwarven strength.

Close Quarters Expert: Though Sir Urvan would tell you that any fool can swing around a large, blunt object and deal significant damage, he does it with a certain skill that almost makes it an art form. In addition to his mastery in the close-quarters killing arts, his time spent in gang related turf-wars have made him skillful at brawling with multiple assailants- being outnumbered is seldom an issue with Sir Urvan.

Immune System: Though having no affinity for any magic whatsoever, he makes up for it by having a strong natural resistance to the technique, particularly heat and cold related spells. Along with this resistance, Sir Urvan possesses a particularly effective immune system, causing him to seldom succumb to sickness (or otherwise make a speedy recovery from the occasional illness that slips through.)

My Way, or the Highway: Sir Urvan's seen a lot in his days, so it's no surprise that this culmination of experiences have granted him great wisdom. Though not always a pargon of tact, his leadership qualities are unmatched, making him a prime candidate for both the frontlines and the commanders seat.

Dwarven Rage: When pushed to the limit, Sir Urvan's primitive dwarven instincts can kick in, granting him the ability to attain enourmous feats of strength, even being able to level the earth with his shout. Sir Urvan is rarely pushed to this extreme, however, and is only seen when he is either extremely desperate or extremely angry.


Ah doon't like goin inta too much detail bout mah personal life, so I'll make this quick. All ah ever knew of life was gangs- jooinin, fightin', takin' advantage of- that was mah life. Findin' Claire and havin' Lola were highlights o'course, an' ah took great care to see to their well-bein', but it didn't do a damn thing aboot mah violent lifestyle. Forty years o'mah life were dedicated to the gang lifestyle, plus another four with mah wife and daughter.

It was around that fourth year that that candy-arsed suit tracked me down. Nearly took his 'ead off with Big Lola, but the suit was nimbler than ah anticipated- got the drop on me with his handgun all quick-like. 'Stead of finishin' me off, he offered me a job at Ragnarok Inc. Said that word o'mah ability to manage money and weapons reached the snooty elitists up in Nifl. Ah was appalled at the idea, but quickly thought differently once ah realized the chance to give mah daughter a better life.

'An that's where I've been for the past two years. Ah quickly became CEO of the city's largest arms dealer, an' got mah family a cozy livin' space ta' boot. Was a 'lil odd ta adjust to bein' safe at night, and tho' ah don't have late night stakeouts to look forward to, ah feel that lil' Lola will finally get the life ah couldn't provide her back in Muspell.

So begins...

Sir Urvan Ironside's Story