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Bodaki Suryu

Host of the Nanabi

0 · 79 views · located in Hoshigakure

a character in “New Jinchuriki Tales”, as played by Soul_Alchemist


Name: Bodaki Suryu

Age: 29

Village: Takigakure

Rank: Jonin

Specialty: Suiton, Nanabi host, chakra armor

Suryu stands at about 5'9 tall, having only grown 5 inches since he took the chuunin exams. His hair is black, short, and cut choppy with a kunai. which he does himself every once in a while. His skin is still a pale white and his eyes a green so dark they're nearly black. Normally he wears what you see above, an open black shirt with a red sash tied in the front to keep it from flapping about in the wind, and with his headband on his shoulder (rather than whatever that is in the pic XD), as well as a pair of loose, baggy blue pants and a pair of blue ninja shoes


(in rp)


Large canteen of water tied with string to his belt

Jutsu List:

Beetle Armor- a technique that needs no hand seals, at any time Suryu can use the chakra of the Nanabi to cover his body, or a part of it, in a thick layer of chakra as strong as armor, which looks like the shell of a beetle.

Insect Wings- a technique similar to Beetle Armor, no hand signs are needed, but this time chakra is formed at his back, creating what looks like a shield, but which then opens and reveals six wings which allow him to fly for a bit, as well as can be used as shields for others, etc.

Suiton: Violent Water Wave- a powerful wave of water gushes from his mouth, the strength and speed depending on his much chakra he puts into it

Takigakure Style: Watercutting Sword- using his chakra he is able to create a solid sword out of water, which is just as good as any real sword, except against doton, which, with each strike, cause the sword to crack and chip, before finally breaking

Takigakure Style: Waterbracing Shield- using the same technique as Watercutting Sword, he creates a shield instead, which is just as good as a real shield, save for against doton, where the same effect occurs as with the sword

Seven Menacing Balls- allowing the Nanabi to take over him momentarily, he is able to produce seven balls of dark green chakra, which float above the tip of his tails, one on each, then are fired off. They can be fire off at once, separately, or be fired off and combined mid-flight to either explode there or cause a greater final explosion


Many years ago Suryu took the chuunin exams with Roku and Jin in the Land of Seasons, however, he did not get to fight in the final test due to interference by Gyaku and the Uragiri. He was apointed chuunin rank soon after returning home, however, seeing as how he lead his team to well during the survival test. This is when he was turned into the host of the Nanabi, which he at first hated, but soon grew to love for the boost in his abilities, jutsu, and over all skills, as well as never being alone anymore.

So begins...

Bodaki Suryu's Story