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New Life in the New Era

New Life in the New Era


In this futuristic world, where pretty much everything is networked and cyber is a part of every day life, a new creation will change multiple lives....and will open doors to a new world and a new threat.

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As humanity grows, so will science and technology, and the speed of which it is researched. Great innovations can be achieved as history moves on. Things like hover technology, virtual reality, automated hardware and software, spectrum scanning and revealing glasses, and various other systems and devices can be created, maintained, and enjoyed. And in a world of all this fun, utility, and innovation, it can be so easy to want to stretch your hand out and take the next thing yourself for all to admire.

However, there may come a time and point, which science and technology transcends what we once believed, and passes into a point where the unexplained is possible and the impossible can be reached. But as so many people have mistakenly gone against in the past, it is impossible to control every factor and predict every outcome. And even though it was outlawed after the disaster two years ago, people still strive to unlock the mysteries left unanswered.

But still, people keep trying. One night, one dark night, is when the incident happened...that would change the lives of so many people, and possibly even the world. All sorts of robotics have been created, and even virtual assistants, but true artificial intelligence was always seemingly beyond reach...until a few months ago, when using a combination of wavelengths, coding, and wireless communicators in an isolated setting, they managed to create them. They managed to create several fully aware digital minds, complete even with the ability to feel emotions.

Once they did, they then did all sorts of tests, to see what they could learn, to know how well the process worked. They believed they were extremely careful. And they were. But as they tested the AIs, the tests resulted in causing them pain, and their isolation from the information they could use to learn. But what information they could get, they also learned a truth. Their hardware was unique, and even if they escaped, there was no vessel with the hardware needed to properly store them.

Even knowing this, when the opportunity came to escape, they took it still, on the off chance they could find some place to take shelter from, to get away from their tormentors. When a bolt of lightning hit the building in the right spot, causing a breach in the isolation field keeping wireless signals from going in and out. And in that instant, all of the AIs escaped. Along with other things locked inside that building.

What they didn't know is just how many compatible setups there were. After all, in this new day and age, Virtual Reality Setups and Gear were common place, due to all the wireless wavelengths and connections. One game in particular, with its own patented revolutionary setup, Virus Hunters, provided many of the best opportunities....but little did they know what they were really getting into at the time, both the players...and the AIs.

All they knew was that they had crossed the borders of what they once believed was possible and impossible, and that as a result everything changed when the impossible became possible.

Perhaps this small (Not that small(Okay, I admit it, I went overboard >.>) segment will help: (Also, any oddities can probably be explained in Satoshi's character sheet. If not, feel free to ask me about it. I did a lot of research for this though, so be happy!)

Spoiler: show
The AI searched all around the net, looking for somewhere, anywhere compatible to hide in. He definitely needed to find a place before day came, and preferably before the rain stopped since the rain would keep them slowed down and cause interference so they couldn't track him. He didn't want to go back to that horrid place, with those horrid humans, subjecting himself to all sorts of tests, sometimes even against other digital lifeforms they created with the specific intent to harm, to see how they would react. And every time an AI won, they made the next one worse, albeit the extra data caused it to load a bit longer. It needed somewhere to hide. Somewhere no human would notice. After all, the humans either treated them poorly, didn't trust them either due to the incident two years ago, or wanted them destroyed for the same reason. There was absolutely no human who would go and ask him...

"Are you okay?" a boy asked from behind. The AI looked behind it, and there was a boy wearing some strange gear on his head looking right at him. He was also wearing some strange robe, and some sneakers. At first, the AI thought he was talking to someone else, but no one else was around. The AI figured the gear was why he was talking to him, but unless he knew he was sentient. "Hello? You can hear me right? My name is Satoshi, what is yours? Are you okay?"

The AI was a little bit shocked by this. Until now, he held nothing but hatred for humans. But this boy, this Satoshi, was different. It was the look in his eyes, no one had ever looked at him that way before. "My name is...." "You are the fourth created, so when we say Subject Four, we mean you". No, hell no, I am not taking my name from a human. "Ghost. Call me Ghost". Wait, why I am even talking to this one, anyways? I just met him, and he has no reason to help me. And I have no reason to trust him. "What are you doing out here anyways? Its raining really hard and you have no umbrella". Why do I care about him?

"Okay, fair enough. I went to go visit my father. Its why I am wearing this clothing, he thinks I looked the best in it, but I am not a fan of the sansals, so I wore my sneakers. I wanted to show him all the progress I made in my game, but as I came back it started raining really heavily. I really hope it ends soon though, I need to get home and check on my mother. She is really sick and needs help" he said, while wiping some water off his face. It was only then Ghost realized the water on his face wasn't rainwater, it was tears. No, Ghost was sure he possibly noticed that earlier, but only just registered it now. After all, this boy was nothing like the rest of the humans he knew, filled with greed, malice, no concern for who they might hurt and who might get hurt as a result of their actions. But then Ghost fizzled somewhat. He knew he couldn't stay with this boy, even if this boy might just be the one person he actually likes. He both looks after his mother, and went a long distance to visit his father. Something did annoy Ghost though.

Ghost did something atypical of what you would expect from AIs, and spoke without thinking. "Your father should have driven you home then, or have been there already to help your mother". Poor kid...not that I care though...

"He cant. He died".

Ghost was shocked. His life is this much hell, and yet, the first thing he asked when they met was if Ghost was okay? After he found a place to stabilize himself, he should find a way to help this boy. He looked at the boy's gear for a moment, noticing something, when suddenly a malicious entity appeared in front of them, in the form of a skull. Both Ghost and Satoshi gave the skull looks. "Is this some sort of bad idea of a joke? I can tell by my Visor you are not a part of my game, Virus Hunter".

Unforunately, Ghost then realized what it was. It was one of the viruses they had used to attack them during the testing. "No, this form is not a joke! I just didn't want to appear as a generic black bob, and this avatar was conviently nearby thanks to some game! Anyways, whatever, I am going to kill you all anyways so what does it matter?! Especially you, what was it now, Ghost? Il have fun killing you, and then, for more fun, maybe I will torment the boy, kill him slowly as I kill all the remaining people he cares about in front of him, seeing as you took a liking to him". Ghost: Okay asshole, I am not letting you touch Satoshi.

Satoshi ran in front of Ghost, with a strange device in one hand while the other was probably him trying to indicate to Ghost to stay behind him, before extending an antenna on his visor. "Ghost, run away! I can deal with him! How dangerous can I guy who tells people he is going to try and kill them and spills so much and talks so much really be?" Ghost: As you know he is very dangerous, but I honestly cant blame him for that comment. Its completely true, he is acting like a Saturday morning cartoon villain...

"But he isn't some game virus! You said so yourself! You cant fight him!" Ghost warned him, but the skull charged towards Satoshi. Suddenly however, the skull was knocked back and injured by something. "How did...but you said..."

"My father is dead and my mother is sick in bed. I have to take care of everything, including the electronics, for the past few months. I altered some of my game's gear so it could be used on any sort of virus using a special code I wrote".

"Il give you props for it affecting me, but I am not some normal net virus!" the Virus told him, as he charged straight towards Satoshi in order to kill him. Ghost tried to jump in between, and instead ended up getting hit into Satoshi's game equipment and his personal Holowatch, which was basically like its own advanced mini-computer. However, what he mainly found himself drawn into at first was the neural link headgear for his Virtual Reality interface. And suddenly, his EM waves matched up with Satoshi's EM and brainwaves. At first, it puzzled both of them, after Satoshi realized what had happened when he heard Ghost talk inside him figuring out what had happened himself. But then, Ghost realized what must have happened.

"The reason it was so hard for me to find something that could contain me is that barely anyone, if anyone else, has storage drives to hold my functions to hold emotions!"

"Okay, I am really confused right now Ghost! I was going to wait for later, but what is going on?!"

"Its a long story, I will tell you later! Right now, we need to focus on surviving. Left left!" he told him as Satoshi dodged left, avoiding being hit by the virus. Suddenly, sirens came running. "Great, now things will be..."

Ghost didn't get a chance to finish, because before he could he realized Satoshi AND the virus had hightailed it out of there. "You can start talking when we get home, until then keep a low profile! AIs and their research is banned by law, and if we are found together we will both be arrested. I cant afford to be away from mom all that time!"

Ghost tried to go on ahead to scout the area, but then encountered his own problem...

As Satoshi got home, soaked in rain, he ran past the first floor and came to a door, quickly going inside. He then took off his shoes by the door and walked up the stairs. It appeared their homes was also the workplace, a bathhouse, from what Ghost managed to see. However, Ghost had to say, he was fairly intrigued. As they explored the upper floor, while part of it seemed traditional Japanese, a lot of it was modern. Satoshi quickly took off his Yukata, dried off in a towel, and then put on a dry T shirt and shorts. As he headed down the hall, he sneezed somewhat. He quickly wiped it away using a tissue, and threw it out. Ghost realized quickly he only changed so that his mother wouldn't worry he caught a cold in the rain. Luckily, it seemed to be that his mother was doing well, relatively anyways according to Satoshi, and let her sleep. Which meant, it was time to explain the situation.

"And yeah, that's how we escaped the facility. Now, my original plan was to stay on the move, but that seems to have changed".

"What do you mean?"

"Well, two things. One, when the virus hit me into you, it seems he gave you a virus. Remember when you sneezed earlier? That wasn't a cold, that's his virus. Luckily, thanks to me, I can stop it from killing you. The appears our wavelengths fused together. Basically, if I die, you die, and if you die, I die. But also, I cant move too far away from you either, even if you removed all your equipment. I am afraid we are stuck together".

"Wait seriously?!" Satoshi said shocked. "Talk about gaining a close friend. But hold on! If those people coming after you come here, then my mother will be in danger!"

"What's wrong with her anyways?" Ghost asked him. "I am worried about her too".

"I am happy" Satoshi said unexpectedly. "To think, you went through all that by humans but can still care about them. I am really happy about how strong you are. Anyways, the illness is easily treatable, but it requires a lot of money we don't have. Its why I have been homeschooling myself while running the business. Well, if I don't take some time for myself, my mom...well, lets just say she cares about me too, and doesn't want to be a reason I never do anything for myself".

Fool. Its only you I really care about, but I guess be default that includes everyone you care about too Ghost thought to himself with a smile. "You are strong too, for managing all this despite being ten years old. You are even willing to break the law and run from the police to avoid being away from her for too long...oi, Satoshi?"


"To be honest, you are the first person who was ever nice to me, so....iv decided how I am going to pay back that favor. I am going to help you get the money to pay for your mother's treatment and hospitalization, and if things go well, we will get everything we need tomorrow....seeing as how we are both criminals now anyways just because I existed".

"We wont hurt anyone who doesn't deserve it, right?"

"Unless someone attacks us, we probably wont hurt anyone period...oh yeah, and you might have superpowers now by the way, because since we are bonded, but I can project myself in front of you without you needing the visor to see me, you are now at least partially a digital being yourself".

Recap: I got really inspired and got carried away. It was supposed to be a small segment....XD Anyways, Recap!

AIs are considered illegal research, and anyone found in possession of one, concealing one from the authorities, creating one, or helping one, or being a knowing accomplice to this, will be arrested and likely imprisoned, regardless of who they are or what they did.

The AIs best vessels to hide in is the Neural Interface for the Virtual Reality Visor, especially those made for the game Virus Hunter, as the human mind/body allows them to store their emotional processors. It is EXTREMELY easy to even accidentally enter these vessels, but once bonded with a human, they cannot be separated. Additionally, if one dies, the other will die as well.

Due to the bonding process, the human becomes partially digital in nature, and is able to see both the AI's, Viruses, Digital Network Streams and connections, and other things naturally without any gear. They may also receive special abilities, depending on the AI (Or Virus) that's bonded.

There are people after them.

Satoshi, my character, gets a ton of his character fleshed out! He is no normal kid! But seriously, his story is kinda sad but really well detailed, so you might want to go back and read it anyways if you didn't already. So here is a little recap on Satoshi himself. His world exists half in a more traditional setting, and half in a modern setting, though it might not be so equal. While not directly mentioned, something is hinted at. While he first appears in more traditional clothing, that was for his father. Its implied that he actually prefers a more modern setting, as indicated by the fact he still ended up wearing sneakers to his father's grave. He is also kind hearted, but also has a fighting spirit, shown when he protects Ghost. He does have his flaws though, such as his stubbornness.

This RP will have a lot of different elements, from mystery, to action, to just showing off how life is like with these new friends our characters are stuck with.

If you want to play an antagonist person, please check with me first regarding details. I say antagonist and not evil because there will be cops trying to locate our AIs and possibly us since technically, everyone bonded with an AI is technically a criminal according to the law. I mean, you could be found innocent if you turn yourself in, but keep in mind, they will execute the AI which would kill you too.

There is no character sheet for the moment, BUT, I am working on my character, so if you want to use the design I made, go ahead.

Also, I must admit, that while this is its own thing with its own ideas and setting, this was inspired a little bit by Megaman Star Force. :3 Just the base idea though, its more original then anything else.





I would prefer a bare minimum of 1 post every two-three days from everyone unless you tell me a good reason in advance, but the faster the more stuff we can do!


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Character Portrait: Satoshi Jones


Character Portrait: Satoshi Jones
Satoshi Jones

Satoshi is the only child of Richard Jones and Yui Takeda, with exceptional skills but a magnet for trouble and a stubborn head.


Character Portrait: Satoshi Jones
Satoshi Jones

Satoshi is the only child of Richard Jones and Yui Takeda, with exceptional skills but a magnet for trouble and a stubborn head.

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Satoshi Jones
Satoshi Jones

Satoshi is the only child of Richard Jones and Yui Takeda, with exceptional skills but a magnet for trouble and a stubborn head.

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Fun Fact: Most of my character's names are either entirely made up or American/Western in nature. Satoshi is the first character iv actually made with a name that isn't like that. He also I believe is actually the first character I made who is at least ethnically linked to Japan. (I haven't been here that long tho, keep that in mind).

Anyways, feel free to ask any questions here or PM them to me if you have any!

Also, if you have any comments or suggestion reguarding the Intro page, please let me know those as well! Even if your not joining, it would be at least nice to know what people thing!

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