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Janine Ixlith

Employee of the Corporation

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a character in “New Stars, Old Souls”, as played by Ambassador Karik

So begins...

Janine Ixlith's Story

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Green. It was a simple color, an uncommon color. And it encompassed the planet. At first, the rumor of an unspoiled planet with a rich self-sustaining ecosystem just outside the jurisdiction of any respected government sounded like a trap. Being assigned to it, even more so. And yet there it had stood, viewed through the filtered glass of a nearly-out-of-commission corporate shuttle. Three months had passed since landing. Three uneventful months filled with cataloging. Reporting. And now, it had come time to branch out from the landing site. With atmospheric converters providing breathable air and communication devices connected, a brown-yellow environment suit touched ground.

Birds cried out, scattering into the orangeing sky. Their flights were tracked and recorded. The suit took a second step, then another. Another. A ranged weapon pointed down, unaimed yet prepared for use at a moment's notice. A handful more steps were taken until the figure stopped, prompted by a call over the communicator. "Environment is stable, no apparent parasites. No sight of predators. Proceeding towards report location." A confirmation ping was heard, and Janine began forward into the sunkissed plains. Stubby grasses leaned in towards her with each step, delicate seeds embedding themselves in the heavy material. Scanners sought out traces and footprints, looking for any sign of the indigenous bipeds. Only minutes passed before one was found. An old, it took three scans before the suit's visor confirmed the match. Footprints. The visor highlighted a trail, allowing Janine to report the find back before being authorized to follow it. With a heavy breath, she began westward.

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It seemed days before the environment changed. The sky above took heavy oranges and reds, an omen - perhaps - of the days to come. And as she traveled, Janine cataloged the multiplying native paths. The old one was long since gone, giving way to lighter but fresher ones to follow. As she stepped alongside them, they congregated into places where grasses parted. Until, finally, a fragment of blue caught light. Stopping, Janine stared down at it. After a quick recording of the scene, she stooped to fish it out with a gloved hand. Lifting it revealed a rounded, triangular shape. The rest of the image was lost, broken. What remained held a single depiction of an eye, with squiggles around the head. "Artifact discovered." A few moments passed before a response was given. "Notice received. Is it safe to transport?" Janine confirmed. Another moment, then "Cleared for transport. You are honored."
Janine confirmed again, before popping off a tiny sphere from her armed glove. Setting it against the fragment caused it to expand, enveloping the piece. Turning, Janine tossed it back across the path she had traveled. The sphere arced before taking a rapid straight shot back towards the base. Facing forward again, Janine looked up. Squinting against the light, she observed pink clouds. High above... a flicker of a shape. She frowned, no readings crossing the screen. Around, the calls of birds and creatures had shifted. Now they held more guttural sounds. Night.
A ping acknowledged that the artifact had been received. Looking back to the horizon, a small blue arrow showed across the screen. "Material recorded and analysed. There is a high concentration of this not far from here, in an inorganic formation. The coordinates have already been set. You are honored."
"Confirmed. Setting now." Janine replied. While communications stood by, she pulled the legs of the long-barreled weapon from the stock. Locking them in place, she knelt down and arranged it at an upward angle. Trajectory was calculated, matching the coordinates provided. The firing lock was released, and a bird flew overhead. Janine watched it, long feathers granting it mobility in the air. She paused, then proceeded. Bringing herself down to the firing level, she cocked the machine. A high pitch sounded out, rising rapidly until a blue sphere manifested at the base of the barrel. The instant it turned green, the machine fired.

Grasses blew to the side, vibrations accompanying the blast as the emerald sphere vanished into the horizon in an arc. A sharp blue tail marked its direction. Janine waited. And waited. Until finally, in the absence of birdcall, she heard the boom of impact. Her face broke a smile as a massive green beam spiraled into the sky. "Civilization contained. You are honored." And with the machine returning to its compact state, Janine got to her feet.