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kylar chin

there are reasons you don't trust southsiders. you say they live in anarchy but some will agree with kylar " We live in organised chaos"

0 · 242 views · located in Clarkton

a character in “New Start”, as played by nico blackburn


Kylar Dimitri Chin

Theme song
"Another Way Out" by Hollywood Undead

∞full name ∞
Kylar Dimitri Chin

∞ Nickname ∞
Dimitri, John Doe

∞ Age & School Year ∞
17yrs senior year

∞ Occupation ∞
In Southside: Leader of the Blackdragons
In Northside: part time as a personal trainer's assistant, but unknown to most he does some of the family business in his spare time.

∞ Gender ∞

∞ Sexuality ∞

∞ Nationality ∞
japanese american

☤ Appearance ☤

∞ Height & Weight ∞
6'1 & 73kg

∞ Hair color/Length/Quality ∞

∞ Eye color ∞

∞ Distinguishable Facial Features ∞
none other than a scar from the corner of his left eye

∞ Birthmarks/Scars/Tattoos/Piercings ∞
scars run down the right side of his neck
a tattoo of a dragon along his upper back
he has piercings and he has and will never take them off one in his tongue and seven in his ears.

☤ Mentality ☤

∞ Habits/Quirks ∞

✦ twitch next to his left eye when angered or attracted
✦ disappearing in the middle of lunch, recess even class
✦ playing with sharp objects
✦ getting into aggravated disputes

∞ Likes ∞

♥ blood
♥ silence
♥ inflicting pain
♥ family
♥ people who know him( not entirely him but him)
♥ shy girls
♥ Hard,physical work

∞ Talents ∞

✔ black belt in every known martial art
✔ exceptional skill with firearms and blades
✔ can be attached to a lie detector and lie without it ever going off
✔ exceptional artist

∞ Dislikes ∞
✖ people who are nosy
✖ people who are snobby
✖ people who are rich
✖ people who disrespect him and his family
✖ those who harm girls
✖ people who brag
✖ most of all, people who don't pay up

∞ Fears ∞
✘ Life without sacrifice
✘ Life without his friends
✘ Life without the blackdragons
✘ Money as a source of gain

∞ Flaws ∞
✘ scar tissue on his neck
✘ His sense of honor
✘ inability to concentrate on things

∞ Secrets ∞
⌛ He is the first in a long line of hitmen to be weak as a 8 year old
⌛ Dimitri is not his middle name, it's actually the name of the person he killed when he was 9

∞ Personality ∞
|| honorable || untrusting || sadistic || generous ||
|| cunning || respectful || bloodthirsty || intelligent ||

kylar learnt to be honorable by his father.he has come to not full trust anyone.when he kills he will be generous and give you a quick and relatively painless death or be sadistic and cunning slowly putting you into pieces til you tell he what he wants then still, dont expect the quick painless death. he respects those he trusts and those he dont. he is bloodthirsty simple as that he loves the feel of the hunt and the power of the kill. In the Chin family intelligence is the key to all but the greatest locks

☤ Backround ☤

∞ Romantic Interest & Relationship History ∞
shy girls, short, scene, emo,

∞ Family ∞
Father: Jordi Chin
mother: unknown
adopted uncle: Morty savon
brother: Henry Chin

∞ History ∞[/size]
his history is unknown by all but himself, a few other southsiders, a northsider or two and his family. And that is the way he wants to keep it.
after being transferred to northside of clarkton he like all the others who required it were sent to the psychologist. kylar in particular was a hard case to crack. but this is what the police psychologist had to say " as a young boy kylar had been troubled by the neighbours for years as they abused him for some reason.
when kylar turned nine he acquired the name dimitri from his father's 'friend' Dimitri Al Dante or by kylar's word big Al. which is interesting as a crimelord going by Big Al Dante was found drowned in a bath tub of his own blood a week after Kylar's ninth birthday. May i recommend a ticket back to southside sir."

∞ Clubs & Sports ∞
Archery, Kickboxing, Lock picking ,Computer

So begins...

kylar chin's Story