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Tamik Elbon

A war veteran who's tired of fighting

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a character in “New World: Experimental”, as played by FyreT1ger


Name: Tamik "Tam" Elbon
Age: 28
Gender: male
Race: Yarragogg
Occupation: Military Police Force (Enforcer)

Appearance: According to his own race standards, Tam is well muscled and quite handsome. He stands at 7' with tightly corded muscles in his long arms and a broader chest than the average yarragogg male. No hair covers his elegantly molded large dome of a head, because he has no hair follicles like all of his race. Shiny interlocking yellow scales wrap around his narrow neck up to either side of his head and towards the back. His brilliant orange skin is smooth in appearance but leathery of texture, and like all of his kin resistant to cold. In perhaps a comfortable break from bright orange, he has deep blue eyes and wears a shimmering blue body suit in the same color. The sleeves go down to just below his elbows and the legs of the suit cover his own legs completely to the ankle. His particular outfit has light grey stripes just above his hips, three on each side and one silver chevron on the right shoulder marking his military rank.

Personality: In general, he's a quiet yet fairly friendly fellow, a gentle giant if you will. Unfortunately his job doesn't allow him to show it, and neither do many people try to get close to him because of his job and race. He takes this behavior pretty hard. He is still young by most races' standards, and one of the boons of youth is eagerness to please. Tam has this boon, but he doesn't take rejection well and suffers from depression. He tends to self-medicate, so when off-duty he can most likely be found in a bar.

History: As the eldest son of a military hero, Tam was expected to also join the military. He did as expected but was permanently stuck in his father's shadow, even so far as to being a subordinate officer to the man. Lucky for the other subordinates, he didn't get any special treatment, but what he saw of his father the military officer clouded his relationship with him off-field. As his father's subordinate, he never had a chance to make a name for himself on his own and still can't understand why Supreme Command did that to him. In the heavily militarized society of yarragogg, a soldier with no reputation was an embarrassment. In the ten years since his recruitment, he's seen what building that reputation requires; a lot of blood, death, and sheer cruelty. Now he just can't wait for his latest tour of duty to end.

Powers/Abilities: Molecular Reconfiguration
Restrictions: Because of a high chance of abuse, this power carries with it several restrictions.
1): This power can only be used when the acting character is in direct physical contact with the target.
2): The power can NOT be used on the actor's own physical body.
3): The agent must know the proper configuration of molecules in the target.

Other skills: Knowledgeable of the anatomy of several different races, military tactician who favors low civilian casualties, enjoys significant control and knowledge of pulsar weapons.

Notes: The proper plural and singular form of the race name is Yarragogg, but a common shorthand and often derogatory term for that particular race is Yaro.

So begins...

Tamik Elbon's Story


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  1. Ak'ren is the yarragogg god

    by FyreT1ger

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Meanwhile somewhere in the midst of the city...

Sunlight pierced through the window in a smaller building with only five floors. The light fell on a young careworn yarragogg, who groaned and pulled a pillow over his face. His head felt like it weighed 100 lbs. He groaned again, but he had to force himself to get up. He was a ranked officer now and had responsibilities.

As he struggled to lift his leaden body, the scent of hot spiced tak came to his attention. He turned his stone head toward it and rubbed his eyes. Someone left a mug of the heavy drink with the consistency of mud next to his bed. He wrinkled his small pointed nose. The taste of tak set his teeth on edge, even with the added spices he preferred, but Tamik's aching head and churning stomach was proof he probably needed it.

Turning his head the other way, he saw a blinking red light on his handheld vidscreen reader, briefs from his superior officers. Dammit! He choked down his tak and felt it burn through his body all the way to his fingers and toes. He hated the stuff, but he had yet to find something better with the same effect. More energized and beyond his physical pain, he took a deep breath and read the briefs.

Several parts of his patrol territory had riots in the night. He already knew that, and had to put down three of them personally. The memory of that brought another groan. These ghetto riots were part of the reason he felt so miserable this morning. Near the end of his shift an even bigger one broke out and he called a reptilian Enforcer unit for backup. Reptilians were shorter than yarragogg, but heavier in build, with claws and sharp teeth that none could miss on sight. "Please, Ak'ren, let today be an easy day," he prayed.