Janie "Jynx" Knight

"Music is everybody's possession. It's only publishers who think that people own it."

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Sometimes I say things that I think are obviously sarcastic and people take them quite literally.

Full Name: Janie Isabelle Knight (She go's by Jynx)
Stage Name: Jynx
Position in band: Keyboardist
Gender: Hopefully It's obvious that I'm a girl...
Birthday: April 1st
Home Town: Chicago, Illinois
Singing/playing style: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzrYvXT1o8s
Idea for band name: Um, I'm not sure yet, I'll think of something and put it here.



Hair color: Light blonde, sometimes has colored streaks going through it.
Hair Style: Long mid back length with slight side bangs. It's naturally wavy but sometimes when she feels like making an effort she straightens it.
Eye Color: A weird silver color.
Skin Tone: Very pale, she rarely tans.
Height: 5'6
Body Type: tall and thin, but not lacking in curves.
She has a tattoo on her left shoulder
and she has one on the inside of her right wrist

Clothing Style:
Instrument: Image


Personality: Jynx is very quiet and reserved. She usually just takes in her surrounding's and can read most people like an open book. She prefers not to talk to people she doesn't know and will tell them to leave her alone. She only open's up around people she 's comfortable with. She can be very sarcastic but try's not to piss to many people off. She's really confident and has no problem's being on stage, or talking to people. She just prefers not to. When she actually talks to you she has a great sense of humor and is very easy going. She rarely get's mad and is good at controlling her temper.

History: Jynx was born into a poor family. She had 5 older siblings. And her mom didn't expect to have any more kids. So she didn't really know what to do with her. Jynx's dad was gone most of the time because he worked 3 jobs trying to support them. But they were already way in debt when he started trying. Jynx spent most of her time singing or doing other things with music. She would make makeshift instruments out of pots and pans. Her mom noticed and sent her to take piano lesson's from one of her friend's. Jynx instantly got the hang of it and could play almost anything by the time she was ten. When she got the letter she didn't think twice before she went to New York.

*Playing piano
*Chinese food
* Horror movies
* Preforming
* Skateboarding

* Talking (To most people)
* Going on "normal" dates
* Peanut butter
* cats

* Her home life
* That she's scared to let people in
*That she can sing, (She's scared to sing in front of people, She prefers the piano anyways.)

*Spiders "their just... ugh
* Heights, if she thinks she's up to high she start hyperventilating
* Trusting people, she thinks that if she trusts someone they'll just betray her later


Brothers: Ray Knight, 27
Zachary Knight, 25
Blake Knight, 23
Sisters: Olivia Knight, 28
Lily knight, 22
Mom: Renee Knight, 48
Dad: Christian Knight, 49

Pets: None right now, but she plans on getting a dog...
Crush: No one at the moment
Bf/Gf: She hasn't found a guy that she actually get's along with yet.

So begins...

Janie "Jynx" Knight's Story


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Jasper stepped out of the taxi that had driven him to the mansion. He went of to the trunk and waited for the driver to unlock it. As soon as he heard that satisfying click, Jasper grabbed his bags and set them on the curb. Then he carefully unloaded his guitar cases which held his electric and acoustic guitar. His guitars were the first things Jasper brought into the mansion. Next he grabbed his bags and brought them in. Jasper had a look around. The place was huge. Definitely different from the apartment he'd been living in. After Jasper had a look around he went outside and sat on the steps leading to the mansion. he waited for the others to arrive. Jasper could hardly contain his excitement.