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Reason Kendricks

"Music is my boyfriend...until I find a real one atleast!"

0 · 324 views · located in New York, City

a character in “New York, City of dreams...”, as played by MaliceInWonderland




"Music is my boyfriend!"

Full Name:
Reason Kendricks
Stage Name:
Position in band:
Lead Singer
March 6th,1991
Home Town: (Where you were when Velvet found you)
Pittsburgh PA
Singing/playing style:(Link to video or soundtrack of a famous person you sound like)
Emilie Autumn
Idea for band name:(Also will be new name of RP)
Social Rejects


Hair color:
Hair Style:
Long and wavy, sometimes with some color
Eye Color:
Skin Tone:
Soft Olive Brown
Body Type:
Slender, with mild curves that you can't see unless you're really looking
Distinguishing Marks: (Tattoo's, Freckles, Birthmarks, e.t.c.
Reason has a long body tattoo of cherry blossoms on vines crawling up her left leg, and around her waist .
Clothing Style:
Reason is a very bohieman dresser, mixed with a bit of hispter. During warm days, she can be found wearing cropped tops that show off her slender frame and body length tattoo.
Instrument: Picture of instrument:
Her voice is her instrument but she can play the violin


Reason is fun loving, playful, silly and friendly. She is very down to earth. However her low self esteem has caused her to be a little too eager to make friends and be accepted. She has a silver tongue and quick wits despite all that.
Reason was born an army brat. Raised on several bases and having had to move from place to place never really fitting in. She found solace in writing songs and singing whatever she could. Her parents had hoped she become apart of the military as well but Reason being a right brained girl was not happy with that. So when she was 17, she decided to move with her Grandmother in New Orleanswhere she fell in love with the gothic history and her music in turned became gothic as well. This shunned her from the 'mainstreamers' as they're weren't many girls that were into gothic anything. It was after her grandmother passed away that she felt completely alone, her grandmother understood her and accepted her for who she was and with her gone and her parents wanting her to be someone she wanted, Reason tried to find happiness anywhere she could, even if that meant in a little pill. For a long while she was hooked on the stuff and she found herself able to relax and so she began writing more and more. It wasn't until a few years ago that, she began performing to support her habit, when she wasn't high.
It was during that time that she recieved the letter from Velvet and decided if she was gonna do this, she'd need to kick the habit and start writing with out it however, she isn't sure if that's going to work out the way she planned.
Hanging out with friends
Being Alone.
The Military

She just kicked a drug habit, used to be addicted to escasty
Being alone.

Mother and Father -Both active in the military-
Grandmother (deceased)
Pets:(Only one if you want one)
A small Shiba Inu named Inuyasha
Crush:(Obviously not yet they don't know

None yet.
Bf/Gf:(Not yet, unless they left them behind when they left.

So begins...

Reason Kendricks's Story


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#, as written by tigerz
Jasper stepped out of the taxi that had driven him to the mansion. He went of to the trunk and waited for the driver to unlock it. As soon as he heard that satisfying click, Jasper grabbed his bags and set them on the curb. Then he carefully unloaded his guitar cases which held his electric and acoustic guitar. His guitars were the first things Jasper brought into the mansion. Next he grabbed his bags and brought them in. Jasper had a look around. The place was huge. Definitely different from the apartment he'd been living in. After Jasper had a look around he went outside and sat on the steps leading to the mansion. he waited for the others to arrive. Jasper could hardly contain his excitement.