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New York, City of dreams...

New York, City


a part of New York, City of dreams..., by XphoenixX5.


XphoenixX5 holds sovereignty over New York, City, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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New York, City is a part of New York, City of dreams....

6 Characters Here

Andy Way [1]
Derek Kain [1] "Everything has a rythmn to it. We just need to follow the steady pulse of life."
Megan Sky [1] "They say that Sky's blue. I say I'm fair thank you."
Janie "Jynx" Knight [1] "Music is everybody's possession. It's only publishers who think that people own it."
Reason Kendricks [1] "Music is my boyfriend...until I find a real one atleast!"
Jasper "The Wolf" Wilde [1] "Did somebody call for The Wolf! Ahhooo!"

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#, as written by tigerz
Jasper stepped out of the taxi that had driven him to the mansion. He went of to the trunk and waited for the driver to unlock it. As soon as he heard that satisfying click, Jasper grabbed his bags and set them on the curb. Then he carefully unloaded his guitar cases which held his electric and acoustic guitar. His guitars were the first things Jasper brought into the mansion. Next he grabbed his bags and brought them in. Jasper had a look around. The place was huge. Definitely different from the apartment he'd been living in. After Jasper had a look around he went outside and sat on the steps leading to the mansion. he waited for the others to arrive. Jasper could hardly contain his excitement.


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Reason sat in the taxi as it drove down the busy streets of New York. She clutched the strap to her violin case, nervously. She'd been off her drugs for a little more then a week now and it was hard. She was fidgety and paraniod majority of the time and she went through a small despression not to long ago. All symptoms of withdrawal but she would fight through it.

This was her dream and she wasn't about to blow it over a little pill.

The taxi pulled up to a large home and Reason's jaw dropped. "Oh my god." She breathed as she gazed out the window.

It was huge and she was gonna live there.

The taxi pulled to a stop and Reason stepped out. She looked over the building again and couldn't believe she was gonna live in this place instead of the old loft she had in Pittsburgh. She gathered her bags, slung her violin case on her back and grabbed her suitcases and approached the large stairs. She noticed a guy sitting there and gave a small grin. "Hello," She said. "Are you um, living here too?" She asked, by the looks of him, he looked like he could be in the band but she wasn't sure.

She adjusted her luggage in her hands, so they wouldn't fall like they wanted to. Reason was a pretty strong girl, though she didn't look it. Right now, she looked like a hippie. A long grass green skirt, gladiator sandels and a cropped top that rested under her modest bust line, revealing her flat bronze stomach that was adorned with a cherry blossom vine tattoo and her silky black hair, cascading down her shoulders in raven waves, framing her exotic features.

It was a suprise to most that she was an army brat and a singer of gothic rock.