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Kerrigan Leroux

"I can give you anything you could possibly want. All you have to do is one small favor for me."

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a character in “New York Nights: A Scions Last Words”, as played by NelielChan


Name: Kerrigan Leroux

Parent: Aphrodite

Age: Appears 20, but doesn't tell her actual age

Gender: Female

Nationality: European (Greek and French)

Sexual Orientation: No particular preference (technically bisexual)

-Height: 5 ft 5 1/2 in
-Weight: 134 lbs
-Eye Color: Dull green
-Hair Color: Dark red

Style: She wears an open long sleeved jacket that cuts off below her breasts at all times, long enough to hide her bracelet and wrist, but not enough to mask her otherwise perfect figure. Underneath, she usually wears a low cut shirt or tank top, at times wearing nothing other than a swimsuit top or bra. Her pants, whether they be shorts, capris, or full pants, always hug her curves nicely, accentuating and showing them off in every way possible.

Powers: Due to her relationship with her mother, she has no real supernatural powers. Instead, she is inhumanly good at most things, including her appearance, dexterity, manipulative powers, intelligence, and wits.

Personality: Kerrigan is, to most people, a kind and caring person. In reality, this is the facade she puts on to trick most people she meets. This act ends when Kerrigan is manipulating a person, instead using anything in her power to get a person to do as she pleases. This goes from promising a person their greatest desires in such a way they must agree, to using her body to distract them from her lies. When asked about this from the few common acquaintances she keeps, she rarely sees anything wrong in it.

Bio: Kerrigan was born in France, raised by her French father. Despite that she was the child of a god, her father loved her no less, and was determined to raise her to be a proper young lady. While growing up, however, her father saw more and more of her mother Aphrodite's attitude in Kerrigan, and confronted her about it. Upon learning that her mother was none other than the Greek goddess of love, Kerrigan felt used. Her father told her that her mother died in childbirth ever since she was a little girl, and as such, she never had hoped of seeing her mother. Instead of talking to her father about this, she was enraged. She left her home, staying at a friend's house for weeks on end. It was this time in her life that she found her more malevolent side. Knowing that she was a child of a goddess, she started to bend and manipulate people to her will, using her powers to fuel this. This went on for nearly a month, and it was then that her mother decided to intervene. Angry with how abusive her daughter had been with her abilities, Aphrodite demanded that Kerrigan go back to her father, control herself, and make amends. Shocked at how her mother reacted, Kerrigan quickly broke down into tears, and promised Aphrodite she'd change. To make her keep this promise, Aphrodite gave Kerrigan a bracelet to wear on her right wrist. Normally black, the bracelet would turn white and burn her skin should she ever manipulate for personal gain again. For months, this kept Kerrigan in line. Eventually, the pain began to become familiar to Kerrigan. And she began to ignore it, continuing on her previous acts in far more a malicious manner. As for the bracelet? She just kept it as an act of defiance to Aphrodite.

Theme: Lying is the Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Pants Off - Panic! At The Disco


So begins...

Kerrigan Leroux's Story


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Kerrigan looked around the room. Not a single interesting person in the entire place. And yet, every single one of them would bend to her every whim if she willed it. They were all so terribly pathetic, but she didn't entertain those thoughts for long. Playing with weak-minded toys was never fun. It's when they try to resist that she truly enjoyed her craft. Walking through the crowd, people watched as she walked by. She ignored the looks that people gave her. They were looks she was well familiar with.

Lust. Greed. Desire.

All emotions that she used to manipulate people, to take everything they ever wanted and promise it in such a convincing manner that they didn't bother to question her. Occasionally, someone would take a picture, or try to get her attention. The pleas and cries for attention fell on deaf ears as she walked out the back door of the establishment. It was really a shame that she didn't find anyone in that cesspool, but this was New York. There were countless bars, malls, and restaurants that she could go to if she really wanted something to do.

At that moment, she felt a pang of pain in her wrist. She looked down and, as she expected, the bracelet on her wrist had changed from obsidian to an alabaster white. This was the "gift" Aphrodite gave her upon her turning 18. Whenever she entertained the thought of manipulating people to fit her personal whims, the bracelet would turn the purest of whites to signify that she should stop. For a while, this deterred her slightly.

Now? Now, she's so used to it that she acknowledges it only to make sure that Aphrodite knows that no one controls her, that Aphrodite's attempts of preventing her from doing as she pleases were meaningless. Not even her mother, the goddess from which she received all of her powers from, is above her. She smirked, then walked out of the alley. The bracelet eventually turned back to black, the pain faded, and she turned to go play with one of her favorite toys, the owner of a local coffee shop.


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Smiling, Emeli was about to take Alexi's hand as the black clothed man she followed in the shop was pulled through the window by a disfigured being which Emeli couldn't recognize, shattering the glass and landing outside the shop. "What the... Alexi, that bite to eat will have to wait. Our black clothed friend is getting attacked, and I'm seriously hoping I'm not the only one that can see the culprit," she said in a slightly flustered voice. Without waiting for Alexi, she ran outside of the shop to see the man pinned to the ground, getting slashed by the creature's claw. "Christ, what the hell is going on..." She looked around to make sure there was no one else looking. The only people in the immediate vicinity were Alexi, the man, and some red-headed girl walking towards the shop. Emeli sighed and checked the moisture content of the air, satisfied at the slight humidity. "Well, let's just hope that that red-head can't see this..." Emeli raised her hand, drawing the moisture in the air to a concise spike and freezing it.

"Hey, ugly!" Emeli yelled, trying to get the creature's attention off of the man. If it looked at her, she could get a clear shot at its face. "I've got a present for you!"


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Emeli flung the spike of ice into the beast's hide as multiple events unfolded around her. Alexi forming a staff from his bracelet. The sound of gunfire. The red-headed girl noticing the beast and running into an alley. "Damn it all," Emeli silently said to herself. She looked in the direction she guessed the gunfire was from and saw a cop unloading as fast as possible on it. This wouldn't be as bad, but it was a certain cop Emeli was fairly familiar with.

It was none other than Officer Micheal Embers, a man who Emeli has had more than a few bad run-ins with from her few theft charges. "Of course. Alexi, I really hope that staff of yours isn't just for show. I'm also hoping you aren't completely green in a fight, or this is going to be a lot harder," she quickly said, hoping that the man hears her. "Don't follow me, just try to get the damn thing's attention!"

She turned and stepped back a bit, looking in the cop's direction. "Hey, Officer Embers! Hope you can provide enough cover fire to keep me safe!" With that, she started focusing the water in the air around her, forming a very crude icy armor on her arms, shoulders, chest, and and legs. She took a few more steps back, ready to get a running start. "This is probably the dumbest idea I've ever had," she mumbled. And with that, she ran, full on, at the beast on top of the black clothed man, and slammed her shoulder into the beast, hoping to throw its balance off. The ice around her shoulder cracked, thankfully keeping her shoulder safe from any grievous injuries. She stepped back slightly, seeing that she had indeed jarred the beast off of the man, but its full attention was now on her. She took the time to repair the ice on her shoulder, a mistake she soon regretted as the beast turned and backhanded her into the air and back into the street. Emeli barely had enough time to soften the fall, preventing any deadly injuries, but the pressure of the ice cracking knocked the air out of her and left her on the ground, sore and incapable of moving very easily.