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Sierra Lin

"Maybe you would understand if you listen."

0 · 385 views · located in New York, NY

a character in “New York Streets”, as played by Anraee



I was born under the name of:
Linette Collerlean
"No one knows my real name here. Why would I tell them?"

You can call me:
"I only go by Sierra, but if you're close enough to me you can call me Lin."

My age is:
"Why does this really matter? Age doesn't change anything besides looks."

I was born on:
Sept. 18th 1995
"I'm a virgo!!!"

I was born in:
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Yes, I was born in Sin City."

I have been homeless for:
2 years
"I was 17 when I first became homeless."

The Peacekeeper
"There's no point in arguing. Its not going to get us anywhere."

People would describe me as being:
Sierra is one of those type of people that tend to be happy a bit too much. She likes to look at the positive side of things instead of the bad things. She's majority of the time a bubbly person that is always laughing and smiling. When she isn't smiling, its not always a good thing. After all she is always smiling. The main reason she smiles is because, she just wants to live her life to the fullest. After all you don't live forever, right? No matter what the situation for the most part she's really calm and collected. She tends to keep to herself most of the time. When she does get involved its normally to calm a situation down. Although she doesn't talk all the much she does still smile. She'll be listening to the others conversations and smiling and laughing along with them. The only reason she doesn't talk that much is because she doesn't know all of them all that well. But to the people she does know and has conversations with, she may not be able be able to shut up.
She likes to make jokes and such even though most of the time they're really lame and she ends up laughing too hard at her own jokes. It may even make others laugh because she's laughing so hard about her own jokes. People mostly view her as the sweet one out of them all, since she doesn't ever judge others. Sierra may have her comments on what the other do, she keeps it to herself not wanting to upset others. She doesn't need anyone to hate her. She hates when other people don't like her. Its unavoidable, but its not something she likes. Hating people is a waste of time in her opinion, since it won't get her anywhere at all. Its only going to make her vent about that person and that's not even going to help at all. She may dislike someone, but she'll still treat them like how she treats anyone else. Its better to be the better person than to just be the ignorant one that refuses to forgive and forget.
Some bad things about her personality is that she tends to be naive at times. She doesn't like to believe that others would just lie to her about some things. It may be easy for the right person to actually run her over and take advantage of her. Another thing is when she snaps. Sierra doesn't ever snap easily. But when it does happen, even then she is really come and collected! But her comments are swift and precise. Her words are cut throat, but she doesn't always actually mean it. Once again this side of her doesn't show too much, but when it does that means you've upset her to the absolute max. Besides that she's generally a nice person that is easy to get along with. Its not hard to get along with her.
"Come on guys, getting upset isn't worth it."

Some things I like are:
  • Apples
  • Coffee
  • Sweets
  • Rain
  • Dancing
  • Music
  • Cafes
  • Pictures
  • Stuffed Animals
  • Friends
  • Life
  • Being Free
  • Randomizing
Some things I dislike are:
  • Crying
  • Cats
  • Purposeful Mistakes
  • People incapable of being Serious
  • Cold
  • Darkness
  • Woods
  • Being Stared At
  • Ignorance
My biggest fears are:
  • Abandonment
    Sierra hates to be left alone to herself. Its never a good thing when you're left to yourself. She was already abandoned at a young age so now its an absolute fear of hers. Even when she was on the streets, she still had someone with her the whole time. Even if they only stayed with her for a little bit at least she had someone there for her.
  • Darkness
    This may sound really childish but she absolutely hates being left in the dark. No one ever knows what is actually lurking around in the darkness. So she is always in some place where its lighted so that she can see. Its always been known for people to get snatched up when others cant see them. So for that reason exactly she chooses to stay in well lighted areas and has some sort of flashlight with her.
  • Being Caught in Action
    No one likes to be caught. But for her she would be in serious shit if she was ever caught. She is basically wanted for running away although she is 19. She's been missing since she was 15 and that was a huge problem. So currently people are still trying to find out where she is. If they ever found out where was was, she would die.(not literally)
My dreams consist of:
  • Having a Home
    This may seem sad but this is the one thing she drives for the most. In reality she hates being on the streets and having to do somewhat of crimes just to survive. But even then she doesn't have enough to actually have a home to stay in. After all who would want to hire a girl that has no home and isn't able to take showers everyday. it would only bring the place she would work at down. Not to mention cause a bunch of attention to herself. Sierra would hate to cause any attention to herself when it really isn't needed.
  • Finding Love
    Now who doesn't ever dream of this. Sierra wants to find that one person that would love her to death. That would se past all the stupidity and such to see who she truly was. she gets jealous seeing other people around that have found their perfect match and are in love. She wants to feel that at some point in her life. It doesn't have to happen all for a sudden but she does want it to happen at one point or another.
Long or short term dreams

I ended up here because:
Originally She was born under the name Linette. She was born into a high class family that was well known in some places around the country. So some people may be able to tell who she was if they knew her real name. She was brought up around the best and having the best around her. Her family thought that their children should have the absolute best in life. But with that came the standards that they would be put under. So of course Linette was suppose to be under those standards as her other family members. But since Linette was the only girl in the family so things came a lot harder on her. Her dad didn't want a girl, and if he had one she wanted to have her best one of the best. Linette was a free willed person and liked to do what she wanted. That came from her older brothers who she often spent time with.
This lead to be a huge problem one day. Linette had been really late one day to a business gathering. The whole thing had been planned by her father and she was basically the center of attention for the gathering. She was suppose to be impressing a future client with the piano she had been learning for years. But that day had gone all wrong. Linette was suppose to be riding with her family to the gathering. It hadn't turned out like that at all. She had been struggling to get ready and was running late. Her father had no tolerance for people being late and left her at home despite what his wife thought of the situation. Linette had tried to catch up with them before they left but she was too late. They had already left her. Once she looked presentable again she caught a cab to the event. By then she was already an hour late. When she got there her family rushed her to play the piano. She was nervous but still played. The song she had played ended up being not that great and wasn't impressing to anyone including herself. Her father had the last straw with her and ashamed of his daughter.
That night when they had gotten home she had a talk with her dad. It was just her and her dad the whole time. When she had gotten back to her room everything was basically gone. It was an empty room with a bed, window, and dresser. Everything was white and plain. Her clothes had been replaced with formal ones and only formal ones. She tried to accept it and get used to it, but it didn't really work out too much. Linette had become depressed as rules slammed down on her. She wasn't allowed to do anything she liked. She wasn't able to be herself anymore. Everyone in her family noticed it, but they weren't able to do anything about it even if they had wanted to. Her dad was even harder than before, and she would be lucky if she was able to get out of the house. Everything she did had to go through her dad, if her dad hadn't approved of it she would get in even more trouble. But despite being able to go out on rare occasions, it was only for things she had to go to. Otherwise she would stay home.
It wasn't till two years had passed when she became fed up with it. It was horrible, she had been depressed for way too long. She felt like she was losing herself and just became someone that was ghost like. She had consulted her youngest older brother about it to get his opinion about it. He agreed with her that she had changed over the years and it made him sad to witness it. Her brother had been the one to suggest her to run away. He knew that it may be a bad idea but he couldn't stand to see her like that anymore. He managed to get enough money for her to get a bus fare to wherever she wanted to go and a little more for her to survive until she had stability somewhere. Linette had been thankful and with the help of her brother ended up being able to run away. She was 17 at the time it would be a while before she would turn 18 so she had to be careful with what she did.
At some point in time she had actually ended up in New York City. Linette by this time felt a lot better. She didn't seem so gloomy and made friends here and there. Her friends had their own story that she would never know about, nor would they know about hers. Although she was more of herself again, she still was scared. She was underage and running from everything. It was about a month before she had gotten to New York when she had turned 18. She was thankful for that. Now she had no reason to be worried about being taken back to her family. She was legal to do as she pleased. But even then she still was careful. Linette couldn't trust telling anyone with her real name, and that caused her to not be able to get a normal job like regular people. New York was somewhere she had grown to love despite being on the streets. No one could really understand her but she preferred to keep it like that.
I make a living by:
You can say she is an identity theft. She doesn't do it too often since the more she does it the more she is at risk of being caught. But when she does do it she goes for the people with the most money. After all the more money she has the more she has to survive off of. She does feel a bit sad for the people she does it to but hey, she needs it more then them. She doesn't take too much money at a time, its more of she takes about $500 a piece so they wont really notice. She goes back to the person from time to time to get another chunk of money from them. But for the most part she doesn't rob them blind. After she has a certain amount she leaves that person alone. After all she does have some type of heart in her.

Height/Weight or build:
Sierra is 5'6 which is a pretty decent height since it isn't too short or too tall. She can at least reach the top of the counter to say at the most. Quite frankly she's perfectly fine with her height and loves it. She weigh 122lbs. That isn't a sickly skinny which she is thankful for. With living on the streets she at least was able to eat food during the day at least once a day. But most of the time she was able to have 2 meals. She has a rather lanky and petite frame. But don't underestimate her. She does have a lot of strength especially in her arms. She isn't afraid to knock someone out with them either.
Eye color:
Her eyes a hazel color. majority of the time it reflects a light brown color, but then at times it will flicker a green color. Most people love how it changes so much. In the sun its a brown color, but then in shaded areas its a green color. But then they also change depending on her mood too.
Hair color:
Sierra hair is brown... There's nothing much to really say about it. During the summer months it turns a lighter shade of bro, but overall its a brown color.
Sierra had on piercing. Its a nose piercing that is a tiny little star. Then she also has her ears pieced like most girls have. Its nothing really special. She doesn't like to mess up her body too much with piercings.
Face claim:
Hailee Steinfield

So begins...

Sierra Lin's Story