Belladonna "Bella" Colosimo

The alluring young woman with the voice of a sinful angel.

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a character in “New York: The City That Never Sleeps”, as played by Kenzi



⌈Name⌋ Belladonna Colosimo

⌈Nicknames/Stage Name⌋ Bella

⌈Age⌋ 22

⌈Gender⌋ Female

⌈Sexuality⌋ Straight

⌈Hometown/City⌋ Toronto, Canada

⌈Dream Career⌋ Jazz Singer/Musician

⌈Current Career⌋ She writes music/practices/and searches for jobs during the day and is a burlesque dancer by night. They sometimes let her sing between acts, if she's lucky.

⌈Appearance⌋ Belladonna stands at a striking 5’10” with long arms and lengthy lean legs. She has a small trim waist, curved womanly hips, a round perky bottom, and voluptuous C cup breasts. Her skin is ivory white and smooth with no freckles or blemishes. Bella’s hair is thick and rich dark brown in color with natural highlights and it falls to her lower back in loose waves and curls which give it volume.

She has a strong jaw line that helps to accentuate her amazingly full pillowy lips which form a perfect natural pout, has straight white teeth, and her nose is regularly sized with a slight upturn at the end. Her most shocking feature, however, are her eyes. Her brows are dramatically arched and very dark, drawing more attention to her stunning large almond shaped eyes. The orbs are icy blue in color with flecks of silver around the iris and are framed by long curled dark lashes.

⌈Personality⌋ Belladonna prefers to be called Bella or B. She is very flirtatious, outgoing, playful, sarcastic, independent, confident, stubborn, and spontaneous. She doesn't take anything sitting down and is the first one to speak up in awkward situations or when she feels something isn't as it should be. Belladonna likes to party and can often be found drinking at all hours of the day and is the type of girl to dance on tables in clubs, much to the entertainment of others. She's quick witted with a dry sense of humour and has an open and trusting heart, but if you loose her trust than she will never forgive you. Bella was never the most book smart individual, but she certainly is street smart and people smart; Bella can talk her way in or out of almost any situation. Bella is quick to act with her gut and isn't opposed to breaking the rules in order to succeed (which she does more often than not). She is a very passionate young woman when it comes to two things in life: Music and Men. Music is her life and she will fight until her last breath trying to get that illusive "big shot" that you always hear about. When it comes to men, she is very open minded to many different 'types' of men and has had her fair share of one night stands. She knows she's good looking and often uses it to gain the upper hand in a situations, but she isn't conceited or vain. Actually, you can often find her walking around in sweats and an old shirt with unbrushed hair. It's the way she carries herself that makes people stop and stare. Bella is like a great wild animal: Gorgeous and alluring, but untamed and unable to be caged.

⌈History⌋ Bella grew up in Little Italy in Toronto, Canada with her mother, father, and four sisters. She always loved music from a very young age and she took saxophone, singing, piano, cello, and guitar lessons for longer than she can remember. Bella was also kept in line by her over protective parents, who wanted her to forgo her dream of being a jazz singer (to them it involved a dirty under ground world of booze and sex). Instead, they wanted her to pursue music as a part time job in Toronto while she pursued a degree of her choice (how kind of them...). Her hair used to be blonde (http://i900.photobucket.com/albums/ac209/Kenzington99/raina-hein-mobile-wallpaper.jpg?t=1305422260), and while walking to classes one day she caught the eye of a young agent who asked her to model. She refused and said she really wanted to sing. He set Bella up with a friend of his who thought Bella had real potential. Unfortunately, it was not her big break. Through a massive turn of events she found herself in New York 2 months later with brunette hair, a guarded heart, and a determined spirit. She would be who she really was from now on, no more doing what others told her to do. This was her life and she was going to live it her way.

⌈Roommates⌋ Just moved into the building and is looking for a roommate.

⌈Apartment⌋ 4C

⌈Been in New York for...⌋ 2 months.

⌈Additional Information⌋ Bella has a soulful alto voice and can play the saxophone, piano, guitar, and cello expertly; She is terrified of wasps and bees; She is a vegetarian; She is Italian-French-Canadian; Can speak English, Italian, and French fluently; Wears this diamond and pearl ring (http://s7.sears.com/is/image/Sears/04480482000) on her right hand at all times.

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