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Amanda Mortale

The 'right hand' of Caesar she is the public face and does the heavy lifting, if he's the brains she's the brawn and she's as deadly as he is smart, possibly more so.

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a character in “New York's Finest”, as played by Elrith Eldwind


Amanda Mortale


“Requiem in pacium…”

The Basics

Full Name: Amanda Johan Mortale
Aliases: Maranda Corner, Angela de Mortale (Angel of Death), Julia Anders, Kalen Fromer, Samantha Black, and Amy (Only Gabriel can call her that)
Specialization: Hunter
Age: 31
Birthdate:23rd of October
Gender: Female




Color: Gunmetal
Food: Steak and Potatoes
Drink: Red Wine, Anything with a high level of alcohol
Music: She has a tendency to listen to blues, but on the job loves alternative metal

She’s a layered person with a deeply imbedded core that is hard to reach. Years ago her father died of cancer and she watched her mother die simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. She had nothing the moment that mad bank robber’s bullet struck her mother and would have just withered away had it not been for a young man who picked her sobbing from the blood soaked floor and took her away from the scene. She’s a cold person on the surface and fiercely loyal to the man who raised her, she is dangerous but not needlessly violent and has a tendency to show mercy even to those she shouldn’t.



As a ‘hunter’ Amanda has a many tools of the trade though as with all collectors and operators of weaponry she does have her favorites. What follows are several visual representations and statistics of some of her favorite weapons.

Her personal Favorite is her modified Fabric National FN FS 5.7 C Semi-automatic pistol. The C is for compact as her pistol has a shortened barrel and mechanism making it smaller by around 15% and has a two stage trigger system with a Suppressor as an optional attachment.

For more overt jobs Amy turns to FN FS P-90 Short Barrel with various ammunition and attachments to suit the job at hand, this submachine gun gets the job done quick and easy with a dual action trigger and a carbon enforced mechanism this weapon is her personal favorite for heavier jobs even if harder firepower is called for.

Ironically this blade is the same combat knife that Gabe used to fell the man who killed her mother. She has taken care of the knife and normally has it on her if she is wearing clothes that permit such, though a dress may not allow the 7 inch blade minus the hilt enough cover.


This is her standby when the above mentioned larger knife is inconvenient, or was until she took to wearing it at almost all times. The knife is perfect for combat and throwing and thus she wears it on her thigh at almost all times. Few men have discovered this blade, and even fewer still did so without getting hurt, very few.




First Crime: Shooting a police officer who almost took her away from the man she’d come to trust.

She was only six years of age when her father succumbed to cancer and only eight when she witnessed her mother’s death in a botched bank job by some crazed murderer. She and her mother did nothing wrong and were just in the bank at the wrong time. The man who lead the heist seemed sincere about not harming any of them as long as they kept quiet, but his partner went nuts when the security guard reached for an alarm switch. He killed all the bank workers and his own comrade before turning to the few customers and shooting one man down. Her mother tried to protect her but was gunned down while trying to reach for Amanda. No, not Amanda, that wasn’t her name back then, she has forgotten her given name now, living instead under the name the man who saved her had given her while she was in shock and unable to speak.

He was the leader of the bank heist and when his ally went mad he came to fight him, the battle was intense and while he was shot in the leg the man managed to finish off his crazed former comrade and came to rest in the corner next to her. Amy was still in shock at the time and the police were coming fast, so the man took her, she assumed as a hostage, but that soon changed and rather than being a hostage she became a friend. It took her two months before she broke her silence and spoke more than just a few words at a time and actually talked to the man she had come to know as ‘Gabe’.

They were two strange allies, and after a few months of Gabe questioning her about her name and her family she finally told him that she just couldn’t remember what her name was, trauma form the incident, and told him both her parents were dead. Gabe had decided to try and drop her off at the police station or city hall, somewhere where she could be reintegrated into society; after all he was a criminal. However it went wrong and in the confusion she shot a police officer to save Gabe. From then on their paths were intertwined.

How often are you online?:Daily
How often do you think you'll be to post?:Regularly
Do you like ice cream?: YES!!!!!
Password: Mastermind

So begins...

Amanda Mortale's Story


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Character Portrait: Gabriel Ruler, AKA Caesar Character Portrait: Amanda Mortale
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Amanda just grumbled and glanced up from under the fluffy comforter at the light streaming into the room form the large floor to ceiling windows with murderous intent. She took a moment to realize she wasn’t in her own rom with her black out curtains. Instead she was in the main living room of the massive apartment sprawled out on the couch. “Morning!” came a very familiar and unbelievably annoying voice. “Are you going to sleep the day away again?”

She groaned as the older man sat across from her in his typical fine suit drinking a cup of fresh coffee. He had the paper in his hand and opened it without setting his coffee down, snapping the pages taught as he glanced over at her hiding his smug smile she knew he was wearing. “Huh….” She grunted before throwing the comforter over her head. A mumbling stream of words that near no one could understand spewed from beneath the covers.

The man gently set his coffee down and continued to read the mornings news, not that much of it was news to someone like him, “Next time don’t pass out on the couch and you won’t have that problem.” He replied to her mumbles.

“Uh, muh hur mur hum um!”

“It’s not my fault you can’t hold your liquor…” he sipped at his coffee and raised an eyebrow, “Huh, looks like the paper finally caught wind of the Mayor’s secret girlfriend… ‘bout time I’ve been sitting on that bit of information for months…”

“Kur huh mur dur fler!”

“I didn’t make you drink a damn thing, if anything you dragged me into your little celebration… happy birthday by the way… hmm, wonder how long it will take them to catch wind that his girlfriend is actually a boyfriend…”

“You really huh fer nor dur…rewr…”

“Now that’s not very nice… you truely should wake up, I’ve got a job for you, kind of a birthday present.”

She flipped the cover back from being over her face and glanced at him, “How is that a Present?”

He let the paper fall limp to look her in the eye, “Don’t act like you don’t find work fun… besides it means you get to wear that nice red dress you bought the other day.”

She flipped the covers back to hide her eyes and rolled under them so she wasn’t facing him anymore. “I didn’t buy it…uhr… too expensive…” she still fought the fact she was slowly waking.

“Oh really? Then why is it hanging on your door… with a pretty little bow around it?”

She finally raised her head from the pillow she had wedged herself into to glance at a door at the far end of a nearby hallway. She couldn’t help but smile at last at seeing the dress she had wanted to buy but didn’t think was worth the price hanging there. The man walked over to her as she slowly crept up to be sitting on the couch still half-dressed form the other day with her hair in shambles and handed her a cup of coffee. “Thanks, Gabe, but I still don’t like mornings…”

“Fair enough, I’ve got to get breakfast cooking so you might as well go wash up.” She stood and half stumbled back to her room, taking the dress down and entering her suite.

“So, what’s the job?” She asked about half an hour later as she sat down to breakfast at the bar in the kitchen, Gabriel still cooking as was their custom, “Something dangerous I hope.”

He glanced up at her before flipping the hash-browns with a toss of the pan. “The one for tonight… very… but that’s for you to do later… this morning we need to work towards a bigger goal.”

“Found something worth bringing in a team for?”

“Yeah… but I don’t think it’s going to be worth getting the big leaguers together for…”

She swallowed some coffee and looked to him quizzically, “You thinking a new set?”

He nodded as he salted the hash-browns in the pan, “Exactly… we need a group that’s got some talent but also needs work… and a group that has ambition… this job is gonna take a full team and they best know their stuff... and be willign to work for a future.”

“Sounds like you’re planning more than a simple heist.” His smile told her everything but it was obviously for another time, “What do you want to do?”

“Simple… just put the word out through your friends that we’re looking for some group for a big score, take is high 5 figures a pop… assuming they can get the job.”

“You’re going to hold interviews? How?”

“That's where you come in.” He tossed the spuds onto a plate and slid them to her, “if they want the job… they’re going to have to find and steal the details... from you.” it was now time for her lips to curved into a devious smile to match his own.

-A few hours later, just as the group was starting to get moving Sage’s phone buzzed with a voicemail, the person who’d sent it was named Harve, “Hey, girl, what you been doin’? hear you guys might need some work and I got a lead for ya… word on the street is that Caesar is coming down off his hill top palace and looking for a fresh crew to put some work in, good money, and good rep, you want to hear more just give me a ring baby. Call me back, girl, peace!”