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Kendall Geary

"... Sorry, what?"

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a character in “New York's Finest”, as played by Cypher


Kendall Geary


Listen you fuckers, you screwheads. Here's a man who would not take it anymore. A man who stood up against the scum, the cunts, the dogs, the filth, the shit, here is someone who stood up.

The Basics

Full Name: Kendall Roger Geary
Aliases: Ronald Geir, Michael Roberts, Steven Maxwell, Richard Phelps, Richard Phillips, Jeff Anderson, Mitchell Moreau, John Quincy Smith, Six, MisterSixtySix
Specialization: Technician
Age: 36
Birthdate: 22 Mar. 1976
Gender: Male



Color: Maroon, although he appreciates all colors equally.
Food: Anything served at a diner--overly large, greasy burgers, huge slices of apple pie with generous dollops of whipped cream, french fries stacked high on the side of the plate and a bowl of the house soup.
Drink: Water is always enough for him. When he has some time, he prefers to make tea; and especially likes loose-leaf lapsang suchong.
Music: Whatever he can get a hold of, which, for him, is about anything. He has a deep loathing for most Top-40s music, though. His current playlist consists mostly of Joe Walsh songs.

Kendall is a complicated sort. Socially maladjusted and awkward in a manner quite similar to the typical nerd, Kendall is a man of very few words and even fewer facial expressions. He doesn't speak much, and when he does his sentences are not said so much as fired off in clipped bursts of dialog. He's brutally honest at almost all times, seemingly unable to lie (while in reality he just doesn't see the point to minor lies), but even then knows that there are times when perhaps the whole truth isn't the best plan. He doesn't really get out of the house much, as he really isn't keen on people, but he gets out enough that he isn't completely out of touch so much as just a little far gone from the main stream. He dislikes people and can be regarded as rude, surly or just downright mean, when in reality he just wants to be left alone (although that isn't to say that he's not surly or mean--he is). He also doesn't see the point in having friends or relationships; to him, his teammates are tools in a box or pawns on a chessboard, and one doesn't see a construction worker whispering sweet nothings to a claw hammer (usually), although that isn't to say that he hasn't contemplated getting along with the others--just that he hasn't found a proper reason yet. He truly comes into his own where technology is required; and it is a point of pride and a feather in his cap that quite a few interesting trinkets used by thieves and lawful folk alike can be attributed to him, and anyone taking credit for these designs is liable to end up in several million dollars of credit card debt or with a few hundred gigabytes of illegal pornography on their computer in the morning, and a data trail leading to their computer that even the most inept federal agent would be able to follow.


First Crime: His first crime was stealing a Three Musketeers from his local Seven-Eleven. If, of course, you're referring to his first big crime... Well, perhaps you've heard of the Wills Insurance Group Scandal of 2006? Geary was contracted in late 2006 by a group of corporate thieves to break through the Willis Insurance Group's supposedly impenetrable network firewalls and in the process, steal documents and ledgers giving the financial information of the company's biggest clients. Working alone and with a self-imposed time frame of three days (22-25 Dec.), Geary managed to slip several worms into the insurance group's databases, not only stealing the required information but also implicating the company itself in several counts of corporate fraud "For the good of the people". The fact that the company was not, actually, involved in any dirty dealings made this find all the more impressive. Long story short: Geary's employers walked away richer, Geary got away with a pretty tidy sum of money, and the Wills Insurance Group was dissolved.

Geary was born in Dublin, Ireland, the son of two lower-class folk of no consequence to the story. Geary performed admirably in primary school with no real trouble with the law (aside from the aforementioned Three Musketeers), although before he could be moved to secondary school his parents made the sudden decision to immigrate to America; more specifically, to New York.

His high school education took a dip at that point. Geary decided in high school that people angered him and, in making this decision, isolated himself from them by choice. Representing this conscious decision, Kendall's grades in high school soared, and he graduated with honors. Kendall decided to take a few years off from school at this point, and worked in various odd jobs for a while, still somewhat disenchanted with the people around him. It was at this point that he discovered the fledgeling field of computer science. He decided to take his life to college at that point, and went ahead into the university, riding his high school's grants and awards through the first year and loans for the next three. Once he graduated, he immediately started working with computers, right at the bleeding edge of technology. In his early years, Kendall was a systems expert for a few minor firms before the Internet became a big thing. In those early days, it was like being a frontiersman. Seeing the potential for human malice and stupidity coming through this new invention, Kendall focused his expertise on serverside security.

However, eventually, even this became a chore for Kendall, so he quit that job and struck out on his own, making independent security systems before finally just saying "FUCK IT!" and giving up on helping people altogether. He took to a new crusade then; exploiting his knowledge of computer security protocols to brutally disassemble them and sell the precious digital jewels within to the highest bidder.

Skill Set: Kendall is a systems security expert; which is basically a fun way of saying he's really good at being in places where he's not supposed to be, in the digital sense. Seeing as he has designed quite a few modern security systems and had experience with a great many more, Kendall can be in and out of most databases without anyone even knowing he was there. He's also got a fairly large backup of viruses and malware of every use under the sun, from denial-of-service to information transmitters to the kind of nasty things that can (and have!) shut off power grids.

He's also designed a few of the smaller bits of technology some thieves use today, such as digital key falsifiers (used for unlocking and starting cars with keyless locks), portable radio jammers (for blocking police scanners), and a few other designs he's yet to implement.
Preferred Equipment: Kendall has three computers (two desktops and a laptop). One of them is his personal computer, the other is his 'business' computer. His personal computer holds mundane things: business receipts, his tax records, and the few games he's purchased or torrented. His business computer is where all of the action takes place. Surrounded by a personally designed security system and layer after layer of firewalls and proxies of his own, battle-tested design, Kendall keeps all of his viruses and software on it. His laptop is basically a mobile, less spacious version of his 'business' computer, despite the attached 1 terrabyte hard drive.

He also keeps a Glock-18 in his apartment's nightstand. Just in case. He's never fired it, but he doesn't doubt that he will if he has to.

How often are you online?: Pretty much all the time, really. It's kind of sad.
How often do you think you'll be to post?: Multiple times a day, depending on how I feel.
Do you like ice cream?: I'm rather fond of it, yes. Just haven't had it in a long time.
Password: Mastermind

So begins...

Kendall Geary's Story


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#, as written by Cypher
Kendall Geary


It had been another long night at Kendall's post at his computer, tapping away at his keyboard with all of the quick, clever precision and efficiency he was renowned for amongst the e-crime community (and reviled for amongst law enforcement agencies). This particular small-beans case was proving to somehow be a tough nut to crack; some skinflint CFO of a mid-range industrial firm holding back pension funds for the workers was pegged as a good, easy hit, so Kendall had taken the job on, expecting to take no more than two hours to break whatever cheap, low-range security the guy had posted on his bank accounts.

It turned out the man had been very clever, turning a one-hour hackjob into a fourteen-hour battle of attrition between Kendall and the asshole's remarkably-up-to-date security systems. But fourteen hour later, Kendall moved the last of his pieces into place on the board and moved in for the kill. Within minutes, his network of spyware was in place and slowly, steadily siphoning the man's funding away one red cent at a time. Kendall leaned back in his desk chair, watching dawn's first rays filter through his windows--

Tap-tap. Cooo-eee.

'Oh for pity's sake,' Kendall thought to himself, rubbing the bags under his eyes. It was the pigeon. It was always the pigeon. Ever since the day he had moved in, there had been a flock of pigeons sitting on the fire escape outside his window. He'd tried desperately to drive them all off, and mostly succeeded. For months the pigeons left him alone. But then, four months ago, he had started waking up to a single partial albino pigeon tapping at his window every morning. He'd tried everything to scare this one away, short of nuking the apartment complex or burning his room out, but nothing would drive it off--it was persistent.

Kendall eventually, grudgingly, started to feed it; scraps of bread at first, then black oil sunflower seed. Every morning the bird would tap his window, and every morning the techie would set out a dish of seeds. The pigeon would wobble across the windowsill and sit on the ledge above Kendall's tiny kitchen nook, splitting a breakfast with the borderline reclusive Kendall. The pigeon was like the world's least obtrusive, best-scheduled houseguest. Kendall preferred its company to most people.

A few minutes passed as Kendall prepared the bird's breakfast, then his own. He puttered around the apartment, checking his e-mail, his phone messages (his plan was talk-only), then taking a shower and getting dressed. He figured he would have to get out and buy food at some point today, and so he left his apartment, heading down into the streets of New York, moving slowly towards his local corner market, a single cell in the great beast that was New York.