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Mikyla Frost

"Now you see me, now you don't"

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a character in “New York's Finest”, as played by hanybanany


Mikyla Frost


"Now you see me, now you don't"

The Basics

Full Name: Mikyla Grettle Frost
Jessica Johnson
Wendy White
Sandy Smith
Specialization: Chameleon
Age: 22
Birth date: February 5th
Gender: Female



Color: Yellow
Food: Spaghetti
Drink: Shirley Temple
Music: Pop

Mikyla is smart and sneaky. She knows what she wants and she goes after it. She is ambitious and determined when she sets her mind to things. She is a perfectionist. If she pick pockets something and is unsatisfied with her handy work, she will put back the item, then steal it again. She is also a lot of fun. She likes singing and dancing around her condo. She loves animals, and kids. She is a goof ball at times but can pull a straight face when she needs to. She is sarcastic and usual the jokester. Whenever there is conflict, she can always lighten the mood with her smile and puns. She is also a bit of a nerd. She isn't into computers stuff but she likes video games and comic books. Her Xbox is her best friend. She is on it almost every night. As for anger? Well Mikyla doesn't show it. She gets out her frustration by shooting people on COD.



First Crime: Mikyla's first crime was just small. It was in 10th grade. She was failing her history class and they had a huge exam coming up. She snuck into the school, after hours, and stole the answer key. She never got caught, and the police never got involved, but it was that one little risk that gave her a high feeling. She liked being sneaky and having secrets to keep. she still has the answer sheet, she keeps it in a box under her bed.

Childhood: Mikyla had a pretty average childhood. She grew up with both her parents, well until she was 13. Her father then left her mother for a horny slut. She had a best friend, one that lived next door to her, named Veronica. They used to play everyday until high school. Then Veronica became popular and they drifted. You know how it goes. Mikyla had no siblings growing up, just her dog Foxy. She had a few boyfriends. But none of them worked out. Most of their excuses were "You just aren't the one.." and it was after she denied them her virginity. Yes, she still has her virginity. But is that weird? She just didn't want to be used like her mother. She didn't want to be dumped like yesterdays trash because she "wasn't the one" anymore.


How often are you online?: Pretty much everyday.. I have no life.. Though I am in the process of moving :/
How often do you think you'll be to post?: Whenever I'm online ^^
Do you like ice cream?: Yes....
Password: Mastermind ;)

So begins...

Mikyla Frost's Story


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Mikyla Frost

Mickie was working of coarse. But she wasn't doing her favorite job, more of her needy job. She is waitress at a casino from 3-7 every week day. It's also good practice, getting to bump into so many people and all. Though she also gets to learn card tricks, and how to count cards. "Tequila please." A man said. Someone with manners? I must be dreaming. She poured the tequila into a glass and turned to see Erik. She laughed and gave him a wink. Erik is one her best friends, and also her hair dresser. Not that that matters. She watched him pull out a five, but she shook her head. "It's on me" She smiled. Erik is also the only person who knows about her other job. Though he isn't in the biz himself, he does like hearing stories. "We still on for tonight? COD marathon at my place right?" He asked. She had totally forgotten about it... She was supposed to meet up at head quarters tonight. As if they'll notice I'm gone.. She thought. Mikyla put a hand through her hair, "Sure are!"