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Sage Parker


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a character in “New York's Finest”, as played by StitchSaysHi


Sage Parker


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The Basics

Full Name: Sage Wyatt Parker
Aliases: Jenna White, Natalie Tate, Sarah Anderson, Abigail Langdon, Lyana Barrett, Avery Curtis
Specialization: Hunter
Age: 27 years old
Birthdate: July 5th
Gender: Female



Color: Blue
Food: Greek or Italian
Drink: Red Wine, or Vodka (basically anything alcoholic), otherwise she drinks water. With her...profession, she has to stay hydrated.
Music: She likes both classical and the classics, but that doesnt mean she singles out other genres.

If a psychologist studied Sage Parker's personality, they would probably label her as emotionally unstable. Her personality varies from person to person. It usually all depends on how she feels about the person she's dealing with. She doesn't normally let people see any of her deeper emotions, and usually has a serious expression on her face. Though, she does have her moments. There are times when people will find her smiling and laughing like she hasn't got a care in the world, but those moments are rare, and few and far between. There are few people that she actually considers friends who are able to really get to know her, but others just barely scratch the surface. With Sage, you never know what you'll be dealing with. She can sometimes be extremely kind, but other times, usually after a bad job, she'll be moody, depressed, and most likely a bit irrational.

On another note, Sage is stubborn. When she makes up her mind about something it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to sway her. She can be sarcastic at times, or rather, all the time, and that can lead to a lot of things, good and bad. Other times she is quiet, and calculative. When her voice is silent, her mind is not. Her thoughts will run through her head at the speed of light. Sage can also be the type of person to make split decisions, something that usually comes in handy when she's running a job.



First Crime: Sage's first...crime, was getting arrested after she stabbed a boy in the hand with a fork at an orphanage she'd been placed in. She'd only been in the jeuvinile hall for one night, but she'd also been put under close watch from the staff at the orphanage, and of course there was that blemish, the first of many, on her permanent record. Later though, about 2 years after the 'incident', Sage was adopted. Lucky her.

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Skill Set: Sage is agile and flexible, so she's come to be very skilled with physical combat. Though, that doesnt mean she cant handle a gun or a knife. She's a Hunter for a reason.
Preferred Equipment: If she has to use anything other than her own skills, she prefers either a close range gun, or the small knives she keeps tucked away in her boots.

How often are you online?: Pretty much all day, every day.
How often do you think you'll be to post?: Any time I can
Do you like ice cream?: Who doesn't? My favorite is the triple chocolate ice cream I got from Schwan's
Password: Mastermind

So begins...

Sage Parker's Story


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Sage Parker

Oh I want my, I want my fifteen minutes! Fifteen minutes of fame! Fame! Fame! Oh I need my, I need my fifteen minutes! Fifteen minutes of fame! Fame! Fame! Robbie Nevil's Fifteen Minutes blasted through the earbuds that were nestled into Sage Parker's ears as she pounded her fists against the leather exterior of the punching bag hanging in front of her. This. This was her stress relief. It might signal some sort of psychotic break, the fact that her only relief from daily stress was to punch something, but it was relief all the same. Although, this wasn't truly her first preferred option. To be honest, she'd much rather be training with an actual person, rather than a leather bag filled with sand, but hey, what was she to do?

As the song came to a close, Sage stopped and ran a hand through her fiery red hair, which had not so long ago come loose from the elastic that had been used in an attempt to keep it in place. So much for that. Sweat beaded on the girl's skin as she reached down to grab a water bottle. Not having any jobs lined up had taken its toll. With nothing to do, Sage had resorted to extra training to pass the time. She'd never been much of a "people person" so spending her newly acquired free time with the others hadn't exactly been top of her list. In her mind, Sage was hoping that a new job would come up soon enough just so as to keep her from literally going insane.

Tossing her bag over her shoulder, the red haired Hunter made her way through the vast expanse that they liked to call their "Headquarters". Might as well stop by the main complex and see if anything about their current jobless status had changed. After that, Sage didn't exactly know what she would do.