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Tobias Mattlin

"Just let me whisper sweet nothings..."

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a character in “New York's Finest”, originally authored by Caille, as played by RolePlayGateway


Tobias Jack Mattlin


The Basics

Full Name: Tobias Jack Mattlin
Aliases: Murphy Duncan, Fredrick Eaton, Rodger Trinket, George Strong, Clint Richards, John Licht, Henry Rivera, and currently he goes by Sammuel Prior.
Specialization: Silvertongue
Age: Twenty-six
Birthdate: May twenty-fourth. Sometimes he changes the day around just for special precautions.
Gender: Absolutely male, I mean he has it all going on down there.



Color: Lime green
Food: Italin food
Drink: Rum and pepsi
Music: Rock and heavy metal are usually up his alley. Sometimes classical is lovely to his ears. More so the piano.

Tobias is a calm and collected guy. He doesn't keep peace between others though, he just keeps calm in hard situations and anyone who tends to panic gets their ass shot, he's learned this from experience. He's rather laid back and goes with the flow of things and manages to have a good grasp on things. However Tobias is manipulative and deceiving, he will of course put on the act of being innocent and his way of talking around people makes it easy as pie, it's like no effort needs to be put in. He was different types of innocent acts depending who the person is. If it's a female cop, first you complimenting her and if that fails you make her seem high and mighty but usually all women love to be talked to by Tobias, I mena look at him! With that, he's actually rather confident in himself and a bit cocky, but he doesn't over do it because that's another way to get your arse shot.

Sometimes Tobias gets these crazy ideas in his head that it'd be fun to mix up people and that if they started a fight it'd be perfect entertainment for him. He just loves the idea of messing with people and no one even turns in his direction as to blame him because once again his innocent act comes out to play and perhaps you throw in a few tears it's just a grand time. Other than this usual thing he's usually quiet and observes things and situations and oddly enough he observes people. Why? Because that gives him a good chance to watch human behaviour which just adds to his dictionary of acts to use around people and it also gives him the upper hand. This is how his smooth talking comes into place, if you know a lot of things from observing then you can gather their weak point and use it against them and when you whisper they are way more inclined to listen to you and that's when you get them and destroy what they used to be. Does he care? Not really, it's his job description and he doesn't really give a damn about anyone but himself, others drag him down and he has a major problem working as a team, especially if it's people like him who can smooth talk. He's just a man who works on his own and doesn't like help from anyone.



First Crime: His first crime ever was when he was twelve. There was a video game he had really wanted and so he stole it but once grabbing one thing without notice he stole others. He did get caught but he knew the exact words to get out of it.

Tobias was born to a drunk man who didn't care about him and a mother that worked the corners at night to earn money. He was hardly paid attention to but he had been taken care of a bit but sadly it wasn't really enough, it was even worse that when he was five his grandparents didn't even want him. That's what made the once innocent boy bitter and dislike the world. He hates it and wanted to leave his parents for a long time, he didn't know what love felt like because he never had the attention and lovings from his parents, one worked for money the other spent it on alcohol and that was that. When Tobias was ten his father had beat him with the belt which had placed many scars on him but at last when he finally turned twelve he started to rebell against his parents and he'd do things that'd make his parents angry, he'd smash pots, pans, glasses, plates, and anything he could find. He'd destroy the house, break their stuff. Then when that didn't get attention anymore he tried stealing video games, but he never got caught are had the stuff taken away because when he spoke to the officer he managed to talk his way around the man.

After that Tobias began to pick-pocket people and steal their change and when the ladies turned around to glare at him he put on his sad eyes, made his lip tremble and began to cry saying he had no money or food and that usually got them to leave him alone and not care. Sometimes he'd have to pretend like his mother was deathly ill nad he needed the money. With that money he saved up from stealing he finally had enough of it when he was sixteen. He dropped out of school then and he moved over to another state far away and began to fool around with many girls and then eventually he managed to steal things from each girl collecting stuff and more money. After he had a lot of money he bought a nice little house to live in for a few months but not stay in. He still owns it and goes back to it once in awhile but not often. He usually has a lot of money. Eventually when he was twenty he decided to go and steal a famous painting from an art gallery and then he sold it and made a huge profit on it. After that he moved again and changed his name yet again. No one knew he was he was nothing, no one noticed him until he did something terrible. He would always talk his sweet nothings and get out of it.

As for the other criminals he soon met them but he didn't grow to attached to them, he was rather independent and didn't bother really stick around them a lot but he did go back on them if he needed information or the slightest help but most of the time he rather havve done it himself. He didn't exactly find the group it was like a mutual find if you wanted to say that which was weird. He was one of the first people in the group though.

So begins...

Tobias Mattlin's Story