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Veronica Desnoyers

"You only live once.. Unless you're a cat with nine lives, like me."

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a character in “New York's Finest”, as played by hanybanany


Vikki Desnoyers


"You only live once... Unless you're a cat with nine lives, like me."

The Basics

Full Name: Veronica Wynter Desnoyers
Wynter Newly
Olivia Stone
Rosaline McQuewen
Ariana Bainbridge
Eve Pike
Specialization: Hunter
Age: 23
Birthdate: January 18th
Gender: Female



Color: Emerald Green
Food: Peanut Butter
Drink: Tequila
Music: Pop, Techno

Veronica was and still is a party girl. She likes her tequila and doesn't mind a good time. She is beautiful and she knows it. Veronica is a huge flirt and definitely uses it to one of her advantages. She is outgoing and loves playing different roles. Though she does have a bit of a temper. She can lose her temper if provoked. Veronica doesn't deal well with other spies, especially males. She says "they mess with my game", but the real reason is because she doesn't want to get attached. Vikki is definitely the wild one your parents warned you about. She has tried everything and is ready to try more. She isn't afraid to have a good time. Some would even call her a whore for the number of guys she has managed to hook-up with. It's not that she sleeps with every guy, she just gives them a taste of the possibility. Don't let that turn you away from her because even though most girls seem to hate her, she makes a point to be nice to everyone.... Unless you're on her hit list ;)



First Crime: Her first crime was a pity really. It wasn't necessarily a crime. It was at the mall when she was 9. She took one of the dolls and ripped off the tag. But she was a smart 9 year old. She stashed the doll in a strangers purse and let her walk out with it. Afterwards she acted like the woman had stolen her doll. The woman of coarse denied it and gave the doll to the girl. Her father though, didn't punish her when he found out.

Childhood: She grew up with her father. Her mother died when she was 1, from cancer. She grew up next door to a girl named Mikyla and they became best friends. Well until high school. Mickey (which was Mikyla's nickname) didn't want to be popular. She didn't want to go to parties and get drunk. Veronica was insensitive and didn't understand it. Vicki got whatever she wanted. She was popular, had money, friends, etc... Which gets boring after a while. That's when she started stealing and lying. Her father used to lie all the time, being a "lawyer". Until she was 16. Living with only her dad, it wasn't enough. He was going through a tough time and so she decided to help him. One day she robbed a low security bank, when her father found the money on the kitchen table. How would she have known her father was a criminal. He took her under his wing and she has learned everything from him. She still does learn from him and she works under him. But she wants to be free, and start her own business.


How often are you online?: Pretty much everyday.. I have no life.. Though I am in the process of moving :/
How often do you think you'll be to post?: Whenever I'm online ^^
Do you like ice cream?: Yes...
Password: Mastermind ;)

So begins...

Veronica Desnoyers's Story


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Veronica Desnoyers

Ronnie woke up and rolled over. She slowly opened her eyes to see a man. He had a 5'oclock shadow and curly brown hair. She jolted up onto her feet, though trying not to wake the sleeping man. She realized he wasn't wearing very much. And that herself wasn't wearing anything at all really. She grabbed his white button down shirt from the floor and slipped it on. Then she remembered her mission. She started searching the room, as quietly as possible. He was the transferer. He was supposed to have a microchip. She checked the pockets of his pants from last night. Nope. She checked all the drawers and night stands. Still nothing. She knew she was running out of time. She looked at the clock. She walked over and lifted it up slightly as she felt underneath it. Moving her fingers gently she found it, and slipped it into her bra. She quickly grabbed her things and used a wet tissue to wipe down where she had searched. Her father always taught her to be careful.

She walked out of the hotel with confidence. She always did when she finished a job successfully. Which was every job. She stuck her hand out into the street and watched 3 taxi's pull up. She smiled as she got into the first one and gave him some directions. When they finally got to her destination, which was a block from her apartment, she gave him the money and hopped out. She walked around and bought herself a newspaper before walking up to her building. She got her keys out as her phone began to ring. She answered, it was her father. "Yea dad. I got it. See you at 4." She quickly hung up and went up to her condo. Her condo was on the top floor, which was nice because she got a great view of the city. Once she walked in, her bags dropped onto the table, she got herself a glass of wine. Watching the sunrise with a glass of wine was definitely one of her favorite pass times.