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Keegan McKauley

"Yeah, I can do that, easy."

0 · 233 views · located in Ireland

a character in “Night Image”, as played by xxtensionxx




Name: Keegan McKauley
Nicknames: Kee, Keeg, McKauley
Age: 19
Sexuality: Straight

Role: Often working in conjunction with FC: Tay Jardine, she's a great decoy. She blends into almost any situation naturally and is damn hard to get your hands on.

~Music: Listening to it, playing it, even talking about it.
~Movies: But not alone, never alone.
~Snuggling: Hopefully with someone she cares about, but that's not always the case.
~Summer time: The heat, the waves, the vibe.
~Caffeine: It's kind of an addiction. Scratch that; it is an addiction.
~Flexibility: Have you ever seen someone do a split? Like, damn.
~Running: It's one of those emotional-physical things.

~The cold: Well, unless she's got someone to keep her warm.
~Spiders: Call it typical, if you will, but they scare her.
~Academics: They're helpful, sometimes, but the hours of homework? Really?
~Being woken up: Sleeping is amazing. Waking up- not so much.
~Stupidity: It may not be their fault, but it's annoying.
~Medicine: Helpful as it is, her experience with it isn't the best.
~Hospitals: Ew. Simply ew.

Skills: She's faster than the average male at running, and she can keep at it for a while.
She's good at flirting, well, when she's not actually into the person.
She isn't half bad at the guitar.
She's nearly a natural at gymnastics.
She can speak about 14 languages, and understand around 20.
It started as a habit, but she's not half bad at knife and street fighting.

Deficits: For the past 7 years, she's struggled on and off with an eating disorder.
Though she is good with dealing with things, about once every 3 years or so, she has a huge meltdown.
When she is uncomfortable in situations, she is happy to let people know about it.
She has an irrational fear of spiders.
She has severe ADD and ADHD, and because of it, she has to take pills twice a day. Without them, she gets very jumpy.
She pushes away commitment.

Personality: Keegan is one of those people that you see, and instantly want to befriend. She can make anyone feel like the most important person in the world, just by smiling at them or laughing at a joke they've made. She's peppy, and often bubbly, but right after pill doses, and for the next hour or so, she can be slightly tired, and out of it. Keegan loves spending time with people she actually cares about, whether its going for a walk or snuggling up and watching a movie. She could care less about a name brand or the cost of an outfit, unlike a majority of the girls she grew up with, but as long as she has something comfortable to wear, she is good. Also unlike most girls, she's super laid back. It doesn't matter if you're sitting on the floor, just talking or whatever, but if you're paying her any attention, she'll be happy, and make sure you are too. She has so many talents of things she's partially good at, so there's no way you'll get bored.

She's always been about making others happy. Whether she's going out of her way to pick something up, or helping you with a favor you couldn't get done yourself, she'll be there for you. And yes, the fact that she's so open and ready to help has gotten her hurt before, but that's the problem with being nice. She's been hurt, and that's that, but if you do hurt her, well, you better bet you'll be sorry.

History: Keegan's parents were madly in love. Well, they were, when they were younger. They'd met at college, his senior year, her junior, and they'd instantly clicked. They details are blurry, but some how, they ended up getting married, and giving birth to 3 beautiful children. The first, a handsome, quiet boy by the name of Charles. He was quiet and a loner up until high school, when he started playing rugby, and became a star athlete. The golden boy was destined for a future in the sport, and would've been a pro, had a hard tackle not snapped his neck at his final game of his sophomore year in high school. The second child was a girl, with bright red hair and a freckled face by the name of Bridget. She was an irish step dancer, coincidence enough, and was perfect. A straight A student. A genius and a sport prodigy, what else could they want? Well after Charles's death, came Bridget's. A late night's walk home from the dance studio had resulted in an untargeted drive by.

The two parents, left depressed, were then left with a mistake child. One with the blonde hair of Charles and the brown eyes of Bridget. She reminded them daily of their lost children, and for that, they hated her. Her mother dedicated herself to medical work and her father became a coach for olympic runners. In an effort to gain their love, she tried her hardest to get good grades, using all of her fathers tips to become a fast runner, and spending free time practicing guitar, and teaching herself gymnastics. It wasn't until she was 14 that she realized no matter what she did, her parents wouldn't love her. The nicest thing they'd ever done for her was telling her they thought there was something wrong with her at age 9, taking her to the doctor, and getting her put on the highest dose of the strongest meds they could offer.

In a last effort, she pushed herself to develop an eating disorder, hoping that if she was faster and more fit than the kids training with her father for the olympics, he would have to be impressed, but yet again it didn't work. Instead of spending time trying to impressed them, she started working on doing things she actually liked. She continued her extra curricular activities of gymnastics, guitar, running, and also picked up acting. Turned out, she was an incredible actress, which ended up helping her with distraction.

So she was left craving attention, not to the point where she is an attention whore, but if you give her attention, she will definitely appreciate it.

Other: Keegan likes wearing boys sneakers over girls, though if you ask her why, she'll just shrug.


So begins...

Keegan McKauley's Story