Michael A. Willows

Michael is a very bubbly fun type of person but his cheerful demeanor is only a mask to hide his feelings of loneliness from his past . he doesn't let any one see him sweat. as long as he keeps smiling theres no reason to dwell on the past.

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a character in “Night of the Masquerade”, as played by Ryu no Senshi


Height: 5,9"
Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Occupation: Marksmen


he is very bubbly and immature when he has to be. thats only because he wants to hide his pain. he is quick to drink and even quicker to fight. especially when fighting for his friends. he also has a quiet side


he carries two pistols and a switch blade


Michael is pretty much what you would call a victim of circumstance. he lost his parents when he was 11 years old and had to fend for himself ever since. it was a long lonely road. people kicked him and rebuked him because of the fact that he had no parents and that he grew up in the gutter. however when they kicked him down he came back smiling brighter than ever ignoring the pain. for the next 8 years it was a cycle; they cursed and he smiled. it seemed that it never ended until the day he met Nicole his first best friend in the first year of high school. ever since then he tagged along with every crazy scheme or adventure she had cooked up.

So begins...

Michael A. Willows's Story