"I will not marry somone I do not love"

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a character in “Night shade”, as played by Bella Enchated



Face Claim - Amanda Seyfried

Human form - In human form, Calla has long blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She has a skinny, hourglass body and is 5"6. She has a tattoo of a flower blowing in the wind on the back of her right shoulder and the word 'loyal' on her wrist. She is very beautiful, catching the eye of many people. She normally wears kinda tight dresses with flats or heels. She also is seen wearing jeans and tank tops.

Wolf form - In wolf form, Calla has pure white fur with stunning ocean blue eyes. Being the alpha, she is a little bigger than the others in her pack but is no where near as large as Ren. She has a scar across her belly from when she had pinned an enemy down but they scratched her. She has sharp teeth that peeks out from her mouth just a little bit.

Personality - Calla has a kind personality, always being there for someone who isn't having the best day or is upset about something happening. She is helpful always wanting to help people with their homework or whatever. She is not really known to be mean or selfish unless it is towards soeone in the bane pack.

Likes - Calla enjoys reading, swimming, running, and movies. She also has a passion for writing and drawing.

Dislikes - Calla dislikes anything that has to do with bugs, spikes, and tons of other things.

Fears - Calla has a fear of heights when in human form but in wolf she has a fear of not seeing her pack again.

Extra - Growing up, Calla has always been picked on by her parents. They have always wanted her to be the perfect alpha. She starts to fall for the harvest child but knows she will be killed if she shows it.

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