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Dove Hope Stapleton

"I could, but then again I really don't want to."

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a character in “Night Shift”, as played by RiotTerritory


Name: Dova "Dove" Hope Stapleton

Gender: Female

Age: 17



Dove is about 5'1 and had a petite figure. Her hair is a wavy mixture of dirty browns and blondes and her eyes are emerald green. She is usually never caught without a well planned outfit, makeup, and a lot of jewelry. While her physical closet may not be huge, that doesn't mean that she doesn't have a lot of clothing, shoes, makeup, accessories, etc. Her nails are almost always painted and usually a different color at least every two or three days simply because she is jittery and picks the nail polish off quite frequently.

Personality: Dove has a very laid back, surfer-type personality. She has not once taken life seriously and she plans on keeping it that way. She may not be the nicest person at times, but she is usually never flat out mean. She feels that being angry and mean like that takes up too much of her energy and time. While her laid back attitude makes her attract many people, it also hurts her. The fact that she cares more about her outfit from day to day means that her grades greatly suffer. It's not that Dove is a stupid girl, she just never tries.

Bio: Dove grew up in a small town in Hawaii. Her mother had left Dove on her father's doorstep only a month after she was born, so they do not know much about her mother. In this small town, Dove learned how to surf, play the ukulele, and made a lot of friends there, so she was extremely surprised and depressed when her dad told her that he had been fired and they would need to move to Ohio so he could get a new job. She was about nine when they moved to Canterville, and Dove hated it. She remembers that the only thing she could think was that the place actually got cold during the winter unlike in Hawaii. Disheartened by the move, Dove attempted to cheer herself up by making friends. She quickly found that the fact she was from Hawaii made many people wanted to talk to her because she was "exotic". She started to become used to the small town and soon she was being invited to parties and such.

Recently, Dove has found herself occasionally waking up in strange places, but with her laid back attitude, she just brushes it off and goes back home. When her father asks where she has been, she tells him that she slept over some friend's house.

Role: Female 2

Likes: Playing the ukulele, summer, beauty, fashion, nail polish, friends, laughter, swimming (not competitively), surfing

Dislikes: Downers, people being stressed, silence, working

Strengths: Dove is always loyal to the ones that care about her. In addition, she never stressed about anything and is very optimistic. She also has the uncanny ability to make many people "unstressed" as well, though usually not down to the level that she is at.

Weaknesses: She is very lazy and almost never tries for anything. She hasn't studied for a test for more than five minutes since she was in the fourth grade.

Fears: Dogs, heights, snakes

Creature Name: Mystic

Creature Appearance:


Mystic is only about 4'9 tall and 5' long which is very short for her species. She also has long, dark brown, antelope-like horns that she can manipulate into various shapes and sizes. She also wears a golden necklace that depicts a pair of golden wings that she stole from a store her first night on Earth as her actual form.

Creature Gender: Female

Creature Age: 28

Creature Personality: Much like Dove, Mystic has an unstressed, laid back attitude which some say is the reason Mystic felt so drawn to Dove. Occasionally, Mystic will have strange, short bursts of energy. This makes her a great hunter, but only happens sometimes. In addition to this, she is very loyal and trustworthy to anyone that likes her. Mystic is also a bit vain in many aspects. She prides herself on it both her fur and her antlers which she thinks are the greatest things in the world.

Creature Bio: Mystic was the runt of a litter that was born to the greatest male of her species. While her brothers and sisters grew big and strong, Mystic stayed much smaller than everyone else. To most of her kind, it was a miracle that she even survived those first, crucial months of her life. The morning her father took her entire litter out to learn how to hunt, while Mystic's brothers and sisters prowled the forest, Mystic walked leisurely behind them. Her father was about to yell at his small daughter when a rabbit raced by the family. Suddenly, Mystic had a spur of energy and decided to use her small physique to her advantage. She chased after the rabbit with grace and speed, much faster than her brothers, sisters, and even her father. She caught the rabbit and presented it to her stunned father. From then on, Mystic was known as one of the greatest hunters of her kind - when she was in the mood to hunt.

Mystic was laying around in the forest one day, as she usually did, when she was suddenly sucked in by a large hole that had appeared next to her. She was spit out on the other side and found that her normal body had been transformed into a gas of some sort. Instead of being scared, Mystic felt more angry than anything, for she prided herself very much on her beautiful fur and antlers. She wandered around the world, looking for a way to get back to her family, and getting strange looks from creatures that she later found out were called humans. Suddenly, she heard a very happy, carefree sound and was drawn to it. She found a girl, Dove, playing a small instrument. Mystic was sucked into the girl and soon found that she could only come back to her normal form when the girl fell asleep. She doesn't hate this existence. She simply wishes that she could go back to the world she came from. In addition, she always tries her best to get her own body back as close as she can to the girl's house before she wakes.

Likes: Music, her fur and antlers, her mother, hunting (sometimes)

Dislikes: Being told to do things, work, silence

Strengths: Mystic has a very positive outlook on life in general. She also has an acute sense of hearing.

Weaknesses: Mystic is a bit vain which makes many dislike her.

Fears: Deep water, bugs, heights

So begins...

Dove Hope Stapleton's Story


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"Ya look a bit shaken there Mitchy." Of course, with that heavy Hawaiian accent, it could only be Dova Hope Stapleton, or "Dove" as most of their little group called her. She took a look around the cafeteria, taking in all the stressed looking students, obviously studying for the finals. "Why does everyone get so stressed 'bout these stup'd tests?"

"Well, I can tell you that me and Shale are NOT one of those people," Mitchel said with an air of pride, then pointed to his temple,"I've just been having trouble sleeping lately. Only a few minutes ago I was tryig to take a nap and I STILL started seeing things. And I have no idea wha..."


Before he could finish, Mitchel was interupted by a signal from his phone, pulling it out quickly to see what it was beeping about. It seemed he had a message:

From Felicia:

Hey! I'm headin' to the high school today. Any of the group up to hangin' out? I'm borrowing the van, so we can all go do something. I'll be there, either way. Might be bringing Nancy, too. :)

Felicia, also known as Lici, was who most people considered "the girl next door". She was pretty cool though, and she was the only one in their group who could drive (as far as Mitchel knew). Showing his phone to Dove and Shale, he frowned slightly. "Seems Lici's gonna grab- urm..."borrow" the van so we can go do something after school. You guys can go, but I need to work on stuff after school, alright?" In truth, he had absolutley nothing to work on, but he didn't need some time to himself.


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Dove laughed at Mitchel. "Well, I'm glad I'm friends wit' some of the only people NOT stressed 'bout these stup'd things."

Dove looked excitedly at the phone in Mitchel's hand but her smile turned to a frown as he told them he had something to do after school. Dove shook her head, seeing right through him. "No you don't," she said simply and looked down at her painted nails. They were already chipping after she had painted them the other night.

Dove quickly snatched Mitchel's phone from his hand and her fingers flew over the keys as she texted Lici back, "We'll all be there, ya can count on it." Dove placed the phone back down on the table and leaned closer to both Shale and Mitchel. "We're all goin' even if I gotta drag ya into that van." Dove leaned back and raised an eyebrow at herself. "I didn't mean that like it sounded."

The setting changes from Earth to Canterville


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"...ecm!" Mitchel pretended to clear his throat, fingering his collar nervously. He really did need sometime to himself, and it seemed now was the only time to get away...

"Well then...I guess theres only one thing I can do..." And in one single motion, swiped his phone from the table, his bag from his chair and was heading for the cafeteria exit before they could make a move. "Sorry guys! I'll try to meet up with ya'll later! I promise!" With that, he was out the door and among the facilites of the school. at last. They'll get over it, I'm sure. I just need to think... Mitchel was making his way into the woods when he snapped a twig underfoot, causing his head to look around to see if anyone was nearby to hear. And there was! Nearby was the same girl he had locked eyes with during lunch. Again, they locked eyes for a moment. Then the girl turned walking away towards the library. Taking the chance, Mitchel bolted between the trees, disappearing into the forest.

The setting changes from Canterville to Earth


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#, as written by Skwidge
Reeva glanced back at the door, watching some girl crash in. She raised her eyebrow in questioning, but the other female seemed to regain her composure and act as if not a single thing in the world mattered. She turned back to the librarian, about to ask her something before the same girl came back with a hockey book. She glanced up as she spoke, a faint rose color flooding her cheeks. "It's peachy. Don't call me bra. It sounds extremely strange, not to mention insinuates undergarments. Bra is not supposed to be used in replace of Bro because it still sounds the same. No difference really."

She fingered the small rubber mat on the counter nervously, glancing around and ready to just get out of here. The librarian commented on the book choice, and then went off to go find the girl some actually useful books. And she continued to talk to her. She merely frowned, looking at the girl incredulously. "Yes, and it isn't surprising, not to mention it may or may not show. I'm sorry, but you'll have to excuse my words and myself. Class is starting soon, and I need to catch one of the teachers before heading home." Bloody unintelligible students. Books are great. With that, she turned and headed to the door before Miss Tompsa poked her head out from behind a bookshelf. "Oh, leaving so soon. Well, I just wanted to tell you not to worry about-" She caught herself before she shared any of her secrets. "Just don't worry too much, alright!" And with that, Reeva left the library, headed towards the main buildings.