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Night Shift



a part of Night Shift, by Furry Dragon.

A town in Ohio

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A town in Ohio with a school, stores, and restaurants. [Made up location]
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A town in Ohio


Canterville is a part of Earth.

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Shale Athego [3] "Say a car is going sixty miles an hour and I see no one is in it. The car goes on and crashes. The same can be true for people; if you are being carried at a high speed towards your goal without being there or participating, you end up crashing.
Mitchel Gen Jowec [3] "Oh! Um...hello! Come to enjoy Nature?"
Neren Polti [1] "Make up your mind, but do it carefully. Remember: life is all about choices. If you make a bad one, its not the end of the world."

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Yellow light was shining. It seemed to radiate from her body... Moths were attracted to her... Blankness followed. With a cough Neren woke up. She had dreamed again. The dreams were less in both frequency and content these days. Sitting up, she found herself in her back yard. Quickly she stood up and went inside. After putting on clothes she ate breakfast. While she was getting ready for school her family started coming down.

At least I didn't sleep walk far this time. That would of been bad, considering it is a school day. The end of school was around the corner and Neren couldn't wait for it to be over. It was the Monday of the week of finals. Today and the Tuesday were mostly for review and studying for the large tests.

After packing Neren walked to the bus stop. Her house was a couple miles away from the school, definitely not close enough to walk. When on the bus she took her book out of her back pack and began to read. The outside world seemed to fade around her as she was immersed in the world of the novel. The dry winds of the desert planet Arrakis blew across the land... A web of betrayal, decit, and loyalty subtly wove the story together, entrancing her.

The hiss of the bus door sounded and students started standing up. They had arrived at the school. Shoving her book in her bag, Neren stood up and walked out of the bus with the rest of the students.

It wasn't that bad. Her first three classes went well. Relief flooded through her when lunch came. Although she wasn't too worried about the finals herself, the other people's tension was contagious. Plus, they were finals. They had a legendary reputation for being tough. Lunch was a time to eat and read. Neren sat at a table to herself, ate, and opened her book. The struggles of the Fremen and the remaining Atreides family swept her up again. She was almost done with the book, and wanted to finish it soon. Although it was good it wasn't her favorite book. As someone who once was her friend put it, "I tried reading Dune, but it was a bit dry for me."


"Shale! Get up! You don't want to be late for school!" With a groan Shale rolled over in his bed, eyeing the clock. Yawning, he got up. After showering he put on his worn clothes. Breakfast was toast with butter and jelly. He liked the bread with nuts in it, it didn't seem as good without the heartier texture. Hastily shoving yesterday's homework into a folder here, packing a lunch there, he prepared for school.

Finals were almost here, and once they were finished, school would be over. He was excited! Walking with a bounce in his step, he arrived at the bus stop. As he rode he watched out the window. When they passed a lake he almost laughed at the beauty of the sunrise. The light reflected red-orange off the water, glittering. The lake is my favorite part of the ride, he decided.

At school there was the usual early morning banter going on as Shale got ready for the first class. People were so alive at this time despite the fact that 45 minutes earlier they had been in bed. Well, maybe not 45 minutes, Shale was just guessing.

Classes seemed to go by slower than molasses, but it was worth it. He realized studying was important for success in the finals, so he was going to take advantage of all the time he had. In Shale's opinion how well one did on the finals was partly luck. One never knew how a teacher would word a question. There could be a way to ask a question that would click in your mind and unlock the door to the answer. There could be another question that asked essentialy the same thing, but didn't have that vital word or part needed to make you remember the answer or understand the question.

When it came time for lunch Shale walked around, looking for his friend, Mitchel. Keeping an eye out for his friend's skinny body, Shale saw him and sat down. "How have you been doing? Thing you're ready for the finals?" he asked.


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Clouds swirled around him as he rose through the sky, moving at unimaginable speeds. The very stars seemed to dance about as he broke through the the sea of whiteness, expanding as far as the eye could see. Something was there. It felt so close. Where...

"How have you been doing?"

Sound suddenly came into existence around Mitchel, snapping him out of his thoughts. Color rushed before his deep blue eyes, no doubt from having the palms of his hands resting before his eyes for who knows how long. He shoke himself, attempting to get his vision in the right order and to clear his hearing abit. Napping always seemed to have that effect on him lately. Rubbing his temples gently, Mitchel greeted Shale, his friend, who had sat down next to him.

"Oh...hey Shale. I've been doing fine. Blasted dreams bug me even when I decide to take a nap." Mitchel said doggedly, still feeling the after effects of his unusual nap. Though they weren't the full blown experiences from every night, they still bugged the heck out of him. Again this morning, Mitchel hand found himself along the creek of a forest behind his home, still in his t-shirt and boxers, leaves clinging to his hair and a trail of ants crawling across his stomach. Just a normal day for Mitchel Gen Jowec.

Shale replyed again,"Think you're ready for the finals?"

"Ah yes. The bane of every high school student's existence. I'll feel much more ready if I wasn't seeing things everytime I close my eyes. But, yes, indeed I am, Shale." With that, Mitchel turned himself in his seat and rested his elbows against the table, sighing softely,"I swear, you're the only thing keeping me sane with these dreams, the finals, and being considered an unsolvable math equation by scientists and therapists everywhere."


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"...ecm!" Mitchel pretended to clear his throat, fingering his collar nervously. He really did need sometime to himself, and it seemed now was the only time to get away...

"Well then...I guess theres only one thing I can do..." And in one single motion, swiped his phone from the table, his bag from his chair and was heading for the cafeteria exit before they could make a move. "Sorry guys! I'll try to meet up with ya'll later! I promise!" With that, he was out the door and among the facilites of the school. at last. They'll get over it, I'm sure. I just need to think... Mitchel was making his way into the woods when he snapped a twig underfoot, causing his head to look around to see if anyone was nearby to hear. And there was! Nearby was the same girl he had locked eyes with during lunch. Again, they locked eyes for a moment. Then the girl turned walking away towards the library. Taking the chance, Mitchel bolted between the trees, disappearing into the forest.


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Nancy arrived early for work that morning, getting there even before the sun came up. Breakfast was very busy at Judy's Diner where she worked, and she wanted to make sure she got a fresh start to keep things from being as hectic as they possibly can be. She unlocked the doors, stocked the napkins, and fulfilled all her other duties while the cooks prepared the kitchen prepping for the first order.

When Nancy flipped the sign from 'Closed' to 'Open', customers began to fill the place like water through a dam. She took all their orders and brought them all out lickety split.

Some time through the day, her phone vibrated, indicating that she had recieved a text. She checked it during her break. It was from Lici. She read it, then sent a quick reply text 'I'M OFF AT 2.' She turned her phone off and went straight back to work.