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Ellie Drache

Youngest Daughter of the Drache Shapeshifter Family [wip]

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a character in “Night World (6 SPOTS OPEN!)”, as played by Echo_Rose


Ellemiah Amelia Drache

Ellie, Elle, Mia




Image Height:


Left eye teal right eye light violet

Brown with red and blonde highlights

Image Personality:
Ellie is a quiet girl, keeping to herself more then being sociable like her parents would like her to be. Its not easy being part of the Drache family, shes always feeling the pressure from her parents. With her older siblings gone or dead shes the last one to keep the Drache line and alot of people want her killed because of this. Shes always afraid of what could happen, her anxiety and worry clearly shows on her face.

She loves to draw and play the piano, music always has been one thing to keep her more focused and not thinking about a hundred things at once. She is on the verge of adulthood and her parents want her to find a mate but she doesn't want to be with a boy, she has always felt more towards other girls but she has yet to tell her parents. Knowing them they'd force her to marry a boy.

Sometimes when she just wants to get away she climbs out her window and shapeshifts into a black tiger, running away from everthing. Letting her tiger take over and her mind go free, she could go for hours but then her parents will send a search party out. Shes heard of Circle Daybreak and is very intrigued by it butshes afraid to let down her family, shes afraid to be rebellious like her older sister. She would only get so far before they came after her, screaming and kicking.

Nothing would end well if she decided to rebel but its always in the back of her mind, especially when she is in her tiger form. Sometimes she just wants to run, keep running till shes far far away.



So begins...

Ellie Drache's Story


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#, as written by thech

To all inhabitants of the Night World,

It has come to our attention of the rising rate of incidents whereby our identity as creatures of the Night World, have been compromised. Most of this incidents, have been linked to the foolish idea of soulmates.

Let me warn you, the Night World council will have no tolerance for this, as there is no such thing. Maintain your distance from the humans and NEVER let your true nature be discovered by these mortals. We, as the council, speak on behalf of the First House of Shapeshifters and for the safety of all vampires, witches, shapeshifters and werewolves.

Brothers and sisters, mind your actions. Do not be naive to think that the humans will understand or accept us. It is in their nature to be hostile to anything that is different. When you allow your identities to be discovered, you not only jeopardize yourself, but the rest of the Night World.

Order must prevail,

The Night World Council

The Council and the First House are in panic. There is an uprising and they can feel it. For centuries, the authorities of the Night World have managed to maintain power, preaching pure breed races and socialization and community within one race. It has been a social norm in the Night World for creatures to alienate themselves from other races and rivalries between races are accepted and sometimes encouraged in certain communities. Such rivalries occurs especially between vampires and werewolves, witch and shapeshifters.

However, the has been a strange force around. It is described like an invisible silver cord that urges and binds two people together, regardless of race. This is the soulmate principle.

The Council is currently trying to put an end to this. The more crossbreeds there are, the more chances of an alliance and eventually a revolution.

Will your character succumb to the force of the soulmate principle? Or will they hold strong and maintain their class pride?


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Ellie was sitting on the small porch that was connected to her room in the castle that was hidden in the mountains away from humans and others that her family didn't want around them, her back was against railing as she looked up to the night sky. Flyleaf was blaring in the small headphones that were in her ears, her mouth was moving as she sang along "The music makes me sway, The angels singing say we are alone with you, I am alone and they are too with you.." Her parents didn't like her listening to the human music, thinking it would make her less careful around the vermin. Thats what her parents called them, the Night World had even rules set against them. It was stupid, humans seemed so fragile there was nothing special about them. Her family was the First House, the most powerful, why did they have to be so cautious around the humans.

As her thoughts reeled around in her mind she didn't realize her parents came back from the meeting that was being held. Her mother was calling for her but she couldn't hear her until her mother spoke in her mind "Elemiah Amelia Drache where are you". Ellie rolled her eyes, taking her headphones out of her ears and stuffing them in her sweatshirt she was wearing. "On my porch mother". She could hear her mothers footsteps walking across her wooden floor until the door was open and her mother stepped out onto the porch.

"Why didn't you answer the first five times I called for you?" her mothers voice heald a stern tone to her youngest daughter.
"Didn't hear you" she said not looking up at her mother, everyone could tell Ellie was Diana Drache's daughter just by looking at her. She resembled her mother in so many ways it was scary.
Her mother let out a soft sigh "Ellemiah..."
"Mom please don't start, I really don't want to hear it again besides im going to go meet up with Sean" she interrupted her mother but she knew that Diana Drache will be pleased that she was going to go hangout with a boy, a shapeshifter boy at that. Standing up she went over to the railing of the porch "i'll be back later, don't wait up for me". Before her mother could say anything Ellie was jumping over the railing and jumped down to the ground.
Diana looked over the railing at her daughter "I wish you would use the door..."

Ellie didn't hear the rest of what her mother was saying, walking towards the forest she rook out her phone and sent a textnto Sean Hey, want to go for a run. My mother was starting to hassle me and I just need to get away. Ill be at the field. After she sent the text she walked more into the forest until she reached a tree that had a hole in it. She took off her sweatshirt and flip flopsx stuffing them into the whole of the tree. All she had on now was a pair of shorts and a tank top that was made from the hide of another shifter. She then started to shift, her bones breaking and changing, it was a bit painful but after shifting for so long it was something she got used to after awhile.

After she was fully shifter into her black tiger she stretched then darted off into the forest, enjoying herself as she ran between the trees. Soon she found herself in a small field, laying down she rolled in the grass before she just laid there and waited for Sean.


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#, as written by thech
The night's air was cool and windy, and submerged in wolf howls and distant sounds from around the castle. Sean was sitting on his balcony fence, in between the third floor of the castle and the small group of trees that stood outside the south wing of the castle. His headphones were on again, this time, at a higher volume. Trying to drown his anger towards his misjudging father, Sean focused on the music, letting the intensity of the beat grow in his mind.

Just as the track ended, Sean felt his thigh vibrate. Hoisting himself up with his left hand, Sean jumped back onto his balcony and walked through the double glass doors into his room. He collapsed onto his bed and positioned his iPod touch between his chest and stomach before reaching into his pocket for his phone.

1 Message Received: Elle
'Hey, want to go for a run. My mother was starting to hassle me and I just need to get away. Ill be at the field.'

Sean's eyes scanned the received message and consider the invitation. 'Stay at home and listen to my whole music collection in anger or take this opportunity to get out of this old stone building?'

Message Sent: Elle
See you in 10 minutes.

* * * * *

Within 4 minutes, Sean had already raced to his younger sister's room to make sure Dionne would cover for him, steal and eat a turkey leg from the kitchen, change into his 'shifting clothes' and reach the underground passage way in the South West 'dungeon'. Once he reached the underground level of the castle, he did not hesitate to shift into his animal form.

When in his animal form, Sean stands at 3'8" and weighs 200lbs, his mane still growing, and his lion form, apparent of his young age. As a lion, Sean has always felt more right to be proud, and that he possessed more elegance and spirit than as opposed to being in his human form. With his cat senses, he could see better in the empty dimly lit tunnel, with night vision 7 times better than human eyesight. With his paws bare against the cold ground, and especially as he ran through the tunnel and out into the forest entrance, greeted by the cold rush of the wind and the gentle glow of the moon, Sean never felt more connected with Gaia as he did now.

Making his way through the trees and elevated areas, Sean ran as fast as he could, adrenaline pumping through his veins. Soon after, Sean found himself at the field, a grassy plot of land, with a dark patch on the ground. With his improved eyesight, Sean could clearly make out Elle's silhoulette and raced towards her, at a slower pace than before. His padded paws allowed him to stalk quietly over the grass as he got closer to his friend. Like a predator stalking his prey, Sean carefully approached Elle before pouncing on her.